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2021 Sep 200-530 exam cram

Q121. You want to present the following formatted number: "999.000.000,00". Which function call is correct? 

A. print format_number(999000000); 

B. print number_format(999000000); 

C. print number_format(999000000, 2, ',', '.'); 

D. print number_format(999000000, 2); 

E. print_number(999000000, 2, ',', '.') 

Answer: C

Q122. Which of the following superglobals does not contain data from the client? 

A. $_POST 


C. $_GET 


Answer: B

Q123. Which parts of the text are matched in the following regular expression? 

A. bang bong bung 

B. bang bonged bung 

C. big bang bong bung 

D. big bang bung 

Answer: C

Q124. What DOM method is used to load HTML files? 

A. load() 

B. loadXML() 

C. loadHTML() 

D. loadHTMLFile() 

Answer: D

Q125. Which of the following statements are NOT true? 

A. SimpleXML allows removal of attributes. 

B. SimpleXML allows addition of new attributes. 

C. SimpleXML allows removal of nodes. 

D. SimpleXML allows addition of new nodes. 

E. None of the above 

Answer: E

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Q126. What is the output of the following code: 

str_replace(array("Apple","Orange"), array("Orange","Apple"), "Oranges are orange and Apples are green"); 

A. Apples are orange and Oranges are green 

B. Apples are orange and Apples are green 

C. Apples are apple and Oranges are green 

D. Apples are apple and Apples are green 

Answer: B

Q127. Given the following code, what will be the value of $a? 

$a = array('a', 'b'); array_push($a, array(1, 2)); 

A. array('a', 'b', 1, 2) 

B. array(1, 2, 'a', 'b') 

C. array(array(1, 2), 'a', 'b') 

D. None of the above 

Answer: D

Q128. Which of the following code snippets writes the content of the “source.txt” to “target.txt”? 

A. file_put_contents("target.txt", fopen("source.txt", "r")); 

B. file_put_contents("target.txt", readfile("source.txt")); 

C. file_put_contents("target.txt", join(file("source.txt"), "")); 

D. file_put_contents("target.txt", file_get_contents("source.txt")); 

E. $handle = fopen("target.txt", "w+"); fwrite($handle, file_get_contents("source.txt")); fclose($handle); 

Answer: ADE

Q129. Where does the session extension store the session data by default? 

A. SQLite Database 

B. MySQL Database 

C. Shared Memory 

D. File system 

E. Session Server 

Answer: D

Q130. What function can reverse the order of values in an array without the loss of key information? 

A. array_flip() 

B. array_reverse() 

C. rsort() 

D. krsort() 

E. array_multisort() 

Answer: B

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