10 tips on How to 3101 Test Like a Badass [21 to 30]

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2021 Aug 3101 practice question

Q21. Which two SAT commands are useful in monitoring overall system performance? (Choose two) 

A. display user-profile 

B. status health 

C. monitor system 

D. list station 

E. display system-parameters maintenance 

Answer: BC 

Q22. Which command can you use to troubleshoot port network routing/tracing problems to devices greater than six hops away? 

A. tracert 

B. trace-rout 

C. List trace 

D. /user/sbin/tracepath6 

Answer: B 

Q23. Which two types of violations does the Communication Manager Security Violation Notification (SVN) feature monitor and report? (Choose two.) 

A. Media gateway login violations 

B. System Management Interface (SMI) login violations 

C. Trunk access code (TAC. violations 

D. Station security code violations 

E. Remote access barrier code violations 

Answer: BE 

Explanation: Reference Avaya Toll Fraud Security guide Page 98 

Q24. Avaya communication Manager utilizes several timers that facilitate gateway and endpoint recovery when either is disconnected from their respective resources. 

Which types of link recovery does Communication Manager Support? 

A. H.248 link loss recovery 

B. H. 323 link loss recovery 

C. Both H.248 and H.323 link loss recovery either 

D. Neither H.248 nor H.323 link loss recovery 

Answer: C 

Explanation: Page 16 Administering Network Connectivity on Avaya Aura. Communication Manager 

Q25. Which non-Communication Manager tool or interface is helpful in monitoring virtual machines like Communication Manager Release 6.0? 

A. Avaya Fault and Performance Manager 

B. Avaya Site Administration 

C. Avaya Network Management Console 

D. Avaya Aura. System Platform 

Answer: D 

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Q26. Which two functionalities does Avaya Aura. Utility Server provide? (Choose two) 

A. Station and voice mailbox integration 

B. TN circuit pack firmware upgrades 

C. HTTP server to facilitate gateway firmware upgrades 

D. TFTP server to facilitate gateway firmware upgrades 

E. HTTP server to facilitate IP telephone settings updates 

Answer: DE 


Reference 03-603628 Accessing and Managing Utility Server, Page 7 and page 26 

Q27. Communication Manager Messaging users are reporting that their message lights do not come on when broadcast messages are delivered to their mailboxes. 

How can this be resolved? 

A. Set up the broadcast mailbox to automatically turn on message notification. 

B. Change the subscriber broadcast permissions to "Both". 

C. Change the system administration screen so that the broadcast message is delivered during the "System Prime Time". 

D. Have the user turn on message notification when the y creates the broadcast message. 

Answer: C 

Q28. In Which three places can you look up the branch gateway firmware version? (Choose three) 

A. System Management Interface (SMI) 

B. GUI Device Manager 

C. System Access Terminal (SAT) 

D. Gateway command line 

E. Linux command line 

Answer: BCD 

Q29. Telephone bills indicate an unusual level of usage of outbound traffic on the inbound-only trunk. Which command would you use to validate that calls are not being made on the inbound trunk group only? 

A. list trace tac 

B. List measurement route-pattern 

C. C. List measurements trunk-group 

D. List measurements call-rate 

Answer: C 

Explanation: Page 164 Avaya Aura. Communication Manager Reports 

Q30. A mailbox must have a valid entry in the Type Field. 

Which four options can you use In the Type field for a subscriber mailbox? 

A. Call Answer, None, Broadcast, Auto-Attendant 

B. Auto-Attendant, Guest mailbox, None, Bulletin-Board 

C. Bulletin-Board, None, Announcement-control, Auto-Attendant 

D. None, Call Answer, Bulletin-board, Auto-Attendant 

Answer: D 

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