10 tips on How to 3108 Test Like a Badass [1 to 10]

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2021 Aug 3108 practice question

Q1. What are the two types of cascading priorities? (Choose two.) 

A. MCU only 

B. Delay 

C. Local MCU 

D. Relay 

Answer: B,C 

Q2. What is one of the limitations of the Scopia Centralized deployment? 

A. A centralized deployment only allows one conference at a time. 

B. A centralized deployment requires all the MCUs to be redundant. 

C. A centralized deployment requires all calls to be directed to the PSTN. 

D. A centralized deployment requires all calls to be directed to the MCUs located in one place. 

Answer: D 

Reference:http://docs.radvision.com/bundle/rv_solution_guide_8/soln_sg_deployment_com plete_centralized_limits(first bullet point) 

Q3. When logging into a system that was installed with multi-tenant support, what extra field is on the log in screen? 

A. password 

B. login 

C. multi-tenant 

D. organization 

Answer: D 


Q4. Scopia Management includes Gatekeeper software that allows: 

A. voicemail 

B. SIP registration 

C. endpoint registration 

D. small message service registration 

Answer: C 

Q5. What configuration parameter must be available before setting up the Scopia Desktop Server? 

A. Scopia Desktop H.323 ID 

B. Scopia Desktop SIP ID 

C. Scopia Desktop E.164 ID 

D. Scopia Desktop URI ID 

Answer: A 

Reference:http://www.radvision.jp/support/documentation/SCOPIA_Desktop_AG.pdf(page 23) 

3108 training

Update 3108 exam prep:

Q6. After using the system for more than a year a company decides to add support for scheduling. Which Scopia. solution component needs to be added? 

A. Another Scopia. Elite MCU 

B. Scopia. Management Suite 

C. PathFinder 

D. Standalone ECS 

Answer: B 

Q7. When using Scopia Control, which three products do you need in your deployment in order to use the calendar integration, corporate directory access, data collaboration and meeting moderation? (Choose three.) 

A. Scopia Elite MCU 

B. Scopia Gateway 

C. Scopia Management 

D. Scopia Desktop Server 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q8. In which slot can you insert the Master Blade in the Scopia. Elite 5000 series 3U chassis? 

A. the bottom slot B. any slot except the top slot 

C. any slot 

D. only the top slot 

Answer: D 

Q9. Which statement describes what is not recommended when setting up a Telepresence room? 

A. The telepresence room should have no windows. 

B. Avoid using hard or polished materials such as glass or marble for walls and furniture. 

C. Loudspeakers can be placed anywhere in the room. 

D. The wall colors should be a natural solid color, preferably a Pastel color. 

Answer: C 

Q10. When upgrading the PathFinder, which two considerations must be taken into account? (Choose two.) 

A. The Pathfinder will restart. 

B. A backup of the Pathfinder will be created. 

C. All Active clients will be disconnected. 

D. The IP address of the MCU may change. 

Answer: A,C 

Reference:http://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100173468(page 72) 

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