eccouncil 312-50v8 [Nov 2021]

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Q421. A distributed port scan operates by: 

A. Blocking access to the scanning clients by the targeted host 

B. Using denial-of-service software against a range of TCP ports 

C. Blocking access to the targeted host by each of the distributed scanning clients 

D. Having multiple computers each scan a small number of ports,then correlating the results 


Q422. While probing an organization you discover that they have a wireless network. From your attempts to connect to the WLAN you determine that they have deployed MAC filtering by using ACL on the access points. What would be the easiest way to circumvent and communicate on the WLAN? 

A. Attempt to crack the WEP key using Airsnort. 

B. Attempt to brute force the access point and update or delete the MAC ACL. 

C. Steel a client computer and use it to access the wireless network. 

D. Sniff traffic if the WLAN and spoof your MAC address to one that you captured. 


Q423. Which of the following best describes session key creation in SSL? 

A. It is created by the server after verifying theuser's identity 

B. It is created by the server upon connection by the client 

C. It is created by the client from the server's public key 

D. It is created by the client after verifying the server's identity 


Q424. An organization hires a tester to do a wireless penetration test..Previous reports indicate that the last test did not contain management or control packets in the submitted traces..Which of the following is the most likely reason for lack of management or control packets? 

A. The wireless card was not turned on. 

B. The wrong network card drivers were in use by Wireshark. 

C. On Linux and Mac OS X,only.802.11 headers are received in promiscuous mode. 

D. Certain operating systems and adapters do not collect the management or control packets. 


Q425. Which of the following statements about a zone transfer correct?(Choose three. 

A. A zone transfer is accomplished with the DNS 

B. A zone transfer is accomplished with the nslookup service 

C. A zone transfer passes all zone information that a DNS server maintains 

D. A zone transfer passes all zone information that a nslookup server maintains 

E. A zone transfer can be prevented by blocking all inbound TCP port 53 connections 

F. Zone transfers cannot occur on the Internet 

Answer: ACE 

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Q426. Within the context of Computer Security, which of the following statements describes Social Engineering best? 

A. Social Engineering is the act of publicly disclosing information 

B. Social Engineering is the means put in place by human resource to perform time accounting 

C. Social Engineering is the act of getting needed information from a person rather than breaking into a system 

D. Social Engineering is a training program within sociology studies 


Q427. Which NMAP.feature can a tester implement or adjust while scanning for open ports to avoid detection by the network’s IDS? 

A. Timing options to slow the speed.that the port scan is conducted 

B. Fingerprinting to identify which operating systems are running on the network 

C. ICMP ping sweep to determine which hosts on the network are not available 

D. Traceroute to control the path of the packets sent during the scan 


Q428. A newly discovered flaw in a software application would be considered which kind of security vulnerability? 

A. Input validation flaw 

B. HTTP header injection vulnerability 

C. 0-day vulnerability 

D. Time-to-check to time-to-use flaw 


Q429. What is the correct command to run Netcat on a server using port 56 that spawns command shell when connected? 

A. nc -port 56 -s cmd.exe 

B. nc -p 56 -p -e shell.exe 

C. nc -r 56 -c cmd.exe 

D. nc -L 56 -t -e cmd.exe 


Q430. While footprinting a network, what port/service should you look for to attempt a zone transfer? 

A. 53 UDP 

B. 53 TCP 

C. 25 UDP 

D. 25 TCP 

E. 161 UDP 

F. 22 TCP 

G. 60 TCP 


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