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Q31. Lauren is performing a network audit for her entire company. The entire network is comprised of around 500 computers. Lauren starts an ICMP ping sweep by sending one IP packet to the broadcast address of the network, but only receives responses from around five hosts. Why did this ping sweep only produce a few responses? 

A. Only Windows systems will reply to this scan. 

B. A switched network will not respond to packets sent to the broadcast address. 

C. Only Linux and Unix-like (Non-Windows) systems will reply to this scan. 

D. Only servers will reply to this scan. 


Q32. A Trojan horse is a destructive program that masquerades as a benign application. The software initially appears to perform a desirable function for the user prior to installation and/or execution, but in addition to the expected function steals information or harms the system. 

The challenge for an attacker is to send a convincing file attachment to the victim, which gets easily executed on the victim machine without raising any suspicion. Today's end users are quite knowledgeable about malwares and viruses. Instead of sending games and fun executables, Hackers today are quite successful in spreading the Trojans using Rogue security software. 

What is Rogue security software? 

A. A flash file extension to Firefox that gets automatically installed when a victim visits rogue software disabling websites 

B. A Fake AV program that claims to rid a computer of malware,but instead installs spyware or other malware onto the computer. This kind of software is known as rogue security software. 

C. Rogue security software is based on social engineering technique in which the attackers lures victim to visit spear phishing websites 

D. This software disables firewalls and establishes reverse connecting tunnel between the victim's machine and that of the attacker 


Q33. Why do you need to capture five to ten million packets in order to crack WEP with AirSnort? 

A. All IVs are vulnerable to attack 

B. Air Snort uses a cache of packets 

C. Air Snort implements the FMS attack and only encrypted packets are counted 

D. A majority of weak IVs transmitted by access points and wireless cards are not filtered by contemporary wireless manufacturers 


Q34. Which protocol and port number might be needed in order to send log messages to a log analysis tool that resides behind a firewall? 

A. UDP 123 

B. UDP 541 

C. UDP 514 

D. UDP 415 


Q35. LAN Manager Passwords are concatenated to 14 bytes, and split in half. The two halves are hashed individually. If the password is 7 characters or less, than the second half of the hash is always: 

A. 0xAAD3B435B51404EE 

B. 0xAAD3B435B51404AA 

C. 0xAAD3B435B51404BB 

D. 0xAAD3B435B51404CC 


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Q36. Virus Scrubbers and other malware detection program can only detect items that they are aware of. Which of the following tools would allow you to detect unauthorized changes or modifications of binary files on your system by unknown malware? 

A. System integrity verification tools 

B. Anti-Virus Software 

C. A properly configured gateway 

D. There is no way of finding out until a new updated signature file is released 


Q37. Which of the following keyloggers cannot be detected by anti-virus or anti-spyware products? 

A. Covert keylogger 

B. Stealth keylogger 

C. Software keylogger 

D. Hardware keylogger 


Q38. Which DNS resource record can indicate how long any "DNS poisoning" could last? 

A. MX 


C. NS 



Q39. An NMAP scan of a server shows port 25.is open..What risk could this pose? 

A. Open printer sharing 

B. Web portal data leak 

C. Clear text authentication 

D. Active mail relay 


Q40. Sniffing is considered an active attack. 

A. True 

B. False 


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