17 tips on How to 70-519 Test Like a Badass [18 to 34]

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2016 Mar 70-519 Study Guide Questions:

Q18. You are designing an ASP.NET Web application. You have the following requirements:

- The application must be usable in partially connected scenarios.

- Data that is entered into the application offline must be synchronized with the server the next time the application is online.

You need to design the application to meet the requirements.

What should you use?



C. Perform unit tests that supply valid and invalid passwords.

D. Perform Web tests that supply valid and invalid passwords.

Answer: A

Q33. You are designing a deployment process for a new ASP. NET Web application.

The company requires the application to be compiled to a single DLL for deployment.

You need to design a deployment process that meets the requirement.

Which approach should you recommend?

A. Use MSDeploy.

B. Use the Web Deployment tool.

C. Use a Web Deployment project.

D. Use the ASP.NET Compilation tool.

Answer: C

Q34. You are reviewing an existing ASP.NET Web application.

A feature that manipulates large files in memory has been added to the Web application.

Thereafter, the Web application begins crashing frequently with an OutOfMemoryException exception.

You need to recommend an approach for debugging the Web application.

What should you recommend?

A. In Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, use the Performance Wizard to create a Memory Profiling Report.

B. In the Application_Error event handler, log the stack trace for all OutOfMemoryException exceptions that are caught.

C. Add structured error handling around any code block that accesses the large files.

Log the stack trace for all OutOfMemoryException exceptions that are caught.

D. Attach the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 debugger to the Web server process.

Configure the debugger to break into the Web application when a System.OutOfMemory exception is thrown.

Answer: A