[100% Guarantee] 70-652 Microsoft exam question 35-51 (Mar 2016)

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2016 Mar 70-652 Study Guide Questions:

Q35. You work as the network administrator at ESL, Ltd. You manage five servers that run Window Server 2008. All servers have the Hyper-V server role installed. Now you are required to manage the virtual machine settings from a client computer that runs Window XP Server Pack 2 (SP2). So what action should you perform first?



A. A member server allows a server to be centrally administered with common Active Directory administrator credentials.

B. A member server can participate in Active Directory as any other Active Directory server that might be patched, monitored, or centrally managed.

C. A member server will be managed and administrated individually, just like any other nondomain attached servers.

D. A member server is not joined to a domain, and therefore the credentials for the server are based on the local administrator rights to the server itself. For organizations that place a Hyper-V server in their demilitarized zone (DMZ) to host several edge server system, for security purposes the Hyper-V host may likely not be attached to a domain.

Answer: AB

Q50. You work as the network administrator at ESL.com, the following table shows the four servers in the company's network:

Now you are required to install Windows Server 2008 and enable the Hyper-V server role on one of the servers in your network. So which server should you use?

A. CMServerA

B. CMServerB

C. CMServerC

D. CMServerD

Answer: A

Q51. You work as the network administrator at ESL.com. Currently, you need to test an application on a virtual machine that runs Windows Vista Service Pack1(SP1) , and you want to run multiple tests within the application. Each test will modify the settings of the application. Base on the current status, you install the application and maintain the default settings and take a snapshot. Now, you must use the default application settings to start each test. Then what should you do after completing each test?

A. You need to reset the virtual machine

B. You need to revert the virtual machine

C. You need to restart the virtual machine

D. You need to turn off and then turn on the virtual machine

Answer: B