Amazon AWS-Solution-Architect-Associate Exam Questions and Answers 2021

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You are implementing a URL whitelisting system for a company that wants to restrict outbound HTTP'S connections to specific domains from their EC2-hosted applications you deploy a single EC2 instance running proxy software and configure It to accept traffic from all subnets and EC2 instances in the VPC. You configure the proxy to only pass through traffic to domains that you define in its whitelist configuration You have a nightly maintenance window or 10 minutes where all instances fetch new software updates. Each update Is about 200MB In size and there are 500 instances In the VPC that routinely fetch updates After a few days you notice that some machines are failing to successfully download some, but not all of their updates within the maintenance window. The download URLs used for these updates are correctly listed in the proxy's whitelist configuration and you are able to access them manually using a web browser on the instances. What might be happening? {Choose 2 answers)

  • A. You are running the proxy on an undersized EC2 instance type so network throughput is not sufficient for all instances to download their updates in time.
  • B. You are running the proxy on a sufficiently-sized EC2 instance in a private subnet and its network throughput is being throttled by a NAT running on an undersized EC2 instance.
  • C. The route table for the subnets containing the affected EC2 instances is not configured to direct network traffic for the software update locations to the proxy.
  • D. You have not allocated enough storage to t he EC2 instance running the proxy so the network buffer is filling up, causing some requests to fail.
  • E. You are running the proxy in a public subnet but have not allocated enough EIPs to support the needed network throughput through the Internet Gateway {IGW).

Answer: AB

Is there any way to own a direct connection to Amazon Web Services'?

  • A. You can create an encrypted tunnel to VPC, but you don't own the connection.
  • B. Yes, it's called Amazon Dedicated Connection.
  • C. No, AWS only allows access from the public Internet.
  • D. Yes, it's called Direct Connec

Answer: D

Is there a limit to the number of groups you can have?

  • A. Yes for all users except root
  • B. No
  • C. Yes unless special permission granted
  • D. Yes for all users

Answer: D

Will my standby RDS instance be in the same Region as my primary?

  • A. Only for Oracle RDS types
  • B. Yes
  • C. Only if configured at launch
  • D. No

Answer: B

When an EC2 EBS-backed (EBS root} instance is stopped, what happens to the data on any ephemeral store volumes?

  • A. Data is automatically saved in an EBS volume.
  • B. Data is unavailable until the instance is restarted.
  • C. Data will be deleted and will no longer be accessible.
  • D. Data is automatically saved as an EBS snapsho

Answer: B


You are building infrastructure for a data warehousing solution and an extra request has come through that there will be a lot of business reporting queries running all the time and you are not sure if your current DB instance will be able to handle it. What would be the best solution for this?

  • A. DB Parameter Groups
  • B. Read Replicas
  • C. Multi-AZ DB Instance deployment
  • D. Database Snapshots

Answer: B

Explanation: Read Replicas make it easy to take advantage of MySQL’s built-in replication functionality to elastically scale out beyond the capacity constraints of a single DB Instance for read-heavy database workloads. There are a variety of scenarios where deploying one or more Read Replicas for a given source DB Instance may make sense. Common reasons for deploying a Read Replica include:
Scaling beyond the compute or I/O capacity of a single DB Instance for read-heavy database workloads. This excess read traffic can be directed to one or more Read Replicas.
Serving read traffic while the source DB Instance is unavailable. If your source DB Instance cannot take I/O requests (e.g. due to I/O suspension for backups or scheduled maintenance), you can direct read traffic to your Read RepIica(s). For this use case, keep in mind that the data on the Read Replica may be "staIe" since the source DB Instance is unavailable.
Business reporting or data warehousing scenarios; you may want business reporting queries to run against a Read Replica, rather than your primary, production DB Instance.

If you have chosen Multi-AZ deployment, in the event of a planned or unplanned outage of your primary DB Instance, Amazon RDS automatically switches to the standby replica. The automatic failover mechanism simply changes the record of the main DB Instance to point to the standby DB Instance.

  • A. DNAME
  • B. CNAME
  • C. TXT
  • D. MX

Answer: B

What happens to data on an ephemeral volume of an EBS-backed EC2 instance if it is terminated or if it fails?

  • A. Data is automatically copied to another volume.
  • B. The volume snapshot is saved in S3.
  • C. Data persists.
  • D. Data is delete

Answer: D

Explanation: Any data on the instance store volumes persists as long as the instance is running, but this data is deleted when the instance is terminated or if it fails (such as if an underlying drive has issues). After an instance store-backed instance fails or terminates, it cannot be restored.

To serve Web traffic for a popular product your chief financial officer and IT director have purchased 10 ml large heavy utilization Reserved Instances (Rls) evenly spread across two availability zones:
Route 53 is used to deliver the traffic to an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB). After several months, the product grows even more popular and you need additional capacity As a result, your company purchases two C3.2x|arge medium utilization Rls You register the two c3 2xIarge instances with your ELB and quickly find that the ml large instances are at 100% of capacity and the c3 2xIarge instances have significant capacity that's unused Which option is the most cost effective and uses EC2 capacity most effectively?

  • A. Use a separate ELB for each instance type and distribute load to ELBs with Route 53 weighted round robin
  • B. Configure Autoscaning group and Launch Configuration with ELB to add up to 10 more on-demand ml large instances when triggered by Cloudwatch shut off c3 2xIarge instances
  • C. Route traffic to EC2 ml large and c3 2xIarge instances directly using Route 53 latency based routing and health checks shut off ELB
  • D. Configure ELB with two c3 2xiarge Instances and use on-demand Autoscaling group for up to two additional c3.2x|arge instances Shut on mi .|arge instances.

Answer: D

You need to develop and run some new applications on AWS and you know that Elastic Beanstalk and CIoudFormation can both help as a deployment mechanism for a broad range of AWS resources. Which of the following statements best describes the differences between Elastic Beanstalk and C|oudFormation?

  • A. Elastic Beanstalk uses Elastic load balancing and CIoudFormation doesn't.
  • B. CIoudFormation is faster in deploying applications than Elastic Beanstalk.
  • C. Elastic Beanstalk is faster in deploying applications than C|oudFormation.
  • D. CIoudFormation is much more powerful than Elastic Beanstalk, because you can actually design and script custom resources

Answer: D

Explanation: These services are designed to complement each other. AWS Elastic Beanstalk provides an environment to easily develop and run applications in the cloud. It is integrated with developer tools and provides a one-stop experience for you to manage the lifecycle of your applications. AWS CIoudFormation is a convenient deployment mechanism for a broad range of AWS resources. It supports the infrastructure needs of many different types of applications such as existing enterprise applications, legacy applications, applications built using a variety of AWS resources and container-based solutions (including those built using AWS Elastic Beanstalk).
AWS CIoudFormation introduces two new concepts: The template, a JSON-format, text-based file that describes all the AWS resources you need to deploy to run your application and the stack, the set of AWS resources that are created and managed as a single unit when AWS CIoudFormation instantiates a template.

You are designing the network infrastructure for an application sewer in Amazon VPC Users will access all the application instances from the Internet as well as from an on-premises network The on-premises network is connected to your VPC over an AWS Direct Connect link.
How would you design routing to meet the above requirements?

  • A. Configure a single routing Table with a default route via the Internet gateway Propagate a default route via BGP on the AWS Direct Connect customer route
  • B. Associate the routing table with all VPC subnets.
  • C. Configure a single routing table with a default route via the internet gateway Propagate specific routes for the on-premises networks via BGP on the AWS Direct Connect customer router Associate the routing table with all VPC subnets.
  • D. Configure a single routing table with two default routes: one to the inte rnet via an Internet gateway the other to the on-premises network via the VPN gateway use this routing table across all subnets in your VPC,
  • E. Configure two routing tables one that has a default route via the Internet gateway and another that has a default route via the VPN gateway Associate both routing tables with each VPC subnet.

Answer: A

An ERP application is deployed across multiple AZs in a single region. In the event of failure, the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) must be less than 3 hours, and the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) must be 15 minutes the customer realizes that data corruption occurred roughly 1.5 hours ago.
What DR strategy could be used to achieve this RTO and RPO in the event of this kind of failure?

  • A. Take hourly DB backups to 53, with transaction logs stored in 53 every 5 minutes.
  • B. Use synchronous database master-slave replication between two availability zones.
  • C. Take hourly DB backups to EC2 Instance store volumes with transaction logs stored In 53 every 5 minutes.
  • D. Take 15 minute DB backups stored In Glacier with transaction logs stored in 53 every 5 minute

Answer: A

All Amazon EC2 instances are assigned two IP addresses at launch, out of which one can only be reached from within the Amazon EC2 network?

  • A. Multiple IP address
  • B. Public IP address
  • C. Private IP address
  • D. Elastic I P Address

Answer: C

A user is planning to make a mobile game which can be played online or offline and will be hosted on EC2.
The user wants to ensure that if someone breaks the highest score or they achieve some milestone they can inform all their colleagues through email. Which of the below mentioned AWS services helps achieve this goal?

  • A. AWS Simple Workflow Service.
  • B. AWS Simple Email Service.
  • C. Amazon Cognito
  • D. AWS Simple Queue Servic

Answer: B

Explanation: Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a highly scalable and cost-effective email-sending service for businesses and developers. It integrates with other AWS services, making it easy to send emails from applications that are hosted on AWS.

In Route 53, what does a Hosted Zone refer to?

  • A. A hosted zone is a collection of geographical load balancing rules for Route 53.
  • B. A hosted zone is a collection of resource record sets hosted by Route 53.
  • C. A hosted zone is a selection of specific resource record sets hosted by CIoudFront for distribution to Route 53.
  • D. A hosted zone is the Edge Location that hosts the Route 53 records for a use

Answer: B

Explanation: A Hosted Zone refers to a selection of resource record sets hosted by Route 53.

A user has defined an AutoScaIing termination policy to first delete the instance with the nearest billing hour. AutoScaIing has launched 3 instances in the US-East-1A region and 2 instances in the US-East-1 B region. One of the instances in the US-East-1B region is running nearest to the billing hour. Which instance will AutoScaIing terminate first while executing the termination action?

  • A. Random Instance from US-East-1A
  • B. Instance with the nearest billing hour in US-East-1 B
  • C. Instance with the nearest billing hour in US-East-1A
  • D. Random instance from US-East-1B

Answer: C

Explanation: Even though the user has configured the termination policy, before AutoScaIing selects an instance to terminate, it first identifies the Availability Zone that has more instances than the other Availability Zones used by the group. Within the selected Availability Zone, it identifies the instance that matches the specified termination policy.

A user has launched an EC2 instance. The instance got terminated as soon as it was launched. Which of the below mentioned options is not a possible reason for this?

  • A. The user account has reached the maximum volume limit
  • B. The AM is missin
  • C. It is the required part
  • D. The snapshot is corrupt
  • E. The user account has reached the maximum EC2 instance limit

Answer: D

Explanation: When the user account has reached the maximum number of EC2 instances, it will not be allowed to launch an instance. AWS will throw an ‘Instance Limit Exceeded’ error. For all other reasons, such as
"AMI is missing part", "Corrupt Snapshot" or "VoIume limit has reached" it will launch an EC2 instance and then terminate it.

In Amazon EC2, if your EBS volume stays in the detaching state, you can force the detachment by clicking .

  • A. Force Detach
  • B. Detach Instance
  • C. AttachVoIume
  • D. Attachlnstance

Answer: A

Explanation: If your volume stays in the detaching state, you can force the detachment by clicking Force Detach. Reference:

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