[Breathing] C2150-195 IBM free draindumps 21-30 (Jun 2016)

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Q21. Which colored icon must be selected in the chart to change the chart type when viewing a grouped search? 

A. The red X 

B. The green star 

C. The yellow gear 

D. The blue question mark (?) 

Answer: C 


Q22. If a user wants to assign an incident to a particular user, which drop-down list would they select inside the Offense interface? 

A. Display 

B. Actions 

C. Incident 

D. Question Mark 

Answer: B 


Q23. How can the time zone be changed for an existing report? 

A. From the Report tab > Actions > select Time Zone 

B. Right-click on the Report template > Change Time Zone 

C. Select the report from the Reports tab > Options > Change Time Zone 

D. Modify the template, under Chart Type select Define > select Time Zone 

Answer: D 


Q24. What must be done in order to save a search criteria as a quick search? 

A. Select Save Criteria and select My Dashboard 

B. Select Save Criteria in the New/Edit Search dialog 

C. Right-click on the filter and select Save as Quick Search 

D. Select Save Criteria and select Include in my Quick Searches 

Answer: D 


Q25. Where would a user look to see the entire payload of an event? 

A. The Raw Event tab 

B. View > Show Payload 

C. Right-click > Show Payload 

D. The Payload Information section 

Answer: D 


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Improved C2150-195 free exam:

Q26. Which search property is required for a user to create a Time Series chart? 

A. Have a saved search filtered by an IP/CIDR 

B. Have a saved search using an Order By option 

C. Have a saved search displaying only two columns 

D. Have a saved search with a Grouped By option enabled 

Answer: D 


Q27. A flow is always based on what? 

A. unicast and any cast traffic 

B. unicast and broadcast traffic 

C. unicast. multicast, and anycast traffic 

D. unicast, broadcast, and multicast traffic 

Answer: C 


Q28. Which two pages or tabs are added to the IBM Security QRadar V7.0 MR4 (QRadar) Log Management product after it has been upgraded to QRadar SIEM? (Choose two.) 

A. Admin 

B. Reports 

C. Offenses 

D. Dashboard 

E. Network Activity 

Answer: C,E 


Q29. A user is complaining of slow traffic on a specific network segment. An administrator is investigating the source of the congestion using the IBM Security QRadar V7.0 MR4 (QRadar) Dashboard workspace named Top Applications. The administrator has drilled down into the details of a traffic spike and is now on the Details tab. 

If the administrator double-clicks on the top application in the list, and then sorts by the Total Bytes column, what information is displayed regarding the source and destination IPs of the devices? 

A. The devices causing the least traffic for all applications 

B. The devices causing the most traffic for all applications 

C. The devices causing the least traffic for the selected application 

D. The devices causing the most traffic for the selected application 

Answer: D 


Q30. What are two IT Security Frameworks? (Choose two.) 




D. ISO 27001 

E. Common Criteria 

Answer: C,D 


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