How to pass IBM C2150-198 Real Exam in 24 Hours [free exam questions 11-20]

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2016 Jun C2150-198 test preparation

Q11. What is the correct archive file If pdbackup -a backup -list C:\Program Files\Tivoli\Policy Director\etc\pdbackup.lst is executed using ISAM on a Windows Server? 

A. C:\Program Files\Tivoli\Policy Director\pdbackup\pdbackup.lst_30aug2013.11.30.dar 

B. C:\Program Files\Tivoli\Policy Director\pdbackup\pdbackup.lst_30.08.2013.11.30.dar 

C. C:\Program Files\Tivoli\Policy Director\pdbackup\pdbackup.lst_30aug2013.11_30.dar 

D. C:\Program Files\Tivoli\Policy Director\pdbackup\pdbackup.lst_30.08.2013.11_30.dar 

Answer: C 

Q12. What are two supported Single Sign-On methods used for WebSphere Application Server? (Choose two.) 

A. HTTP Authentication Method 

B. Advanced Authentication Method 

C. Trusted Association Interceptor 

D. Lightweight Third Party Association 

E. Client Side Certificate Authentication Method 

Answer: C,D 

Q13. Given a registry suffix of o=ibm,c=us, how would you create an "Accounting" group using the commands below? 

A. group create Accounting 

B. create group Accounting cn=Accounting,o=ibm,c=us 

C. add group Accounting cn=Accounting,o=ibm,c=us cn=Accounting Accounting 

D. group create Accounting cn=Accounting,o=ibm,c=us cn=Accounting Accounting 

Answer: D 

Q14. Statistical reporting can be enabled statically, meaning that the configuration is preserved after a reboot of the component. How is this achieved? 

A. Using the WebSEAL routing file 

B. Using the configuration file 'stats.conf' 

C. Using the pdadmin-statement 'stats on' 

D. Using the stanza '[aznapi-configuration]' in the WebSEAL configuration file 

Answer: D 

Q15. Which utility provides backup, restore, and extract capabilities for Security Access Manager data? 

A. pdinfo 

B. pdbackup 

C. pdservice 

D. pd_backup 

Answer: B 

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Q16. What WebSEAL functionality is supported by the IBM Security Access Manger Web Gateway Appliance? 

A. Auditing to a pipe or CARS. 

B. HTTP Reverse Proxy feature. 

C. Tivoli Common Directory Logging. 

D. Application Response Measurement (ARM). 

Answer: B 

Q17. In an ISAM 7.0 solution, which resource would make up a default secure domain? 

A. A set of Unix servers 

B. Collection of email servers 

C. Business unit within an enterprise 

D. Logical location of a enterprise server 

Answer: C 

Q18. Which configuration enables the day time error page? 

A. [acnt-mgt] client-alert-tod = yes 

B. [acnt-mgt] client-alert-dot = yes 

C. [acnt-mgt] client-notify-tod = yes 

D. [acnt-mgt] client-notify-dot = yes 

Answer: C 

Q19. In an ISAM 7.0 solution, which Web space has single sign-on for total access? 

A. Web space of a domain 

B. Web space of a computer center 

C. Web space of a cluster of SMTP server 

D. Web space of a cluster of email servers 

Answer: A 

Q20. How are ISAM users and groups logically separated within a single policy server? 

A. By creating multiple object spaces. 

B. By installing multiple user registries. 

C. By creating multiple secure domains. 

D. By installing multiple policy proxy servers. 

Answer: C 

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