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2021 Dec CGEIT latest exam

Q21. Lisa is the project manager of the FKN project for her organization. She is working with Sam, the CIO, to discuss a discount the vendor has offered the project based on the amount of materials that is ordered. Lisa and Sam review the offer and agree that while their project may qualify for the discounted materials the savings is nominal and they would not necessarily pursue the savings. Lisa documents this positive risk response in the risk register. What risk response is this? 

A. Share 

B. Acceptance 

C. Enhance 

D. Transference 


Q22. You are the project manager for your organization and you are working with Thomas, a project team member. You and Thomas have been working on a specific risk response for a probable risk event in the project. Thomas is empowered with a risk response and will control all aspects of the identified risk response in which a particular risk event will happen within the project. What title, in regard to risk, is bestowed on Thomas? 

A. Risk coordinator 

B. Risk expeditor 

C. Risk owner 

D. Risk team leader 


Q23. You are hosting a collection of stakeholders from across the organization to identify the ideas and attitudes about your company's help desk. You want the stakeholders to honestly share their 

A. Root cause analysis 

B. Stakeholder analysis 

C. Focus groups 

D. Workshop 


Q24. Which of the following types of IT organizational structures states that all IT decision making and the IT budget are in one place, much easier to manage, and require much less effort to organize? 

A. Decentralized 

B. Federated 

C. Project-based 

D. Centralized 


Q25. Which of the following domains of CGEIT aims to guarantee that the IT enables and supports the achievement of business objectives through the integration of IT strategic plans with business strategic plans and the alignment of IT services with enterprise operations? 

A. Risk Management 

B. IT Governance Framework 

C. Strategic Alignment 

D. Value Delivery 


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Q26. Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. Plan the risk-based assurance initiatives. 

B. Scope and plan assurance initiatives. 

C. Perform a quick risk assessment. 

D. Assess process maturity. 

Answer: ACD 

Q27. Which of the following activity loops emphasizes on monitoring and deciding processes? 

A. Loop 2 

B. Loop 4 

C. Loop 3 

D. Loop 1 


Q28. Which of the following processes contained in the Value Governance domain of Val IT defines information requirements? 

A. VG6 

B. VG4 

C. VG5 

D. VG3 


Q29. Which of the following techniques is used for understanding the "environment" in which a business operates? 

A. Critical success factor analysis 

B. PEST analysis 

C. SWOT analysis 

D. Market segmentation 


Q30. You are the project manager of the NHQ Project for your company. You have completed qualitative and quantitative analysis of your identified project risks and you would now like to find an approach to increase project opportunities and to reduce threats within the project. What project management process would best help you? 

A. Plan risk responses 

B. Create a risk governance approach 

C. Create the project risk register 

D. Monitor and control project risks 


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