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Q131. Which of the following activity loops describes creation of new processes? 

A. Loop 3 

B. Loop 2 

C. Loop 4 

D. Loop 1 


Q132. Which of the following frameworks describes a standard for processes within business information management at the strategy, management and operations level? 

A. Val IT 





Q133. Which of the following quadrant analysis identifies the key issues of anticipation of business needs, service levels over cost, and business enablement and facilitation (removal of obstacles)? 

A. High level role (strategic/transformational) and business market followers (riskaverse/mature) 

B. Internal environment 

C. Monitoring 

D. Objectives setting 


Q134. In which of the following phases of the SDLC does the software and other components of the system faithfully incorporate the design specifications and provide proper documentation and training?

A. Design 

B. Initiation 

C. Programming and training 

D. Evaluation and acceptance 


Q135. Jenny is the project manager for the NBT projects. She is working with the project team and several subject matter experts to perform the quantitative risk analysis process. 

During this process she and the project team uncover several risks events that were not previously identified. What should Jenny do with these risk events? 

A. The events should be determined if they need to be accepted or responded to. 

B. The events should be entered into the risk register. 

C. The events should continue on with quantitative risk analysis. 

D. The events should be entered into qualitative risk analysis. 


Up to the minute CGEIT exam answers:

Q136. TOGAF is based on four pillars, called architecture domains. Which of the following architecture domains provides a blueprint for the individual application systems to be deployed, the interactions between the application systems, and their relationships to the core business processes of the organization with the frameworks for services to be exposed as business functions for integration? 

A. Business architecture 

B. Applications architecture 

C. Technical architecture 

D. Data architecture 


Q137. Which of the following attributes are the COBIT's generic maturity model attributes? 

Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. Policies, plans and procedures 

B. Tools and automation 

C. Awareness and communication 

D. Availability and accessibility 

Answer: ABC 

Q138. Which of the following responsibilities are performed by the core team of IT governance? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. Provide service feedback to providers. 

B. Undertake core tasks. 

C. Define plan and deliverables. 

D. Report on process. 

Answer: BCD 

Q139. Which of the following elements of planning gap measures the gap between the total potential for the market and the actual current usage by all the consumers in the market? 

A. Project gap 

B. Competitive gap 

C. Usage gap 

D. Product gap 


Q140. Which of the following categories measures the health of the organization and the working environment of its employees? 

A. Quantity 

B. Safety 

C. Effectiveness 

D. Efficiency 


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