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2021 Feb CGEIT exam cram

Q41. Harold is the project manager of a large project in his organization. He has been actively communicating and working with the project stakeholders. One of the outputs of the manage stakeholder expectations process can actually create new risk events for Harold's project. Which output of the manage stakeholder expectations process can create risks? 

A. Project management plan updates 

B. Project document updates 

C. Change requests 

D. Organizational process assets updates 


Q42. Which of the following has the tendency or inclination of outlook that is a troublesome source of error in human sensing? 

A. Defect 

B. Bias (of measurement) 

C. Vulnerability 

D. Risk 


Q43. Jeff works as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. He is determining which risks can affect the project. Which of the following are the inputs to the identify risks process that Jeff will use to accomplish the task? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. 

Choose all that apply. 

A. Risk management plan 

B. Activity cost estimates 

C. Scope baseline 

D. Risk register 

Answer: ABC 

Q44. Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. Customize control objectives. 

B. Scope and plan assurance initiatives. 

C. Select the control objectives for critical processes. 

D. Assess process maturity. 

Answer: ABC 

Q45. Which of the following best describes the identification, analysis, and ranking of risks? 

A. Plan Risk management 

B. Design of experiments 

C. Fixed-price contracts 

D. Fast tracking 


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Q46. Which of the following techniques seeks to identify the similarities and differences between the groups of customers or users? 

A. Market Segmentation 

B. PEST Analysis 

C. SWOT Analysis 

D. Scenario Planning 


Q47. Which of the following processes uses statistical evidences to determine progress toward specific defined organizational objectives? 

A. Resource management 

B. Risk management 

C. Value delivery 

D. Performance measurement 


Q48. Which of the following IT processes contained in the Deliver and Support domain of COBIT manages the operations? 

A. DS10 

B. DS13 

C. DS9 

D. DS8 


Q49. Which of the following processes contained in the Portfolio Management domain of Val IT creates an overall portfolio view? 

A. PM8 

B. PM7 

C. PM9 

D. PM10 


Q50. Management wants you to create a visual diagram of what resources will be utilized in the project deliverables. What type of a chart is management asking you to create? 

A. RACI chart 

B. Roles and responsibility matrix 

C. Work breakdown structure 

D. Resource breakdown structure 


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