Apr 2021 updated: Examcollection CompTIA JK0-702 exam answers 673-720

Exam Code: JK0-702 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: CompTIA E2C A+ Practical Application (2009 Edition) Exam
Certification Provider: CompTIA
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2021 Apr JK0-702 Study Guide Questions:

Q673. A technician is troubleshooting a workstation that has the wrong time information. All workstations should be pointing to a central NTP server. Which of the following locations would the technician check to investigate error messages related to this issue? 

A. IIS log 

B. Application log 

C. System log 

D. Security log 

Answer: C 

Q674. Which of the following tools would be BEST to use to pry open the case of a laptop? 

A. Metal screwdriver 

B. Plastic wedge 

C. Needle-nose pliers 

D. Extension magnet 

Answer: B 

Q675. Which of the following ports could BEST be used to install an external hard drive? 



C. Serial 

D. Parallel 

Answer: B 

Q676. A laser printer is displaying an error message that the toner needs to be replaced. After replacing the toner, nothing prints. Which of the following will MOST likely resolve the issue? 

A. Calibrate the printer for the new toner 

B. Replace the fuser 

C. Reset the maintenance page count 

D. Remove the seal strip from the toner 

Answer: D 

Q677. Which of the following is the effective bandwidth of a 100BASE-TX network card when full-duplex is enabled? 

A. 50MBps 

B. 100MBps 

C. 200MBps 

D. 1000MBps 

Answer: C 

Q678. A user reports that the workstation will not boot up and a missing NTLDR error appears. Which of the following steps can be performed to resolve this issue without losing data? 

A. Reinstall the Windows OS 

B. Format the root drive 

C. Boot into Safe Mode 

D. Change the boot order 

Answer: D 

Q679. A technician is troubleshooting software that was supposed to startup when the PC powered on. The software failed to start. Which of the following should the technician use to investigate the issue? 

A. Sessions 

B. System 

C. Security 

D. Application 

Answer: D 

Q680. A technician is replacing a processor that is attached parallel to the motherboard. Which of the following processor types is needed? 

A. Pin grid array processor 

B. Slot 2 processor 

C. Socket to slot adapter 

D. Slot 1 processor 

Answer: A 

Q681. The TELNET command allows a technician to do which of the following? 

A. Map connectivity to a remote machine. 

B. Create a secure connection to a remote machine. 

C. Transfer files from a remote machine. 

D. Execute commands on a remote machine. 

Answer: D 

Q682. Which of the following logs contains information related to user installed programs and the performance of all programs? 

A. System 

B. Application 

C. Audit 

D. Security 

Answer: B 

Q683. A technician is installing a parallel PCI card. Which of the following is the IEEE standard for parallel? 

A. 802.11b 

B. 1284 

C. 1394 

D. 802.11g 

Answer: B 

Q684. Which of the following tools can a technician use to remotely access a client's machine to find out which services are running? 

A. Performance Monitor 

B. Computer Management 

C. Task Manager 

D. Event Viewer 

Answer: B 

Q685. A technician is configuring a small office home office (SOHO) router to allow FTP access. Which of the following ports will the technician open? 

A. 20 

B. 25 

C. 80 

D. 443 

Answer: A 

Q686. A technician is replacing a motherboard in a laptop. After completing the install, the laptop shuts down after a few seconds of being on. Which of the following is the causing the laptop to shutdown? 

A. Keyboard is not plugged in. 

B. CPU is not locked into the socket. 

C. LCD is not plugged in. 

D. RAM is faulty. 

Answer: B 

Q687. A user is having difficulty installing a program in Windows Vista, as the computer appears to stall prior to the installation. Which of the following is the BEST choice of why this is occurring? 

A. Aero Settings are not enabled. 

B. Power Settings need to be enabled. 

C. BitLocker is scanning for corrupt software. 

D. UAC is waiting for user input. 

Answer: D 

Q688. A user needs to be able to install new database software but does not currently have permission to do so. The database software needs to modify operating system files during installation. Which of the following user groups would give the BEST permissions to allow the user access to install the software? 

A. Guest 

B. Power Users 

C. Administrators 

D. Users 

Answer: C 

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Q689. A burning smell is coming from a PC. Which of the following steps should a technician take to determine the point of failure? 

A. Plug the machine back in and monitor carefully. 

B. Remove all peripheral hardware from the machine and replace one at a time. 

C. Replace the CPU and the memory modules. 

D. Visually inspect the machine for damaged hardware. 

Answer: D 

Q690. A customer states that their laser printer printouts are appearing with random characters. A new print driver has been installed to optimize graphic output. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem? 

A. The application is not compatible with the printer. 

B. The printer does not support postscript. 

C. A new toner cartridge was installed incorrectly. 

D. The printer is not in graphics mode. 

Answer: B 

Q691. A technician is having problems converting a basic disk to a dynamic disk on a laptop. The technician right clicks the disk in Disk Management and does not see the option to convert to dynamic disk. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause for this problem? 

A. The disk has already been converted to a dynamic disk. 

B. The disk must first be converted to a simple volume disk. 

C. There is less than 10MB of space available for the dynamic disk database. 

D. Computers with a single drive do not support dynamic disks. 

Answer: D 

Q692. Which of the following ping commands would a technician use to ping continuously? 

A. PING -l 


C. PING -t 

D. PING -a 

Answer: C 

Q693. A customer brings in a laptop stating that it will power up only if the power supply pin is pushed in and if the user releases the pressure the laptop shuts off. Upon inspection, the technician discovers the DC jack is broken. Which of the following should the technician tell the customer? 

A. The DC jack may be able to be replaced if other damage is not present. 

B. The only remedy for this problem is to order a replacement motherboard. 

C. The DC jack cannot be repaired, the laptop must be replaced. 

D. The power supply needs to be upgraded to handle the number of external devices present. 

Answer: A 

Q694. A laptop has recently had a mini-PCI wireless card installed, but has difficulty getting a strong signal on any nearby wireless network. Which of the following is the MOST probable cause? 

A. The card is installed properly, but the wireless card is disabled in the BIOS menu of the laptop. 

B. The card is installed properly, but the internal antenna connectors were not connected. 

C. The card installed is not compatible with the laptop and should be removed. 

D. The user installed the card upside-down, resulting in the OS receiving improper data signals for the wireless signal. 

Answer: B 

Q695. Which of the following should be flashed on a firewall to make sure it is the most current version available? 

A. Firmware 

B. ACLs 

C. Definitions 

D. Route lists 

Answer: A 

Q696. Which of the following is a share permission? 

A. Write & Execute 

B. Change 

C. Read & Write 

D. Modify 

Answer: B 

Q697. A client's computer has bluescreened twice in the same day. Which of the following 

locations could be accessed to find the stop code? 

A. Performance monitor 

B. Task Manager 

C. Event Viewer - Application Log 

D. Event Viewer - System Log 

Answer: D 

Q698. Which of the following hardware devices assists with user authentication and hard drive encryption? 


B. BIOS password 

C. Bitlocker 


Answer: A 

Q699. A customer wants to ensure that their new drive has the fastest transfer speed. Which of the following technologies should be recommended? 





Answer: D 

Q700. A laptop's screen is dark; upon further investigation a faint image can be seen. Which of the following has become defective? 

A. Video card 

B. Battery 

C. External VGA port 

D. Backlight 

Answer: D 

Q701. Which of the following switches is used to start System File Checker immediately? 





Answer: B 

Q702. Which of the following commands could BEST be used to verify connectivity from one network device to another? (Select TWO). 

A. nslookup 

B. msconfig 

C. ping 

D. tracert 

E. net send 

Answer: CD 

Q703. A computer has become infected with a piece of malware. The current system software has detected the threat and moved it into a special state. Which of the following terms BEST defines the state? 

A. Deleted 

B. Removed 

C. Blocked 

D. Quarantined 

Answer: D 

Q704. A user is not able to receive files off the FTP server. Which of the following default ports needs to be opened for FTP to work properly? 

A. 21 

B. 80 

C. 110 

D. 443 

Answer: A 

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Q705. A user reports that when they print a document, the toner on the page sometimes rubs off and does not stick to the page. Which of the following actions should be taken to fix the issue? 

A. Replace the registration rollers. 

B. Replace the paper tray. 

C. Replace the fuser. 

D. Replace the pickup rollers. 

Answer: C 

Q706. A client can no longer print from their computer to the default printer. The client successfully prints a test page directly from the printer. The printer's queue shows the job ready to print. Which of the following is the BEST recommendation that the technician can make? 

A. Restart the print spooler service. 

B. Delete the print job and resubmit it. 

C. Verify the correct paper is being used. 

D. Reinstall the printer's drivers. 

Answer: A 

Q707. A technician is setting up a SOHO and has configured the wireless NIC on the laptop with WPA2. While configuring the WAP, WPA2 is not listed as an option. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT? 

A. Install the latest wireless NIC drivers 

B. Install the latest wireless NIC firmware 

C. Install the latest WAP firmware 

D. Install the latest WAP drivers 

Answer: C 

Q708. A technician finished installing a processor and is going to install the heatsink next. Which of the following should the technician perform before installing the heatsink? 

A. Turn on CPU fan 

B. Update chipset drivers 

C. Apply thermal compound 

D. Install a case fan 

Answer: C 

Q709. A technician notices during an onsite call that a client's five laptops are connecting to the same wireless network. When the technician attempts to scan for the same network with the technician's work laptop, it cannot find the signal. The WiFi card and the WiFi router are both on the 802.11n standard. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason that this signal cannot be seen? 

A. The router is not capable of allowing more than five devices onto the network at once. 

B. The router has been set to disable SSID broadcasting. 

C. The router has been set to enable MAC filtering. 

D. The client has not configured the wireless card to allow for WPA-protected signals. 

Answer: B 

Q710. A user is running an application when an error occurs. The user is able to restart the application immediately. Which of the following describes the type of error the user experienced? 

A. BATCH error 

B. Illegal contact 

C. STOP error 

D. Illegal operation 

Answer: D 

Q711. A technician is unfamiliar with terms in a dialog box. Which of the following would quickly provide more information? 

A. Alternate click and select "What's This?" 

B. Use Microsoft knowledge base to search for the term. 

C. Alternate click and select "More information" 

D. Press F1 and search for the term. 

Answer: A 

Q712. Which of the following is the BEST choice for the frequency of antivirus software and definition updates? 

A. Yearly 

B. Monthly 

C. Weekly 

D. Daily 

Answer: D 

Q713. A technician installs a hard drive in a user's machine that does not use moving parts. Which of the following drive types did the technician install? 


B. Solid state 



Answer: B 

Q714. Where are 64-bit programs installed by default in Windows Vista? 

A. C:Program Files (x64) 

B. C:Program Files 

C. C:Program Files64 

D. C:Program Files (x86) 

Answer: B 

Q715. Which of the following would BEST be used to test the functionality of a serial port? 

A. Degausser 

B. Line tester 

C. Multimeter 

D. Loopback plugs 

Answer: D 

Q716. Which of the following is the BEST way to mitigate phishing attempts? 

A. Installing antivirus 

B. Reconfiguring the firewall 

C. Changing the permissions and passwords 

D. Educating the end user 

Answer: D 

Q717. Which of the following tools should the technician use when testing a serial port? 

A. Cable tester 

B. Multimeter 

C. Loopback plug 

D. Logic probe 

Answer: C 

Q718. Which of the following commands would a technician use to troubleshoot network connectivity by determining where the data is being dropped? 





Answer: D 

Q719. A technician replaced a floppy drive and now the front indicator light is consistently illuminated. Which of the following is the cause for this? 

A. It is a feature of new floppy drives. 

B. The data cable was put on backwards. 

C. A disk is being read by the floppy drive. 

D. The new floppy drive is defective. 

Answer: B 

Q720. A customer's laptop CPU constantly changes speed when not in use. The customer wants 100% CPU performance at all times. Which of the following is recommended in this situation? 

A. Install updated drivers for the CPU. 

B. Replace the CPU. 

C. Reinstall the operating system. 

D. Disable SpeedStep in the BIOS. 

Answer: D