MB3-528 preparation(65 to 80) for IT specialist: Apr 2016 Edition

Exam Code: MB3-528 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: GP 10.0 Financials
Certification Provider: Microsoft
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2016 Apr MB3-528 Study Guide Questions:

Q65. If it necessary to record both a vendor invoice and payment at the same time, where should the transaction be entered?

A. Computer Checks

B. Payables Transaction Entry

C. Apply Payables Documents

D. Payables Manual Payment Entry

Answer: B

Q66. What are the requirements to void an invoice in Receivables Management? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. The invoice must be unapplied.

B. The invoice must still be in the open table.

C. Transaction history must be maintained for that customer.

D. The invoice must be partially applied to a payment or credit memo.

Answer: AB

Q67. If 'Allow Account Entry' is not selected (cleared) in Account Maintenance for an account, which of the following can occur?

A. No transactions can be posted to the account.

B. The account can be used if it is set up as a default posting account in Posting Accounts Setup or it defaults from a master record.

C. The account can be selected from a lookup window as a posting account on a transaction in a distribution window.

D. The account can be entered as a posting account on a transaction if the account number is typed in manually.

Answer: B

Q68. Department Managers in the XYZ Company want to use Microsoft Excel to create initial budgets. How should these department budgets be entered into Microsoft Dynamics GP?

A. Import the budgets using the Excel Based Budgeting Wizard.

B. Enter the budgets by posting budget transactions in Transaction Entry.

C. Use a budget method in Budget Maintenance to enter the budgets.

D. Use the Single Account Budget Maintenance window to manually enter the amounts into each period for the accounts.

Answer: A

Q69. Which of these statements are true about users that are set up in Microsoft Dynamics GP? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. Users can be granted access to more than one company

B. Users can set their own display settings in User Preferences

C. Users can only be deleted in SQL, not Microsoft Dynamics GP

D. Users must be assigned to a class

Answer: AB

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Q70. Selena, the accounting manager, is concerned because there is going to be some adjusting entries that need to be made to accounts in General Ledger. Selena does not want to close the year until after these adjustments are made. How many open years does Microsoft Dynamics GP allow?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. Unlimited

Answer: D

Q71. A vendor, the ABC Company sent an invoice along with merchandise. The invoice is entered and posted in Payables Management. Some of the merchandise is later determined to be damaged. What can be done to temporarily prevent this invoice from being paid, but still allow other ABC Company invoices to be paid?

A. Inactivate the ABC Company vendor.

B. Place the individual invoice on hold.

C. Place the ABC Company vendor on hold.

D. Void the disputed invoice from the ABC Company.

Answer: B

Q72. he Vice President of Sales is proposing to change the account format so sales can be tracked more precisely. Assuming the account framework was set to the maximums allowed in Microsoft Dynamics GP for account length and segments, which of the following statements are true about changing the account format? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. The account format length can be changed from 10 characters to 11 characters.

B. Changes can be made to the account format before the chart of accounts has been entered.

C. The account format can be shortened from 9 characters to 6 characters after the chart of accounts has been entered.

D. After Microsoft Dynamics GP is installed, changes cannot be made to the account format.

Answer: AB

Q73. Which of the following are differences when posting to General Ledger versus posting Through General Ledger Files? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. When posting to General Ledger, a password is required.

B. When updating beginning balances in subsidiary ledgers, batches can be deleted in General Ledger.

C. It is a one-step process to post from the subsidiary ledger and update the account balance.

D. Changes can be made to the batch in General Ledger before updating the account balances.

Answer: BD

Q74. Which processes are saved by User ID in Fixed Assets?

A. Depreciation and Depreciation Projections

B. Depreciation Projections and Select Assets

C. Asset Retirements and Depreciation Projections

D. Asset Retirements and Depreciation

Answer: B

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Q75. What type of account posts to distribution accounts based on percentages entered?

A. Unit accounts

B. Posting accounts

C. Fixed Allocation accounts

D. Variable Allocation accounts

Answer: C

Q76. When the Finance Charge process is run at period-end, what additional step must be taken to have the finance charges appear on customer statements in Receivables Management?

A. No other step is needed

B. Aging must be performed

C. Post the finance charge batch

D. Paid Transaction Removal must be run

Answer: C

Q77. Which of the following tasks can be completed using the Mass Modify Chart of Accounts feature?

A. A range of accounts can be inactivated.

B. The Chart of Accounts can be copied to a new company.

C. The posting type can be updated for a range of accounts.

D. The balances of a range of accounts can be moved to a new account range.

Answer: A

Q78. Which of the following is a depreciation sensitive field?

A. Acquisition Date

B. Asset ID

C. Original Life

D. Quantity

Answer: C

Q79. Which of the following statements is true concerning Quick Journal transactions?

A. Quick Journals can be entered in recurring batches.

B. Any defaulted account can be left with a zero posting amount.

C. Quick Journals can be saved and posted from the batch entry window.

D. Accounts can be deleted on the transaction and this change becomes a permanent change to the Quick Journal setup.

Answer: B

Q80. In what order do the accounts for a Payables Management transaction default?

A. Looks first to the vendor class, then to Posting Accounts Setup

B. Looks first to the vendor record, then to Posting Accounts Setup

C. Looks first to the vendor class, then to the vendor record, then to Posting Accounts Setup

D. Looks first to the vendor record, then to the vendor class, and then to Posting Accounts Setup

Answer: B