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Exam Name: GP 10.0 Manufacturing Applications
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2016 Mar MB3-637 Study Guide Questions:

Q33. What happens when an MO is generated from entering a sales order?

A. The MO is a Quick MO

B. The quantity being manufactured is "pre-allocated" to the sales order

C. All components on the picklist are backflushed

D. All routing steps are backflushed

Answer: B

Q34. Which of the following is a setup option for outsourcing? Choose the 3 that apply.

A. Apply Additional Outsourcing Costs to MO

B. Mark Outsourced Sequences as "Done" when Service is Received

C. Include Sequence Notes Report with Outsourcing Shipping Report

D. Include Sequence Notes Report when Order is transferred to an Invoice

Answer: ABC

Q35. Which of the following statements is true regarding the MO Close process?

A. MO Status can only be Complete or Partially Received to close

B. The Posting Date will default to the first day of the current month

C. Additional Labor can be applied to the MO after it is closed

D. Variances are calculated at this time

Answer: D

Q36. If it takes two employees one hour to complete a routing step, what should the value for labor time and cycle time be for that routing step to accurately reflect proper costing and scheduling?

A. Labor = 1, Cycle = 1

B. Labor =1, Cycle = 2

C. Labor = 2, Cycle = 1

D. Labor = 2, Cycle = 2

Answer: C

Q37. Which of the following options can be chosen in the Manufacturing Order Preference Defaults window? Choose the 3 that apply.

A. Allocate Inventory when MO Status becomes Released

B. Allocate upon Reverse Issue

C. Allocate upon Reverse Scrap

D. Print Picklist Notes with Picking Report

Answer: ABD

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Q38. In MO Schedule Preferences, you are set up to Apply Shrinkage to End Item Starting Quantity. Additionally end item X has shrinkage of 50% as setup in Item Resource Planning. If you enter a regular manufacturing order for a quantity of 10 units of item X, what will be your start quantity on a manufacturing order?

A. 10

B. 15

C. 20

D. 25

Answer: C

Q39. What is the purpose of the Revaluation Security Set field in the Costing Preference Defaults window?

A. To remove record locks in the Standard Cost Changes window

B. To remove record locks in the Roll Up and Revalue Inventory window

C. To limit access to the revaluation process, and make it less likely that inventory will be revalued accidentally

D. Without this field entered, inventory cannot be revalued

Answer: C

Q40. Which statement is true regarding picking and issuing materials in the Component Transaction Entry window?

A. There is no affect on the items in the system

B. You can not save an allocation pick document, you must post it

C. Inventory will be decreased from the Issue from Site upon save

D. The transaction must be posted in order to decrease inventory

Answer: D

Q41. Which of the following happens when an MO is received? Choose the 2 that apply.

A. At least one inventory adjustment is made

B. WIP accounts are cleared for variance

C. If a sales order is linked to the MO, an allocation takes place

D. If a sales invoice is linked to the MO, the invoice is posted

Answer: AC

Q42. Which statement is true regarding MRP?

A. Manufacturing Orders with a status of Quote will always be considered in MRP calculations

B. The shortlist window will be populated with the MRP method of Explode and Plan

C. MRP will always calculate for the bucket size of Days

D. Either items can only be treated as Made

Answer: C

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Q43. If an item can be used as a substitute for one of the components required to manufacture another item, what window is used to make this entry?

A. BOM Entry

B. Item Engineering

C. Item Resource Planning

D. Item Maintenance Options

Answer: A

Q44. If an item has a primary vendor assigned to it where does MRP look to determine order quantities and lead times?

A. Item Engineering

B. Item Vendors Maintenance

C. Item Resource Planning

D. Bill of material

Answer: B

Q45. What is the purpose of the Batch Reschedule window?

A. To reschedule manufacturing order routing sequences for a single manufacturing order

B. To reschedule all the routing sequences for one or more manufacturing orders

C. To create manufacturing order scheduling preferences

D. To show all manufacturing orders scheduled for the selected work center for a specific time period

Answer: B

Q46. The Machine Variable Overhead cost bucket is chosen to capture outsourcing costs. Assuming a setup of Outsourced Routing sequence, Outsourced Machine Variable Cost, MO Start Quantity, and Previous Routing Sequence WIP Output as Machine time 2.00000, $10.00/piece, 20 items, and 5. What will be the cost of the purchase order?

A. $100.00

B. $200.00

C. $250.00

D. $400.00

Answer: B

Q47. The Dynamics - GP Distribution Series BOM and the Manufacturing Series BOM both have a bill of material (BOM) module. Which statement best describes their compatibility?

A. The Manufacturing bill of material module is a complete separate entity from the Distribution Series bill of material module

B. Distribution Series does not have a Bill of Material module, so there is no compatibility issue

C. The Distribution and Manufacturing modules have an interface that allows for linking these two modules

D. When you install Manufacturing, the system automatically converts Distribution information to the manufacturing bill of material tables

Answer: A

Q48. The floor stock expense account can be defined in which of the following windows?

A. Item Resource Planning

B. Item Cost Maintenance > Costing

C. Item Engineering

D. Manufacturing Order Preference Defaults

Answer: D