How to pass Microsoft MB4-874 Real Exam in 24 Hours [book 31-45]

Exam Code: MB4-874 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 Installation and Configuration
Certification Provider: Microsoft
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2016 Apr MB4-874 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. Which of the following files contains a list of installed modules? 

A. sivinst.cfg 

B. solinst.cfg 

C. solomon.ini 

D. swimapi.dll 

Answer: B

Q32. If you want to see which users are logged into Microsoft Dynamics SL and what windows they are currently using, where would you look? 

A. the Active Users utility under the Administration group 

B. the Event Log Viewer utility under the Administration group 

C. the SQL Server logs in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 

D. the Event Viewer in the Administrative Tools group 

Answer: A

Q33. What is the minimum number of databases that must be created before you can start entering business data into Microsoft Dynamics SL? 

A. one System database 

B. one Application database 

C. one System database and one Application database for each company 

D. one System database and at least one Application database 

Answer: D

Q34. Which of the following should you do when installing Microsoft SQL Server? 

A. Install it after installing Microsoft Dynamics SL. 

B. Install it with the default character set and sort order. 

C. Install it on the same server as the Microsoft Dynamics SL program files. 

D. Set it to Windows authentication mode. 

Answer: B

Q35. How often should the Microsoft Dynamics SL databases be backed up? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. daily for lower transaction usage 

B. weekly for higher transaction usage 

C. multiple times a day for higher transaction usage 

D. monthly for lower transaction usage 

Answer: AC

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Q36. Which of the following Microsoft SQL Server licensing modes can be used with Microsoft Dynamics SL? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. per network 

B. per processor 

C. per seat 

D. per server 

Answer: BC

Q37. Which of the following actions will you be prompted to perform when the Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 server installation completes? 

A. create new databases 

B. reboot the server 

C. register the Microsoft Dynamics SL application 

D. start the Microsoft Dynamics SL application 

Answer: B

Q38. Which of the following methods are used to optimize Windows for use with Microsoft Dynamics SL? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Increase the amount of free hard drive space. 

B. Increase the amount of available RAM on the machine. 

C. Set the resolution on the display as high as it will go. 

D. Avoid extras such as animated screen savers and wallpaper backgrounds. 

Answer: BD

Q39. In which of the following virtual environments can Microsoft Dynamics SL run ? 

A. Windows Server 2008 SP2 Hyper-V 

B. Windows Server 2003 R2 Hyper-V 

C. Small Business Server 2008 SP2 Hyper-V 

D. Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V 

Answer: D

Q40. Which of the following items is the most important to back up frequently? 

A. application databases 

B. custom reports 

C. Microsoft Dynamics SL program files 

D. system databases 

Answer: A

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Q41. Which of the following considerations are important for the people creating the implementation plan for Microsoft Dynamics SL to know? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. whether the IPX/SPX protocol is installed on their server 

B. whether there any special considerations such as custom reports and custom screens 

C. whether remote connectivity is needed 

D. whether a printer is connected to the server 

Answer: BC

Q42. Where are Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 menus stored? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. in the System database 

B. in a TXT file on the workstation 

C. in XML files on the workstation 

D. in the Delta.mnu file on the server 

Answer: AC

Q43. What does pressing the F9 key do in Microsoft Dynamics SL? 

A. edits a field in grid view 

B. opens Microsoft Dynamics SL Help 

C. opens the Notes window 

D. enters a formula in a date or period field 

Answer: C

Q44. How do you set up a role center for a user? 

A. Select the Administration group, select Role Center from the Maintenance group, and then enter the setup information. 

B. Select the user or group in the Access Rights Maintenance window and assign rights to the items you want the user or group to have access to on the Role Center tab. 

C. Select the user in the User Maintenance window and assign rights you want the user to have access to on the Role Center tab. 

D. Select the group in the Group Maintenance window and assign rights you want the group to have access to on the Role Center tab. 

Answer: B

Q45. What utility would you use to find a resource bottleneck on a Microsoft SQL Server? 

A. Network Load Balancing Manager 

B. SQL Server Performance wizard 

C. Performance Monitor 

D. SQL Server Management Studio 

Answer: C