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Exam Code: MB7-846 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: NAV 2009 Relationship Management
Certification Provider: Microsoft
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2016 Mar MB7-846 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. You create a segment and add contacts of the Company type to it. You create an attachment for the segment and want to send it to all contacts from this segment. How can you do it? 

A. By running the Send Attachment batch job 

B. By running the Log Segment batch job 

C. By using the Export Attachment function 

D. By using the Save Segment Criteria function with the Send Attachment check box selected 

Answer: B 

Q2. You need to interact with a new contact, so you decide to assign a salutation code for him or her to be used in further correspondence. How can you do it? 

A. By assigning the contact to the salutation code on the list of salutations 

B. By selecting a salutation from the Salutations drop‐down list on the contact card 

C. By using the Create Interaction wizard 

D. By changing the type of the contact from Person to Company 

Answer: B 

Q3. You are a sales manager. One of the contacts your company collaborates with has become a vendor. Another salesperson in your company has created a vendor card for this contact, but the synchronization of the contact with this vendor does not work. What can you do to ensure synchronization of the information between the contact and vendor card? 

A. Create a vendor from contact using the Create as Vendor function on the contact card 

B. Create a contact from vendor using the Create as Contact function on the vendor card 

C. Fill in the Contact field on the vendor card 

D. Link the contact with the vendor using the Link with existing Vendor function on the contact card 

Answer: D

Q4. You are a sales manager for a company that has just upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. You are setting up Relationship Management and need to set up e‐mail logging to trace your e‐mail messages with contacts, customers, and vendors. Where can you define all of the e‐mail logging setup options? 

A. Role Center 

B. Marketing Setup window in the RoleTailored client 

C. Marketing Setup window in the Classic client 

D. Interaction Template Setup window in the Classic or RoleTailored client 

Answer: C 

Q5. You assign an opportunity to salesperson Bart Duncan to keep track of the potential sale to contact Selangorian Ltd. Now you want to create a sales quote for that contact and link it to the opportunity. How do you do it? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Assign the opportunity to the sales quote 

B. Assign the sales quote to the opportunity 

C. Print the sales quote with the Assign Opportunity check box selected 

D. Create the sales quote for the contact that the opportunity is assigned to 

Answer: AB 

Q6. You created a team to‐do of the Meeting type. But the plans have changed and you need to reassign the team to‐do to a single salesperson, who is one of your colleagues. What happens to the organizer of the initial team to‐do after the conversion? 

A. It is removed 

B. It is assigned to a blank to‐do with no attendees 

C. It becomes a meeting attendee 

D. It becomes a meeting organizer 

Answer: C 

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Up to the immediate present MB7-846 test questions:

Q7. How do you import an attachment to a segment? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. By adding a contact that has an attachment linked to it 

B. By selecting the attachment while logging a segment in the Log Segment window 

C. By clicking the value in the Attachment field on the Interaction FastTab of the Segment window 

D. By assigning an interaction template that has an attachment linked to it 

Answer: CD

Q8. Which of the following activities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 can be automatically recorded as an interaction? 

A. Creating a finance charge memo 

B. Archiving a sales order 

C. Posting a purchase order 

D. Printing a purchase receipt 

Answer: D

Q9. You have created a number of interactions using the interactions templates. You need to view the total cost of these interactions. In which window can you do this? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Interaction Log Entries 

B. Interaction Group Statistics 

C. Customer Statistics 

D. Interaction Tmpl. Statistics 

Answer: BD 

Q10. You have a number of sales cycles created for your opportunities. You see that one of the sales cycles fits most of your opportunities, so you decide to use this sales cycle when creating new opportunities. How do you assign this sales cycle to new opportunities? 

A. By defining this sales cycle as the first one on the list of sales cycles 

B. By selecting the Default Sales Cycle check box for the sales cycle you want to assign 

C. By blocking other sales cycles 

D. By specifying this sales cycle as a default sales cycle code in the Marketing Setup window 

Answer: D 

Q11. You need to create a to‐do of the Meeting type. What type of attendees can you invite to a meeting? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Contact 

B. Customer 

C. Vendor 

D. Salesperson 

Answer: AD 

Q12. You need to send a meeting invitation to the meeting attendees of the Contact type. What must the to‐do contain for you to send this invitation? 

A. Attachment 

B. Customized greeting text 

C. Meeting organizers name 

D. Interaction template code 

Answer: A 

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Q13. You are creating a new segment and have selected contacts to be included in your segment according to certain criteria. What can you do to reuse the same criterion while creating another segment? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Use the Copy Segmentation Criteria function while creating a new segment 

B. Use the Copy Contacts function while creating a new segment 

C. Save the segmentation criteria and create a new segment on the basis of the saved criteria 

D. Log the segment and create a new segment on the basis of the logged segment entry 

Answer: CD 

Q14. You need to keep your data in Microsoft Office Outlook up‐to‐date; so you install the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Synchronization Add‐in on the Microsoft Office Outlook side to synchronize data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. What else can you do using the add‐in? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Select Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 synchronization entities to be synchronized 

B. Set up automatic run of the synchronization 

C. View synchronization errors and conflicts 

D. Store Microsoft Office Outlook items that are to participate in synchronization 

Answer: BC 

Q15. What is the maximum number of attachments with the same language code that can be linked to an interaction template? 

A. One 

B. Ten 

C. Twenty 

D. As many as you need 

Answer: A 

Q16. How can you prevent a sales cycle from being used when creating new opportunities? 

A. By setting the Block check box to Yes 

B. By setting the Use check box to No 

C. By writing a comment about usage prohibition 

D. By creating a new sales cycle with a higher priority 

Answer: A 

Q17. You have set up the sales prices and specified the segments for a campaign. What must you do so that these sales prices are used by the program on sales lines when creating a sales order or a sales quote for any contact in one of the segments? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Select the Campaign Target check box in the Segment window 

B. Select the Update Prices/Discounts check box in the Segment window 

C. Use the Apply Prices/Discounts to Segment function on the campaign card 

D. Use the Activate Sales Prices/Discounts function on the campaign card 

Answer: AD 

Q18. You need to create a rating for one of your contacts. What must be done to automatically create the contact rating? 

A. Select the Auto Contact Classification check box 

B. Specify the Rating option for contact classification 

C. Use the Create Rating wizard 

D. Fill in the No. of Contacts field 

Answer: C 

Q19. What permissions does a power user have? Choose the 2 that apply. 

A. Delete existing synchronization entities 

B. Create new synchronization entities 

C. Add and set up synchronization users 

D. Add new fields to be synchronized to the existing synchronization entities 

Answer: CD 

Q20. The contact you have been working with has accepted the quote, and now you need to close the opportunity created for this deal. You specify that the opportunity is won. What else must you specify when closing the opportunity? 

A. Estimated sales value 

B. Chances for success 

C. Close opportunity code 

D. Campaign linked to the opportunity 

Answer: C