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Universal Containers has a custom Job object with a private sharing model. Based on the size and location of the Job, different teams must have access to edit the specific Job record. To support this requirement, Apex Managed Sharing has been implemented to share records with the required users. Since the teams change frequently, managed sharing recalculations need to be manually run frequently. What can the Architect do to optimize this process?

  • A. Change the sharing model on the Job object to Public Read/Write.
  • B. Create a scheduled job to automatically run the sharing recalculations on a nightly basis.
  • C. Create public groups for each team, and share the jobs with the groups instead of users.
  • D. Create a custom Visualforce page to edit the jobs and specify Without Sharing on the controller.

Answer: C

Universal Containers uses person accounts to represent retail customers and business accounts to represent commercial customers. The Retail Sales team should not have access to commercial customers but have access to ALL retail customers.
With organization-wide default on Account set to Private, how might the architect meet these requirements?

  • A. Give View All access for Accounts to the Retail Sales profile.
  • B. Update Retail Sales profile to grant access to Person Account record type.
  • C. Create an owner-based sharing rule on AccountContactRelation to grant access to at account contact roles records owned by sales reps.
  • D. Create a criteria-based sharing rule giving Retail Sales role access to Accounts of type PersonAccount.

Answer: D

Which three areas should the Architect review in order to increase performance of "Record Access" and "Sharing" calculations?
Choose 3 answers.

  • A. Custom Object data, to ensure that no Account has more than 10,000 Custom Objects that look up to it.
  • B. Opportunity data, to ensure that no Account has more than 10,000 Opportunity records that are related to it.
  • C. Record ownership, to ensure that no user owns more than 10,000 Object records in the system.
  • D. Apex Managed Sharing triggers, to ensure that no trigger is querying more that 10,000 Object records.

Answer: ABC

Universal Container is a global Telco that has recently implemented enterprise territory management to better align their sales teams and sales processes. They are in Q4 of the FY and they have completely revamped their territory structure and created a plan for a new structure that would support the new FY. Their current territory model has 8k territories. Their new model would be a new set of 8,5K territories, and their org limit is 10k.
What enterprise territory management feature can US take advantage of in order to help them stay within their org limits?

  • A. Territory type priority
  • B. Territory Type
  • C. Territory Model State
  • D. Territory Hierarchy

Answer: C

Universal Containers is implementing a community of High-Volume Community users. Community users should be able to see records associated to their Account or Contact record. The Architect is planning to use a Sharing Set to provide access to the records. When setting up the Sharing Set, certain objects are not available in the list of Available Objects. Which two reasons explain why an object is excluded from the list of Available Objects in a Sharing Set?

  • A. The object is a custom object, and therefore not available for a sharing set.
  • B. The object's Organization-Wide sharing setting is set to Public Read/Write.
  • C. The object's Organization-Wide sharing setting is set to Private.
  • D. The custom object does not have a lookup to Accounts or Contacts.

Answer: BD

The Architect at Universal Containers has created a List View to show all open Opportunities that were created in the last month, and would like to make this list view visible to certain groups of users. Which two options are available to the Architect for sharing the List View?

  • A. Public Groups
  • B. Profiles
  • C. Roles and Subordinates
  • D. Manual Sharing

Answer: AC

What should the Architect do to ensure Field-Level Security is enforced on a custom Visualforce page using the Standard Lead Controller?

  • A. Use the "With Sharing" keyword on the Standard Lead Controller.
  • B. Nothing; Field-Level Security will automatically be enforced.
  • C. Use the {!Schema.sObjectType.Lead.fields.isAccessible()} expression
  • D. Use the Schema.SObject.Lead.isAccessible() method.

Answer: B

<apex:outputText value="{!contactName}" rendered="{!$ObjectType.Contact.fields.Name.Accessible}" />

Which two options are available to share a Report or Dashboard folder with other users in the Organization? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Profiles
  • B. Public Groups
  • C. Roles
  • D. Teams

Answer: BC

Universal Containers is designing a new community using the Customer Community license type. They would like to have the users complete survey questions through the community interface and store the responses in a Custom Object that has a lookup to the account object. Any internal user who has access to the account should be able to see all survey responses. All Customer Community users should be able to see surveys filled in by other users for their company, but not surveys for other companies. What are the correct security settings to achieve this?

  • A. Set all Organization-Wide Default settings to be "Public Read/Write" for both internal and external users.
  • B. Set all Organization-Wide Default security to be "Private" for both internal and external users and use Sharing Rules to grant the desired access
  • C. Set all Organization-Wide Default security to be "Public Read/Write" for internal users and "Private" for external users.
  • D. Set the custom object to be master-detail to the Account and leave the Organization-Wide Default settings as their default values.

Answer: B

Universal Containers is a fast-growing company that sells containers globally. It has thousands of dealerships throughout the world where local dealers service Containers sold locally. They recently opened two dealerships in California: NorthCal and SoCal. Universal Containers implemented a new partner community to enable their dealers. Each dealership has a dealer Manager who has all service agents report into them. Assuming a private sharing model, what is the best option to enable dealer managers to have visibility to customer cases within their dealership and not across all dealerships?

  • A. Create sharing groups that share all cases to all agents under the Dealer manager.
  • B. Create a batch job that creates sharing rules as needed, based on the cases created.
  • C. Build a trigger that create manual sharing of cases as needed whenever a new case is created.
  • D. No changes are needed to the sharing and visibility model to implement this requirement.

Answer: D

Universal Containers has implemented a community for its customers using the Customer Community sense type. They have implemented a custom object to store service requests that has a look up to the account record. The Organization Wide Default External Access for the service request object is set to Private. Universal Containers wants their customers to be able to see service requests for their account through the community Customers should not see service requests for other accounts. What Salesforce feature can the Architect use to implement this?

  • A. Use manual sharing to share the service requests manually when a new community user is added.
  • B. Use a Sharing Set to share service requests related to the account based on the community user's profile.
  • C. Use a Sharing Rule to share service requests to the community user based on their role.
  • D. Use Apex Managed Sharing to share service requests related to the account to the appropriate community users.

Answer: B

Universal Containers has successfully implemented a large Service Cloud rollout for their national call center 3 months ago. One of their largest customer accounts, United Automotive, has over 15,000 open cases. Agents are now having trouble opening new cases for United Automotive. When they try to create a case, the following Error messages appear for them UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW They notice that this only occurs for the United Automotive account. If they try to save the case again it will usually work, but the problem seems to be happening more and more often. What option should the Architect recommend?

  • A. Review the Account structure to split the United Automotive account into multiple branch accounts.
  • B. Review the Customer Service Profile to ensure that they have Read/Write access to the appropriate Case and Account Fields.
  • C. Review all Case Sharing Rules and consolidate where appropriate to reduce the total number of sharing rules.
  • D. Review all Account sharing rules to ensure that the Customer Service team has Read/Write access to the United Automotive Account.

Answer: A

The architect has a requirement to create a criteria-based sharing rule based on the customer Social.. up the rule in Contact Sharing, the field is not shown on the list of available field.
What might cause this?

  • A. The field has been configured for encryption.
  • B. The architect does not have permission to Compliance fields.
  • C. The architect's profile does not have field level Security (FLS) for this field.
  • D. fields with validation rules are not available for sharing rules.

Answer: A

Universal Containers (UC) is implementing Sales Cloud. During the last quarter of the financial of the financial year, .. They requested a solution in Salesforce to allow them to specify an assistance agent on the opportunity.. the assistance field. The system should automatically remove access from the previous assistant and ..
What is the optimum solution to meet the requirements?

  • A. Use share group to share opportunities with the assistant agent.
  • B. Use opportunity team and create an assistant field, use apex to share opportunities with the assistant
  • C. Use sharing rule to share opportunities with the assistant agent.
  • D. Use apex sharing to share and unicast opportunities with the assistant agent.

Answer: D

The Collections department at Universal Containers uses Salesforce to track its efforts. All Invoices and Invoice Line Items are stored in Salesforce. Invoice Line Item object details, such as Quantity and Extended Amount, should be summarized at the Invoice Object level, and all users who can see a given invoice should always see all invoice line items. Without leveraging Apex code, how should an Architect create the relationship between the Invoice object and the Invoice Line Item Object?

  • A. The Invoice object should have a Master-Detail to the Invoice Line Item Object
  • B. The Invoice Line Item Object should have a Lookup to the Invoice Object
  • C. The Invoice Object should have an inner joint to the Invoice Line Item Object
  • D. The Invoice Line Item Object should have a Master-Detail to the Invoice Object

Answer: D

Universal Containers has just deployed a change to its role hierarchy. A manager is reporting that their staff can now see Accounts that they do not own and should not have access to. How should the Architect troubleshoot?

  • A. While logged in as the System Administrator, use the Field Accessibility Viewer to view a matrix of who has access to Accounts.
  • B. While logged in as the one of the Staff members, navigate to a sample account and use the Sharing button to determine who has access.
  • C. While logged in as the one of the Staff members, navigate to their user record and inspect their profile and role membership.
  • D. While logged in as the System Administrator, use the Field Accessibility Viewer to view a matrix of who has access to Accounts.

Answer: B

Universal Containers has enabled External Default Sharing and wants to allow for external users to have the External Sharing Default set to Public Read-Only for a custom object. Which two options are valid Internal Default sharing settings for the custom object?

  • A. Controlled by Parent
  • B. Public Read/Write
  • C. Private
  • D. Public Read Only

Answer: BD

Universal container (UC) use External Object to retrieve Invoice data from a Legacy ERP. A finance team requested to have access to the Invoice records in the account page.
In addition to objects access in the finance users profile, what other feature should a Sales Architect recommend?

  • A. Create a criteria-based sharing rule to grant access to the records.
  • B. Include the Invoice Related List On Account Page layout.
  • C. Create an owner-based sharing rule to grant access to the records.
  • D. Use APEX managed sharing to grant access to the records.

Answer: D

Universal Containers is planning to pilot a new application to a small set of Sales Reps.
What is the optimal way to grant inly this Sales Reps access to the new functionality, while hiding ..

  • A. Clone the Sales Rep profile, adjust settings, and assign the pilot users the new profile.
  • B. Revoke access to legacy function in the Sales Rep profile and create a permission set for the ..
  • C. Create a permission set to grant access to the new functionality and hide the old functionality.
  • D. Create new user records for the pilot user that they will use for the pilot.

Answer: A

Universal Containers created a custom object called Defect and would like to enable the Sharing button on the Defect page layout to share the records manually to other users in the organization. In which scenario will the Sharing button appear?

  • A. The Sharing model is either Private or Public Read only.
  • B. The Sharing button always appears.
  • C. The Sharing model is Public Read/Write.
  • D. The Sharing model is Public Read/Write/Transfer.

Answer: A

For the Universal Containers Commercial and Consumer support departments, having access to Activities for Contacts with which they interact is important. Commercial support users should not see Consumer Accounts/Contacts and Consumer support users should not see Commercial Accounts/Contacts. Assuming the Organization-Wide Default for Activities is set to "Controlled by Parent" what is the minimum level of Sharing access a support user would need to Accounts/Contacts to view associated Activities?

  • A. Private Account/Contact Sharing Default with a Sharing Rule for each department set to Public Read/Write access to Accounts/Contacts.
  • B. Private Account/Contact Sharing Default with a Sharing Rule for each department set to Private access to Accounts/Contacts.
  • C. The users need no access to Accounts/Contacts with the proper Activity Sharing Rules and Profile Permissions for the Accounts Tab.
  • D. Private Account/Contact Sharing Default with a Sharing Rule for each department set to Public Read only access to Accounts/Contacts.

Answer: D

Universal Containers would like to create a custom team solution that can be used on a custom Loan object. The following requirements must be met:
The Loan custom object should be set to Private in the Org-Wide Defaults.
Any user added to the Custom Team object should have Read Only access to the corresponding Loan record. If the Custom Team record is marked as "Primary" then the corresponding user should have Read/Edit access to the corresponding Loan record.
Which two methods will allow the Architect to meet the requirements? Choose 2 answers.

  • A. Create a custom trigger on the Custom Team object that inserts or updates records in the Loan_share object.
  • B. Create a criteria-based sharing rule on the Loan object that will share the Loan record with the appropriate user in the Custom Team object.
  • C. Create Apex Sharing Reasons on the Loan object to identify the reason the Loan record was share.
  • D. Create an owner-based sharing rule on the Custom Team object that will share the Loan record to the owner of the Custom Team record.

Answer: BD

What is the best practice for testing sharing and visibility changes?

  • A. Use Administrative and User reports to view the Active Users.
  • B. Use the Login As feature for a sample user in each role and profile.
  • C. Use Field Audit Trail to audit the field meta-data and visibility.
  • D. Use the Sharing button to test Profile and Permission set changes.

Answer: B

To grant Universal Containers sales manager access to shipment records properly, it was necessary to leverage Apex managed sharing. The IT team is worried about improper access to records.
Which two features and best practices should a Salesforce architect recommend to mitigate this risk?

  • A. Use runAs system method in test classes to test using different users and profiles.
  • B. Use with Sharing keyword in Apex classes to assure record visibility will be followed.
  • C. Use isShareable in Apex classes to assure record visibility will be followed.
  • D. Use isAccessible keyword in Apex classes to assure record visibility will be followed

Answer: BD

Universal Containers (UC) has a custom Apex class that enforces a business process and updates opportunity field-level security permissions of read only certain user's profiles are being updated by their class.
How should the architect fix this problem?

  • A. Put the code in an class that uses the With Sharing keyword.
  • B. Use the IsUpdateable() Apex method to test each field prior to allowing updates.
  • C. Use the With SECURYT_ENFORCED keyword in the SOQL statement.
  • D. Add With Sharing keyword to the class.

Answer: C


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