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Q161. - (Topic 3) 

How are cached usernames and passwords cleared from the memory of a R77 Security Gateway? 

A. By retrieving LDAP user information using the command fw fetchldap. 

B. By installing a Security Policy. 

C. By using the Clear User Cache button in SmartDashboard. 

D. Usernames and passwords only clear from memory after they time out. 


Q162. - (Topic 3) 

Which rule is responsible for the client authentication failure? Exhibit: 

A. Rule 4 

B. Rule 6 

C. Rule 3 

D. Rule 5 


Q163. - (Topic 3) 

What physical machine must have access to the User Center public IP address when checking for new packages with SmartUpdate? 

A. SmartUpdate Repository SQL database Server 

B. A Security Gateway retrieving the new upgrade package 

C. SmartUpdate installed Security Management Server PC 

D. SmartUpdate GUI PC 


Q164. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following describes the default behavior of an R77 Security Gateway? 

A. Traffic is filtered using controlled port scanning. 

B. IP protocol types listed as secure are allowed by default, i.e. ICMP, TCP, UDP sessions are inspected. 

C. All traffic is expressly permitted via explicit rules. 

D. Traffic not explicitly permitted is dropped. 


Q165. - (Topic 1) 

When launching SmartDashboard, what information is required to log into R77? 

A. User Name, Management Server IP, certificate fingerprint file 

B. User Name, Password, Management Server IP 

C. Password, Management Server IP 

D. Password, Management Server IP, LDAP Server IP 


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Q166. - (Topic 1) 

Which command enables IP forwarding on IPSO? 

A. echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward 

B. ipsofwd on admin 

C. echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward 

D. clish -c set routing active enable 


Q167. - (Topic 3) 

When using vpn tu, which option must you choose if you want to rebuild your VPN for a 

specific IP (gateway)? Exhibit: 

A. (6) Delete all IPsec SAs for a given User (Client) 

B. (5) Delete all IPsec SAs for a given peer (GW) 

C. (8) Delete all IPsec+IKE SAs for a given User (Client) 

D. Delete all IPsec+IKE SAs for a given peer (GW) 


Q168. - (Topic 3) 

What gives administrators more flexibility when configuring Captive Portal instead of LDAP query for Identity Awareness authentication? 

A. Captive Portal is more secure than standard LDAP 

B. Captive Portal is more transparent to the user 

C. Nothing, LDAP query is required when configuring Captive Portal 

D. Captive Portal works with both configured users and guests 


Q169. - (Topic 2) 

Which command allows Security Policy name and install date verification on a Security Gateway? 

A. fw ver -p 

B. fw stat -l 

C. fw show policy 

D. fw ctl pstat -policy 


Q170. - (Topic 3) 

In SmartDashboard, you configure 45 MB as the required free hard-disk space to accommodate logs. What can you do to keep old log files, when free space falls below 45 MB? 

A. Do nothing. The Security Management Server automatically copies old logs to a backup server before purging. 

B. Use the command fwm logexport to export the old log files to another location. 

C. Configure a script to run fw logswitch and SCP the output file to a separate file server. 

D. Do nothing. Old logs are deleted, until free space is restored. 


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