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2021 Nov 156-726.77 exam answers

Q11. Which software blades are characteristic to a Secure Web Gateway? 

A. Anti-Virus, Application Control, URL Filtering, Identity Awareness 

B. Anti-Virus, Application Control, URL Filtering, Identity Awareness, DLP 

C. Anti-Virus, Application Control, IPS, Identity Awareness 

D. Anti-Virus, Application Control, URL Filtering, IPS, Identity Awareness 


Q12. Check Point Secure Web Gateway can perform SSL packet inspection? 

A. False, it can only perform SSH inspection 

B. True, but only for HTTPS traffic 

C. True, and also SSH inspection 

D. True, for all SSL traffic on any port 


Q13. Application Control is centrally managed. What Application Control component allows you to view user online behavior? 

A. Event View 

B. Security Manager 

C. SmartTracker 

D. AppWiki 


Q14. What are the possible options to  configure  the Identity  Sources (user  identification methods with Identity Awareness)? 

A. Identity Agents only 

B. Browser-Based Authentication, Active  Directory  Query, Identity Agents, Terminal Servers (Users have same source IP), RADIUS Accounting C. Browser-Based Authentication, Active Directory Query,Terminal Servers (Users have same source IP) 

D. Active Directory Query, Identity Agents, Captive Portal 


Q15. A newly created Account Unit does not work as expected. What should you check first? 

A. The Bind User password is incorrect 

B. The firewall is blocking traffic 

C. The profile in the general properties of the account unit is wrong 

D. Under Global Properties > User Directory, check “use User Directory” 


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Q16. In setting up your first Application Control Policy for discovery, what is the BEST Rule Action to choose? 

A. Inform 

B. Alert 

C. Block 

D. Allow 


Q17. UserCheck is a way to improve security in the company and to raise the Awareness of the users. Which interaction modes can a firewall administrator choose when configuring UserCheck for a given rule? 

A. Block, Ask, Once a day 

B. Block, Revoke, Ask 

C. Block, Ask, Inform 

D. UserCheck is a predefined action and cannot be modified further 


Q18. Using Event Viewer in SmartEvent,  a Security Administrator  discovers  that  the Application Blade has detected three applications: YouTube, Tor, and PC in IE. Of these three applications, which would be considered the most dangerous? 

A. Tor 

B. PC in IE 

C. YouTube 


Q19. What is the correct order  that a log flows  in order to be processed by SmartEvent components? 

A. Firewall > SmartEvent server database > correlation unit > logserver > SmartEvent client 

B. Firewall > correlation unit > logserver > SmartEvent server database > SmartEvent client 

C. Firewall > logserver > correlation unit > SmartEvent server database > SmartEvent client 

D. Firewall > logserver > SmartEvent server database > correlation unit > SmartEvent client 


Q20. If both a security rule and an Application & URL Filtering rule match, which one has higher priority? 

A. In the first place there must always be a matching security rule; only if the traffic is allowed, the Application & URL Filtering policy will be processed. 

B. It does not matter which rule will be processed first. 

C. If the Application & URL Filtering rule has an “Allow” action, it will be applied before the security rule. 

D. If either of the rules uses an Access Role in the source field, the security rule has higher priority. 


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