Tips to Pass 200-355 Exam (111 to 120)

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2021 Jun 200-355 actual exam

Q111. You are about to use a hotel's guest wireless services using a wireless laptop. 

Which three items do you need to establish a wireless connection? (Choose three.) 

A. SSID name 

B. RF channel 

C. RF signal 

D. 802.1X/EAP credentials 

E. pre-shared key 

F. web page 

G. WPA/WPA2 settings 

Answer: A,C,F 

Q112. What suite of algorithms results in slower connection rates when using 802.11N technology? 

A. WPA2 




Answer: C 

Q113. The administrator needs to create a report that shows all controllers, APs, and Cisco 3300 Series MSEs in the WLAN, including hardware and software information. Which report includes this information? 

A. Device > Inventory 

B. Mesh > Nodes 

C. Network Summary > Executive Summary 

D. Network Summary > 802.11 Summary 

Answer: A 

Q114. The wireless network is using controller-based APs and version 7.0 MR1. The APs appear to be connected properly to the controllers. A wireless user near one of the APs reports that they are unable to connect to the network with their pre-shared key. 

Which option shows the GUI path where you can check the connection status of that client? 

A. WLANs > WLAN_ID > Advanced 

B. Security > Clients 

C. Security > Advanced > Clients 

D. Monitor > Clients 

E. Wireless > 802.11b/g/n > clients 

Answer: D 

Q115. An engineer is trying to determine from the controller CLI whether or not Telnet is enabled on the wireless controller. Which command can be entered to display this information? 

A. show network summary 

B. show aaa auth 

C. show radius summary 

D. show ldap statistics 

Answer: A 

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Up to the minute 200-355 exam guide:

Q116. Which two statements about beacon frames used by access points are true? (Choose two.) 

A. They contain SSIDs if this feature is enabled. 

B. They provide vendor proprietary information. 

C. They are another name for an associated request. 

D. They are sent in response to a probe frame. 

E. They include ATIM window information for power save operations. 

Answer: A,B 

Q117. What three components are required to configure Mobility Group Members between Wireless LAN Controllers? (Choose three.) 

A. Controller Management IP Address 

B. Controller Virtual IP Address 

C. Controller Multicast IP Address 

D. Controller MAC Address 

E. Controller Mobility Group Name 

F. Controller AP Management IP Address 

G. Controller RF Group Name 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q118. A network engineer in the GUI of WCS version 7 wants to add an access point to a map. Where can this command be found within the drop-down menu? 

A. Monitor > Maps 

B. Reports > Maps 

C. Monitor > Network Summary 

D. Configure > Maps 

Answer: A 

Q119. How can you protect the configuration file from eavesdropping, when uploading from a Cisco WLC? 

A. Use the Configuration File Encryption option. 

B. Choose an SCP as the transfer method. 

C. Connect to the Cisco WLC by using HTTPS. 

D. Connect to the Cisco WLC by using SSH. 

Answer: A 

Q120. Which option describes computer-to-computer wireless communication? 

A. BSS and BSA 

B. IBSS and ad hoc network 

C. ad hoc network and BSA 

D. IBSS and ESS 

E. ESS and BSA 

F. BSS and ad hoc network 

Answer: B 

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