Apr 2021 updated: Exambible CompTIA 220-701 exam answers 161-180

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2021 Apr 220-701 Study Guide Questions:

Q161. A user is currently running Windows XP Media Center 32-bit and wants to upgrade to Windows Vista. An in-place upgrade is required. Which of the following versions can be used to accomplish this? 

A. Windows Vista Home Premium 

B. Windows Vista Home Basic 

C. Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit 

D. Windows Vista Business 64-bit 

Answer: A 

Q162. A computer’s case fan protects against which of the following environmental concerns? 

A. Pressure 

B. Heat 

C. Brown out 

D. Cold 

Answer: B 

Q163. When setting up a new small office home office (SOHO) wireless network, which of the following is MOST likely to be the default wireless channel? 

A. 2 

B. 5 

C. 6 

D. 9 

Answer: C 

Q164. A user states that they are trying to project their laptop to a screen for a presentation. They have plugged the projector cable into their laptop, and turned the projector on, but no signal is found. Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST? 

A. Ensure the projector is receiving power 

B. Verify the laptop is not running on battery 

C. Toggle the function key for displays 

D. Replace the projector cable with another 

Answer: C 

Q165. Which of the following display types is likely to draw the LEAST amount of power? 




D. Plasma 

Answer: B 

Q166. The network printer is locking up and printing garbled text. When the user cancels the job from their local print queue, nothing happens. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause? 

A. The printer needs to be power cycled to clear the job. 

B. The print server’s queue needs to be checked. 

C. The printer needs to be set to factory defaults. 

D. The user’s workstation needs to be rebooted. 

Answer: B 

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Q167. A customer’s computer crashes consistently when a specific application is launched. The technician has looked at the computer and confirmed the cause of the crash. Which of the following is the NEXT troubleshooting step the technician should take? 

A. Verify full system functionality. 

B. Document the findings, actions, and outcomes. 

C. Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem. 

D. Question the user and identify changes the user has made to the system. 

Answer: C 

Q168. Incorrect menu options continue to be selected on a device. Which of the following MUST be calibrated to help correct the issue? 

A. Touchscreen 

B. Joystick 

C. Mouse 

D. On-screen keyboard 

Answer: A 

Q169. Which of the following security threats are MOST likely prevented through user training? 

A. Network Intrusion 

B. Adware Popups 

C. Social Engineering 

D. Spam Messages 

Answer: C 

Q170. Which of the following network connections would use a standard POTS line to both send and receive Internet packets? (Select TWO). 

A. Dial-up 


C. Satellite 

D. OC3 

E. T1 

Answer: AB 

Q171. Which of the following settings is MOST likely to be controlled through the use of a laptop’s Function (Fn) key? (Select TWO). 

A. Wireless 

B. Brightness 

C. Sleep Mode 

D. NumPad 

E. Power 

Answer: BC 

Q172. Which of the following memory modules uses a 240-pin connector? 



C. DDR2 


Answer: C 

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Q173. Which of the following displays uses gas as a method for projecting an image? 


B. Plasma 



Answer: B 

Q174. Which of the following features are available in Windows 7 Professional beyond those available in Windows 7 Home Premium? 

A. HomeGroup 

B. Windows XP Mode 

C. Aero Desktop 

D. Internet Explorer 8 

Answer: B 

Q175. Which of the following computers are used for basic applications and meets the MINIMUM requirements for running Windows? 

A. Virtualization workstation 

B. Home server PC 

C. CAD workstation 

D. Thin client 

Answer: D 

Q176. Which of the following features on a wireless router maps the private IP address to a public IP address? 



C. MAC filtering 


Answer: B 

Q177. Which of the following cables is normally associated with a DB-15 connector? 





Answer: B 

Q178. Which of the following technologies has the HIGHEST potential throughput? 


B. Fiber 

C. Satellite 

D. Cable 

Answer: B 

Q179. Which of the following processor socket types would support an AMD processor? (Select TWO). 

A. F 


C. 940 

D. 775 

E. 1155 

Answer: AC 

Q180. A technician is not able to boot to Windows OS. A “Non-bootable device found” message appears on the screen when the computer restarts. Which of the following is the MOST possible cause of the error message? 

A. MBR is corrupt on the HDD. 

B. HDD is set to Cable Select. 

C. The operating system is corrupt. 

D. A bootable HDD is not recognized in the BIOS. 

Answer: D