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New Cisco 300-208 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

Q4. Certain endpoints are missing DHCP profiling data.

Which option describes what can be used to determine if DHCP requests from clients are reaching Cisco ISE?

A. output of show interface gigabitEthernet 0 from the CLI

B. output of debug logging all 7 from the CLI

C. output of show logging application profiler.log from the CLI

D. the TCP dump diagnostic tool through the GUI

E. the posture troubleshooting diagnostic tool through the GUI

Answer: D

Q5. Why does Cisco recommend assigning dynamic classification security group tag assignment at the access layer?

A. Static security group assignments are more scalable.

B. Security group assignment occurs as users enter the network.

C. To use SXP to transport STG to IP mappings.

D. Security group assignment occurs as users leave the network.

Answer: B

Q6. Which two are best practices to implement profiling services in a distributed environment? (Choose two)

A. use of device sensor feature

B. configuration to send syslogs to the appropriate profiler node

C. netflow probes enabled on central nodes

D. node-specific probe configuration

E. global enablement of the profiler service

Answer: B,D

Explanation: 0515

You can deploy the Cisco ISE profiler service either in a standalone environment (on a single node), or in a distributed environment (on multiple nodes).

Depending on the type of your deployment and the license you have installed, the profiler service of Cisco ISE can run on a single node or on multiple nodes.

You need to install either the base license to take advantage of the basic services or the advanced license to take advantage of all the services of Cisco ISE.

The ISE distributed deployment includes support for the following:

u2022 The Deployment Nodes page supports the infrastructure for the distributed nodes in the distributed


u2022 A node specific configuration of probesu2014The Probe Config page allows you to configure the probe per node.

u2022 Global Implementation of the profiler Change of Authorization (CoA).

u2022 Configuration to allow syslogs to be sent to the appropriate profiler node.

Q7. Which two conditions are valid when configuring ISE for posturing? (Choose two.)

A. Dictionary

B. member Of

C. Profile status

D. File

E. Service

Answer: D,E

Q8. Which three are required steps to enable SXP on a Cisco ASA? (Choose three).

A. configure AAA authentication

B. configure password

C. issue the aaa authorization command aaa-server group command

D. configure a peer

E. configure TACACS

F. issue the cts sxp enable command

Answer: B,D,F

Q9. Which profiling capability allows you to gather and forward network packets to an analyzer?

A. collector

B. spanner

C. retriever

D. aggregator

Answer: A

Q10. An engineer of company A will be sending guest credentials through SMS to conference participants. Which portal must be used to create them?


B. Sponsor

C. Guest

D. User

Answer: A

Q11. Which three algorithms should be avoided due to security concerns? (Choose three.)

A. DES for encryption

B. SHA-1 for hashing

C. 1024-bit RSA

D. AES GCM mode for encryption


F. 256-bit Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman

G. 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman

Answer: A,B,C

Q12. A user reports that a switch's RADIUS accounting packets are not being seen on the Cisco ISE server Which command is the user missing in the switch's configuration?

A. radius-server vsa send accounting

B. aaa accounting network default start-stop group radius

C. aaa accounting resource default start-stop group radius

D. aaa accounting exec default start-stop group radius

Answer: A

Q13. Your guest-access wireless network is experiencing degraded performance and excessive latency due to user saturation. Which type of rate limiting can you implement on your network to correct the problem?

A. per-device

B. per-policy

C. per-access point

D. per-controller

E. per-application

Answer: A

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