70-671 courses(46 to 60) for IT engineers: Mar 2021 Edition

Question No. 46

Company Background 

Corporate Information 

Lucerne Publishing produces magazines. The company has 225 employees. 

Lucerne Publishing has affiliates in five countries in Europe. 

Existing Environment 

Existing Licensing Solution 

Lucerne Publishing has a main office and multiple branch offices. 

Licenses for all branch offices are purchased under an Open License agreement without Software Assurance. The agreement includes licenses for the following: 

Microsoft Office Professional 2003 

Windows XP Professional Upgrade 

The Open License agreement has expired. 

Business Requirements 

Planned Changes 

The company''s revenue is decreasing. To reduce operating costs, the company plans to reduce the number of employees and the number of desktops and portable computers. After the cost reductions, some former employees will work for the company as contractors. All contractors must purchase their own portable computers because they will not be working exclusively for Lucerne Publishing. 

All employees will require a new third-party accounting application that requires Office Profeesional 2007. 

The company plans to implement a collaboration solution for the contractors. This collaboration solution must not require a server. 

Business Goals 

Lucerne Publishing has the following business goals: 

Upgrade Microsoft software to the latest version when available 

Avoid external financinig for licenses and minmize initial licensing costs 

Implement a collaboration solution for contractors only 

Protect the data on portable computers owned by the company in case of theft 

Choose a licensing solution that allows the company to reduce the number of licenses for computers 

Prevent all contractors from accessing the company''s internal network. 

You need to identify a feature of the Open Value Subscription program that meets the business goals of Lucerne Publishing. 

Which feature should you identify? 


C. Open Value Companywide 

D. Open Value Non-companywide 

Answer: C