98-367 paper(113 to 128) for IT engineers: Apr 2021 Edition

Exam Code: 98-367 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: MTA Security Fundamentals Practice Test
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2021 Apr 98-367 Study Guide Questions:

Q113. Which of the following is a service can be enabled to ensure that the servers are able to receive all essential software updates? 

A. Windows Software Update Services 

B. Read-Only domain controller (RODC) 

C. Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 

D. DNS dynamic update 

Answer: A 

Q114. Which of the following actions should be taken so that the computer requires confirmation before installing an ActiveX component?

A. Configuring a firewall on the network

B. Configuring the settings on the Web Browser

C. Installing an anti-virus software

D. Configuring DMZ on the network

Answer: B 

Q115. Which of the following steps will help in system or host hardening? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two. 

A. Installing updated device drivers. 

B. Adding users to the administrators group. 

C. Installing or applying a patch on the host provided by the operating system manufacturer. 

D. Disabling unnecessary services from the host. 

Answer: CD

Q116. All your domain controllers are configured for DHCP. Each time the system is booted, it gets a new IP address from the DHCP server. You had also configured the Active Directory on the domain controllers. You want to configure your DNS settings so that it will dynamically update DNS data whenever the IP address of a domain controller changes. How will you configure for dynamic updates? 

A. Configure the DNS server for dynamic updates. 

B. Configure the DHCP server for DNS dynamic updates. 

C. Configure each domain controller for Dynamic update. 

D. Configure the Active directory for dynamic updates. 

Answer: B 

Q117. You work as a Network Administrator for NetTech Inc. You want to prevent users from accessing the graphical user interface (GUI) on the computers in the network. What will you do to accomplish this task? 

A. Implement a remote access policy 

B. Implement a group policy 

C. Apply NTFS permission 

D. Implement an account policy 

Answer: B 

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Q118. Which of the following can be implemented to decrease the number of times a user is required to be authenticated for access a particular resource? 

A. TCP/IP protocol 

B. Network Directory Access Protocol 

C. Kerberos 

D. Single Sign-on (SSO) 

Answer: D 

Q119. Which of the following areas of a network contains DNS servers and Web servers for Internet users? 





Answer: C 

Q120. Ron owns the domain TechPerfect.net. He often receives bounces about messages he didn't send. After looking at all such mails, he is sure that someone is spamming e-mails and using his domain name. What will Ron do to ensure that his domain name is not exploited? 

A. Publish the MX record for the domain. 

B. Publish the SPF record for the domain. 

C. Publish the AAAA record for the domain. 

D. Publish the A record for the domain. 

Answer: B 

Q121. Which of the following can be installed and configured to prevent suspicious emails from entering the user's network?

A. Kerberos

B. Single sign-on (SSO)

C. TCP/IP protocol

D. Microsoft Forefront and Threat Management Gateway

Answer: D 

Q122. What are the main classes of biometric characteristics? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two. 

A. Psychological

B. Behavioral 

C. Fundamental 

D. Physiological 

Answer: BD 

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Q123. Mark works as a Security Administrator for TechMart Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. Mark has gone through a security audit for ensuring that the technical system is secure and protected. While this audit, he identified many areas that need improvement. He wants to minimize the risk for potential security threats by educating team members in the area of social engineering, and providing basic security principle knowledge and he also wants to stress the Con?dentiality, Integrity, and Availability triangle in his training. For this purpose, he plans to implement the principle of least privilege. In which of the following way, it will affect his team members? 

A. They are required to ask administrator every time when they want to access resources. 

B. They are granted with a smallest set of privileges to the resources 

C. They are required to log on as administrator to have access to their resources 

D. The current resource access of team members will not change. 

Answer: B 

Q124. Which of the following are the features of security level in the Restricted Sites zone 

A. The protection against harmful content is provided. 

B. The maximum safeguards are used. 

C. Most of the features are disabled. 

D. The default security level is low. 

Answer: ABC 

Q125. Mark works as a Network Administrator for TechMart Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. Mark wants to implement a method to ensure that the mobile devices are in a good state of security health when they are trying to access the corporate network. For this purpose, Mark is using NAP. Which of the following will he do for those computers in the network that are not compatible with NAP? 

A. Define exceptions in NAP for computers that are not compatible with NAP. 

B. Hide those computers that are not compatible with NAP. 

C. Remove those computers that are not compatible with NAP. 

D. Do not use the NAP, if any of the computers is showing incompatibility in the entire network. 

Answer: A 

Q126. Which of the following types of attack is used to configure a computer to behave as another computer on a trusted network by using the IP address or the physical address? 

A. Distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack 

B. Honeypot 

C. RIP/SAP Spoofing 

D. Identity spoofing 

Answer: D 

Q127. Which of the following are the major components of the IPsec protocol? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) 

B. Authentication Header (AH) 

C. Internet Encryption Key (IEK) 

D. Internet Key Exchange (IKE) 

Answer: ABD 

Q128. Mark works as a Security Officer for TechMart Inc. The company has a Windows-based network. He has bees assigned a project for ensuring the safety of the customer's money and information, not to mention the company's reputation. The company has gone through a security audit to ensure that it is in compliance with industry regulations and standards. Mark understands the request and has to do his due diligence for providing any information the regulators require as they are targeting potential security holes. In this situation, his major concern is the physical security of his company's system. He has a concern that people are authenticated to the servers in the data center. Which of the following actions will Mark take to prevent normal users from logging onto the systems?

A. Call a team member while behaving to be someone else for gaining access to sensitive information.

B. Use group policies to disable the use of floppy drives or USB drives.

C. Provide protection against a Distributed Denial of Services attack.

D. Develop a social awareness of security threats within an organization.

Answer: B