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Some variables are being populatedcorrectly in you implementation and others are not Which of the displayed variables uses the correct case?

  • A.
  • B. s.PageType-Cprt'
  • C. s.Pagename-'Homepage
  • D. s.purchased-1234567899'

Answer: C

What is the correct syntax for the s. products variable?
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer: C

A developer is adding the Adobe Analytics extension via Adobe Experience Platform Launch.
In order to track page views, what is the recommended event type that the developer should set the rule to fire upon?

  • A. DOM ready
  • B. Page Bottom
  • C. library Loaded
  • D. Window Loaded

Answer: C

During the implementation process, the client notices that the purchase event is correctly with the beacon but order are not showing up in the Adobe Analytics interface.
Which Adobe Analytics tool should be used to find out whether a purchase event has been captured but ignored because the pucahseID was not unique?

  • A. Report Builder
  • B. Workspace
  • C. Data Feeds
  • D. Data Warehouse

Answer: B

A client has a hybrid native app that opens mobile web content the app.
Which method should be used to ensure that visitors are not identified separateltly as they movebetween the native and mobile web pages?

  • A. VisitorMarkitingCloudID()
  • B. VisitorSyncIdentifiers()
  • C. visitorAppendTourL()
  • D. visitorgetIDs

Answer: B

Given the following example data layer:
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit
Based on best practices, how should the language be populated in a data element?

  • A. data element type: customcode custom code: return digitalDate, userInfo, language;
  • B. data element type custom code custom code; if {digitalData,pageInfo,language} {return digitalData,pageInfo,language;}
  • C. data element type: javaScript variable javaScript variablename:digitalDate.pageinfo.language
  • D. date element type: javaScript variable javaScript variable name: digitalDat
  • E. userinfo.language

Answer: C

The client wouldlike to track the subscription flow in the mobile application. The client wants to deduplicate each subscription completion event with unique ID made up with encrypted email address.
How can you meet the customer's requirements?

  • A. Ask the client mobiledevelopment team to set &events the variable concatenate it with the hashed ID, using a colon as a separator between the 2 values.Configure an event in the admin console, and set &events Unique Event recording to 'Use unique ID'
  • B. Use aprocessing rule to set an event when actionName equals ''subscription completed'', and concetenate it with the uniqueID, using a colon as a separate between the 2 values.Configure an event in the admin console, and set Unique Event Recording to 'Use unique ID'
  • C. Ask the client mobile development team to set the variable, and populate the purchase ID variable with hashed ID, using a processing rule.Configure an event in the admin console, and set Unique Event Recording to 'Use unique ID'
  • D. Use a processing rule to set an event when action Name equals ''subscription completed''. and concatenate it with the unique ID.Configure an event in the admin console, and set unique Event Recording to 'once per visit'

Answer: B

In the product string for a single item, how many semicoins (;) come before the name of the product?

  • A. 3
  • B. 2
  • C. 1

Answer: B

To track exit rate from the on-site search results page by number of no-site searches the user performed, what kind of variable should be populated with the number of on-site searches?

  • A. Traffic Variable
  • B. Counter eVar
  • C. Predefined Event
  • D. Numeric Event

Answer: C

How can a developer see which Adobe Experience Platform Launch rules are being fired without using browser plugins?

  • A. _satellite.logger.debug(true);
  • B. _satellite.setDebug(true);
  • C. _satellite.setDebug();
  • D. localStong,seitem('setDebug[.; true);

Answer: B

What is the Adobe-recommend way to enable the Experience Cloud ID within Adobe Experience Platform(AEP) Launch?

  • A. The Experience Marketing CloudID extension
  • B. The Experience Cloud ID extension
  • C. By custom code, as there is no Launch Extension
  • D. The Adobe Analytics extension

Answer: B

A developer created a rule in Adobe Experience Platform Launch, but the rule is not visible when testing the development library.
Whatwent wrong?

  • A. The rule was not built to the correct working library.
  • B. A new rule is disabled by default.
  • C. A new rule can only be tested in the staging environment.
  • D. A new rule takes time to be processed.

Answer: B

What effect does this have?
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit

  • A. The URL of the page will be added to the Pages Not report.
  • B. The value errorPage'' will be added to the Page Types report.
  • C. The page view will not be recorded in Adobe Analytics.
  • D. The page view will be placed into a special ''Error page' segmentin the reports.

Answer: A

While navigating from one page to another, two server calls are sent with each click. The one has a link type pf Ink_e'' which is used only for Exist Link
Which variable should be modifiedto resolved the issue with the extra server call?

  • A. s, linkInternalFilters
  • B. s,trackExiyLinks
  • C. s.linkExternalFilters
  • D. s.trackinternall;inks

Answer: A

A developer needs to have a rule fire as late as possible upon the initialview of the page. Which event type is the latest to load?

  • A. DOM Ready
  • B. Window Loaded
  • C. Library Loaded
  • D. Page Bottom

Answer: A

Ah Adobe Analytics report shows a big percentage of breakdown values as ''Other''. What could be the reason for this problem?

  • A. Conversion event fires without a conversion variable
  • B. Using segments in which in the rule is disabled
  • C. Pages fire outside URL filters
  • D. Unclassified data in classificationreports

Answer: B

A client would like to implement tracking on their product from to access perform of their financial products. They have 20 products flows, and they want to understand how many times a flow has been started andcompleted for each product.
What should the Analytics developer recommend to meet these requirement in the most efficient manner?

  • A. Use one eVar to define the flow name, one custom events for the start, and custom event for the end.
  • B. Use one distinct custom event for each product, and for flow start and each flow completion.
  • C. Use one unique pageName for each step of each product.
  • D. Use a custom property to track the step and a processing rule to populate the product.

Answer: A

Adobe Experience Platform Launch has been implemented using asynchronous deployment. When does a rules fire if it is configured to trigger ona ''Page Bottom'' event?

  • A. If the load browser event has already occurred
  • B. Just before the library is loaded
  • C. when the DOMContentLoaded browser event occurs
  • D. Immediately when the library is loaded

Answer: C

An implementation requires custom code in Adobe Experience Platform Launch that sets an eVar. The code looks like this:
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit
However, when the rule executes, the following error appears in the browser's console:
AD0-E201 dumps exhibit
What are two possible cause of this error? (Choose two.):

  • A. The Adobe Analytics extension has not been installed.
  • B. The s object needs to first be declared in a page load rule.
  • C. The ''Make tracker globally accessible'' setting i n the Adobe Analytics extension has not been enabled.
  • D. Then AppMeasurement library was deleted from the website.
  • E. Another JavaScript library on the page is conflicting with Launch.

Answer: BC

Assuming that all data will be collected from an on-page data layer, when should a data layer property be updated and called by its data element so that the value is accurate for the link click?

  • A. . After the s,t() call before the s,t1() call
  • B. After both the s,yt() and s,t1() calls
  • C. Before any server calls aremade
  • D. On DOM ready before window,onload()

Answer: B

Which variable us used to activate or deactivate doPlugin() to run customized routines to gather or tier data centrally?

  • A. s.activePlugins
  • B. s,doPlugins
  • C. s,usePlugins
  • D. s,trackPlugins

Answer: C

Duplicate page views commonly occur on the first page of a single-page application due to the default page view beacon being fired across the entiresite in additional to direct call rules used by the application.
Knowing the landing page URL for the application, what is the recommended why in Adobe Experience Platform Launch to suppress this default page view beacon, so that the direct call rule beacon is the only one that fires upon landing on that fires landing on the application?

  • A. Create a rule that fires on the bottom of every page; clear all the variable from the beacon so that it will not fire.
  • B. Add custom code to your default page load rulethat sets
  • C. defaultBeacon to false
  • D. Configure the property in Launch to support single-page applications, and it will happen automatically.
  • E. Create a snippet code in ''Customize Page Code'' in the Analytics extension that executes return false if theURL current page matches that of the landing page URL for the application.

Answer: B


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