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2021 Jun CAS-002 exam answers

Q291. - (Topic 4) 

Company XYZ provides hosting services for hundreds of companies across multiple industries including healthcare, education, and manufacturing. The security architect for company XYZ is reviewing a vendor proposal to reduce company XYZ’s hardware costs by combining multiple physical hosts through the use of virtualization technologies. The security architect notes concerns about data separation, confidentiality, regulatory requirements concerning PII, and administrative complexity on the proposal. Which of the following BEST describes the core concerns of the security architect? 

A. Most of company XYZ’s customers are willing to accept the risks of unauthorized disclosure and access to information by outside users. 

B. The availability requirements in SLAs with each hosted customer would have to be re-written to account for the transfer of virtual machines between physical platforms for regular maintenance. 

C. Company XYZ could be liable for disclosure of sensitive data from one hosted customer when accessed by a malicious user who has gained access to the virtual machine of another hosted customer. 

D. Not all of company XYZ’s customers require the same level of security and the administrative complexity of maintaining multiple security postures on a single hypervisor negates hardware cost savings. 

Answer: C 

Q292. - (Topic 5) 

The manager of the firewall team is getting complaints from various IT teams that firewall changes are causing issues. Which of the following should the manager recommend to BEST address these issues? 

A. Set up a weekly review for relevant teams to discuss upcoming changes likely to have a broad impact. 

B. Update the change request form so that requesting teams can provide additional details about the requested changes. 

C. Require every new firewall rule go through a secondary firewall administrator for review before pushing the firewall policy. 

D. Require the firewall team to verify the change with the requesting team before pushing the updated firewall policy. 

Answer: A 

Q293. - (Topic 2) 

An internal development team has migrated away from Waterfall development to use Agile development. Overall, this has been viewed as a successful initiative by the stakeholders as it has improved time-to-market. However, some staff within the security team have contended that Agile development is not secure. Which of the following is the MOST accurate statement? 

A. Agile and Waterfall approaches have the same effective level of security posture. They both need similar amounts of security effort at the same phases of development. 

B. Agile development is fundamentally less secure than Waterfall due to the lack of formal up-front design and inability to perform security reviews. 

C. Agile development is more secure than Waterfall as it is a more modern methodology which has the advantage of having been able to incorporate security best practices of recent years. 

D. Agile development has different phases and timings compared to Waterfall. Security activities need to be adapted and performed within relevant Agile phases. 

Answer: D 

Q294. - (Topic 4) 

A security auditor is conducting an audit of a corporation where 95% of the users travel or work from non-corporate locations a majority of the time. While the employees are away from the corporate offices, they retain full access to the corporate network and use of corporate laptops. The auditor knows that the corporation processes PII and other sensitive data with applications requiring local caches of any data being manipulated. Which of the following security controls should the auditor check for and recommend to be implemented if missing from the laptops? 

A. Trusted operating systems 

B. Full disk encryption 

C. Host-based firewalls 

D. Command shell restrictions 

Answer: B 

Q295. - (Topic 2) 

A security administrator is assessing a new application. The application uses an API that is supposed to encrypt text strings that are stored in memory. How might the administrator test that the strings are indeed encrypted in memory? 

A. Use fuzzing techniques to examine application inputs 

B. Run nmap to attach to application memory 

C. Use a packet analyzer to inspect the strings 

D. Initiate a core dump of the application 

E. Use an HTTP interceptor to capture the text strings 

Answer: D 

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Q296. - (Topic 1) 

An analyst connects to a company web conference hosted on www.webconference.com/meetingID#01234 and observes that numerous guests have been allowed to join, without providing identifying information. The topics covered during the web conference are considered proprietary to the company. Which of the following security concerns does the analyst present to management? 

A. Guest users could present a risk to the integrity of the company’s information 

B. Authenticated users could sponsor guest access that was previously approved by management 

C. Unauthenticated users could present a risk to the confidentiality of the company’s information 

D. Meeting owners could sponsor guest access if they have passed a background check 

Answer: C 

Q297. - (Topic 2) 

A security tester is testing a website and performs the following manual query: 


The following response is received in the payload: 

“ORA-000001: SQL command not properly ended” 

Which of the following is the response an example of? 

A. Fingerprinting 

B. Cross-site scripting 

C. SQL injection 

D. Privilege escalation 

Answer: A 

Q298. - (Topic 2) 

ABC Corporation has introduced token-based authentication to system administrators due to the risk of password compromise. The tokens have a set of HMAC counter-based codes and are valid until they are used. Which of the following types of authentication mechanisms does this statement describe? 





Answer: D 

Q299. - (Topic 2) 

Joe, a penetration tester, is tasked with testing the security robustness of the protocol between a mobile web application and a RESTful application server. Which of the following security tools would be required to assess the security between the mobile web application and the RESTful application server? (Select TWO). 

A. Jailbroken mobile device 

B. Reconnaissance tools 

C. Network enumerator 

D. HTTP interceptor 

E. Vulnerability scanner 

F. Password cracker 

Answer: D,E 

Q300. - (Topic 5) 

A large organization has recently suffered a massive credit card breach. During the months of Incident Response, there were multiple attempts to assign blame as to whose fault it was that the incident occurred. In which part of the incident response phase would this be addressed in a controlled and productive manner? 

A. During the Identification Phase 

B. During the Lessons Learned phase 

C. During the Containment Phase 

D. During the Preparation Phase 

Answer: B 

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