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Q191. Which of the following are Systems Engineering Life Cycle (SELC) Technical Processes? 

A. Concept, Development, Production, Utilization, Support, Retirement 

B. Stakeholder Requirements Definition, Architectural Design, Implementation, Verification, Operation 

C. Acquisition, Measurement, Configuration Management, Production, Operation, Support 

D. Concept, Requirements, Design, Implementation, Production, Maintenance, Support, Disposal 


Q192. What is the MOST effective method for gaining unauthorized access to a file protected with a long complex password? 

A. Brute force attack 

B. Frequency analysis 

C. Social engineering 

D. Dictionary attack 


Q193. An organization has developed a major application that has undergone accreditation testing. After receiving the results of the evaluation, what is the final step before the application can be accredited? 

A. Acceptance of risk by the authorizing official 

B. Remediation of vulnerabilities 

C. Adoption of standardized policies and procedures 

D. Approval of the System Security Plan (SSP) 


Q194. Which of the following does Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) support? 

A. Multicast and broadcast messages 

B. Coordination of IEEE 802.11 protocols 

C. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) systems 

D. Synchronization of.multiple devices 


Q195. If an identification process using a biometric system detects a 100% match between a presented template and a stored template, what is the interpretation of this result? 

A. User error 

B. Suspected tampering 

C. Accurate identification 

D. Unsuccessful identification 


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Q196. Which of the following provides the minimum set of privileges required to perform a job function and restricts the user to a domain with the required privileges? 

A. Access based on rules 

B. Access based on user's role 

C. Access determined by the system 

D. Access based on data sensitivity 


Q197. the information below to answer the question. 

During the investigation of a security incident, it is determined that an unauthorized individual accessed a system which hosts a database containing financial information. 

Aside from the potential records which may have been viewed, which of the following should be the PRIMARY concern regarding the database information? 

A. Unauthorized database changes 

B. Integrity of security logs 

C. Availability of the database 

D. Confidentiality of the incident 


Q198. A disadvantage of an application filtering firewall is that it can lead to 

A. a crash of the network as a result of user activities. 

B. performance degradation due to the rules applied. 

C. loss of packets on the network due to insufficient bandwidth. 

D. Internet Protocol (IP) spoofing by hackers. 


Q199. Which of the following is a process within a Systems Engineering Life Cycle (SELC) stage? 

A. Requirements Analysis 

B. Development and Deployment 

C. Production Operations 

D. Utilization Support 


Q200. For privacy protected data, which of the following roles has the highest authority for establishing dissemination rules for the data? 

A. Information Systems Security Officer 

B. Data Owner 

C. System Security Architect 

D. Security Requirements Analyst