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2021 Jan EC0-349 practice question

Q81. procedures for dealing with evidence in a civil case? 

A. evidence procedures are not important unless you work for a law enforcement agency 

B. evidence in a civil case must be secured more tightly than in a criminal case 

C. evidence must be handled in the same way regardless of the type of case 

D. evidence in a criminal case must be secured more tightly than in a civil case 


Q82. If a suspect's computer is located in an area that may have toxic chemicals, you must 

A. coordinate with the HAZMAT team 

B. determine a way to obtain the suspect computer 

C. do not enter alone D. assume the suspect machine is contaminated 


Q83. Click on the Exhibit Button To test your website for vulnerabilities, you type in a Quotation mark (? for the username field. After you click Ok, you receive the following error message window: What can you infer from this error window? 

A. SQL injection is possible 

B. SQL injection is not possible 

C. The Quotation mark (? is a valid username 

D. The user for line 3306 in the SQL database has a weak password 


Q84. You are a computer forensics investigator working with a local police department and you are called to assist in an investigation of threatening emails. The complainant has printed out 27 email messages from the suspect and gives the printouts to you. You inform her that you will need to examine her computer because you need access to the   in order to track the emails back to the suspect.  

A. firewall log 

B. email headers 

C. routing table 

D. configuration files 


Q85. In a computer forensics investigation, what describes the route that evidence takes from the time you find it until the case is closed or goes to court? 

A. law of probability 

B. rules of evidence 

C. policy of separation 

D. chain of custody 


Down to date EC0-349 exam guide:

Q86. When obtaining a warrant it is important to: 

B. particularlydescribe the place to be searched and generally describe the items to be seized C. generallydescribe the place to be searched and particularly describe the items to be seized D. generallydescribe the place to be searched and generally describe the items to be seized 


Q87. An expert witness may give an opinion if: 

A. the opinion, inferences, or conclusions depend on special knowledge, skill, or training not within the ordinary experience of lay jurors 

B. to deter the witness from expanding the scope of his or her investigation beyond the requirements of the case 

C. to stimulate discussion between the consulting expert and the expert witness 

D. to define the issues of the case for determination by the finder of fact 


Q88. When examining a file with a Hex Editor, what space does the file header occupy? 

A. one byte at the beginning of the file 

B. the first several bytes of the file 

C. none, file headers are contained in the FAT 

D. the last several bytes of the file 


Q89. The refers to handing over the results of private investigations to the authorities because of indications of criminal activity. 

A. Kelly Policy 

B. Silver-Platter Doctrine 

C. Locard Exchange Principle 

D. Clark Standard 


Q90. George is performing security analysis for Hammond and Sons LLC. He is testing security vulnerabilities of their wireless network. He plans on remaining as "stealthy" as possible during the scan. Why would a scanner like Nessus is not recommended in this situation? 

A. Nessus is too loud 

B. Nessus cannot perform wireless testing 

C. Nessus is not a network scanner 

D. There are no ways of performing a "stealthy" wireless scan 


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