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2021 Nov JN0-1100 pdf exam

Q1. A local university has decided to expand their research capabilities and build a new research facility. You have been hired to design and install the new network in this building. The research team expects to generate massive amounts of data, which must be shared with other facilities located on the same campus. Physical access to the building is restricted, and the connection to the other buildings is private and direct. 

What is your primary concern in the design of the network? 

A. resiliency 

B. security 

C. encryption 

D. scalability 


Q2. You are working with a customer who specializes in selling custom toy boxes in more than 50 stores. The customer’s financial information must be kept secure. 

Which security standard should you include in your design proposal? 

A. user-based firewall 



D. PCI compliance 


Q3. Your customer is experiencing problems with session drops and high response time. You are asked to provide redesign suggestions to minimize these problems. You examine the applications that are supported by your customer’s network to try to identify problem factors. 

Which two factors are important from an application-driven network impact perspective? (Choose two.) 

A. presence of elephant flows 

B. IGP protocols in use 

C. use of HTTPS protocols by the application 

D. short timers 

Answer: A,D 

Q4. What is the name of Juniper’s network management platform? 

A. Junos 

B. Junos Space 

C. MX Series 

D. Juniper Secure Analytics (JSA) 


Q5. What are three advantages of out-of-band (OoB) management over in-band management? (Choose three.) 

A. OoB allows the use of Telnet as a management protocol. 

B. OoB provides increased network security. 

C. OoB is more cost-effective when purchasing equipment. 

D. OoB provides more reliable management access. 

E. OoB frees up network bandwidth on campus switches. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Improved JN0-1100 training:

Q6. What is the maximum number of chassis supported in an SRX Series chassis cluster? 

A. ten 

B. twenty 

C. four 

D. two 


Q7. What is a feature provided by devices in the WAN aggregation site of a large enterprise WANdeployment? 

A. Internet gateway 

B. MACsec 

C. power redundancy 



Q8. In reviewing the customer’s IT organization, you must determine the corporate model for IT funding. 

Which two models would you encounter in this scenario? (Choose two.) 

A. direct revenue model 

B. cost center 

C. profit center 

D. investment center 

Answer: B,C 

Q9. What are three considerations for network capacity planning? (Choose three.) 

A. number of users 

B. application behavior 

C. user locations 

D. network management platform 

E. security regulations 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q10. Your customer is engaged in healthcare service support. 

What are two considerations when designing their network? (Choose two.) 

A. number of PoE switch ports 

B. secure control of access to network components 

C. support for time stamping of data transfers 

D. control of access to sensitive information 

Answer: B,D 

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