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2021 Mar LX0-102 Study Guide Questions:

Q61. To test a shell script called myscript, the environment variable FOOBAR must be removed temporarily. How can this be done? 

A. unset -v FOOBAR 

B. set -a FOOBAR="" 

C. env -u FOOBAR myscript 

D. env -i FOOBAR myscript 

Answer: C 

Q62. An administrator has a user whose account needs to be disabled but not removed. Which of the following should the administrator do? 

A. Edit /etc/gshadow and just remove the user name. and just remove the user? name. 

B. Edit /etc/passwd and change all numbers to 0. 

C. Edit /etc/shadow and remove the last field. 

D. Edit /etc/passwd and insert an * after the first : . 

E. Edit /etc/group file and put a # sign in front of the user name. sign in front of the user? name. 

Answer: D 

Q63. Which of the following find commands will print out a list of suid root files in /usr? 

A. find /usr -uid 0 -perm +4000 

B. find -user root +mode +s /usr 

C. find -type suid -username root -d /usr 

D. find /usr -ls *s* -u root E. find /usr -suid -perm +4000 

Answer: A 

Q64. Which of the following SQL statements will select the fields name and address from the contacts table? 

A. SELECT (name, address) FROM contacts; 

B. SELECT (name address) FROM contacts; 

C. SELECT name, address FROM contacts; 

D. SELECT name address FROM contacts; 

Answer: C 

Q65. Which of the following is the purpose of the Sticky Keys feature in X? 

A. To assist users who have difficulty holding down multiple keys at once 

B. To prevent repeated input of a single character if the key is held down 

C. To ignore brief keystrokes according to a specified time limit 

D. To repeat the input of a single character 

Answer: A 

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Up to date LX0-102 test questions:

Q66. Which of the following statements is true regarding the below /etc/resolv.conf file? search 

A. There is a syntax error. 

B. If DNS queries to the localhost fail, the server will be queried. 

C. will be appended to all host lookups. 

D. The DNS servers at and will be queried in a round robin fashion. 

E. The DNS server with the shortest ping time will be queried first. If the lookup fails, the second server will be queried. 

Answer: A 

Q67. All of the following are Mail Transport Agents EXCEPT: 

A. exim 

B. postfix 

C. sendmail 

D. qmail 

E. mail 

Answer: E 

Q68. Which of the following is the purpose of the dig command? 

A. To adjust a directory's hidden permissions 

B. To search for files on the filesystem 

C. To adjust a file's hidden permissions 

D. To perform hostname lookups 

E. To ping all known hosts on the current subnet 

Answer: D 

Q69. By default, which directories contents will be copied to a new user's home directory when the account is created, passing the -m option to the useradd command? 


Answer: A 

Q70. While performing a security audit, an administrator discovers that a machine is accepting connections on TCP port 184, but it is not obvious which process has the port open. Which of the following programs should the administrator use to find out? 

A. traceroute 

B. strace 

C. debug 

D. nessus 

E. lsof 

Answer: E 

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Q71. The files in the /etc/skel directory are used by the: 

A. pwconv command 

B. pwunconv command 

C. useradd command 

D. passwd command 

Answer: C 

Q72. Which of the following configuration files does sudo read when determining if a user is permitted to run applications with root privileges? 

A. /etc/groups 

B. /etc/passwd 

C. /etc/sudoers 

D. /etc/sudo.conf 

Answer: C 

Q73. Please specify the directory containing the configuration files for the CUPS printing system. (Provide the full path to the directory). 


Answer: A 

Q74. Which of the following commands can be used to activate a specific network interface? 

A. ipup 

B. net 

C. ifup 

D. netup 

Answer: C 

Q75. To slave the NTP daemon to an external source, an administrator needs to modify the ______ variable in the /etc/ntp.conf file. 


Answer: A