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Exam Code: MB6-700 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Project
Certification Provider: Microsoft
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2021 Mar MB6-700 Study Guide Questions:

Q33. What can the Resource assignment analysis report do that the Resource assignments report cannot do? 

A. It can show how many hours a resource is assigned to a project. 

B. It can show availability of a resource. 

C. It can be filtered to include certain commitment types. 

D. It can be filtered to include a specified date range. 

Answer: B 

Q34. Your company negotiates a project contract worth 120, 000 USD with a customer. To maintain an acceptable profit margin, the budget for the project is set at 85, 000 USD. The project manager wants to manage the project as three related subprojects, so you divide the total budget into 25, 000 USD, 40, 000 USD, and 20, 000 USD. When you create the root project, you create the original budget and submit the budget to workflow for approval. How should you manage the budgeting for the entire project hierarchy? 

A. Manage the budgeting only at the subproject level in the project hierarchy. 

B. Manage the budgeting as a single unit for the entire project hierarchy. 

C. Manage the budgeting separately for each project type in the project hierarchy. 

D. Manage the budgeting separately for each subproject in the project hierarchy. 

Answer: B 

Q35. Which statement about funding sources is true? 

A. A project contract must have one and only one funding source. 

B. Funding sources must be created when the project contract is created and cannot be added later. 

C. A project contract must have at least one funding source. 

D. Funding sources can be created at any time during a project and will apply retroactively. 

E. A project contract does not have to have a funding source. 

Answer: C 

Q36. To which funding type can you apply payment retention? 

A. On hold 

B. Grant 

C. Organization 

D. Customer 

Answer: D 

Q37. You need to create a software installation package. Which file type should you create? 

A. *.cmd 

B. *.exe 

C. *.msi 

D. *.zip 

Answer: C 

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Q38. Your company invoices in U.S. dollars on a project for a company whose currency is euros. 

To avoid any issues with currency exchange rate fluctuations, you agree on a fixed currency exchange rate for invoices. 

How should you set up the project? 

A. Specify a fixed-rate agreement on the project. 

B. Specify a fixed exchange rate on the invoice proposal. 

C. Specify a fixed exchange rate on the sales order. 

D. Specify a fixed-rate agreement on the project contract. 

Answer: D 

Q39. You set up a new internal project that includes work in process (WIP). You need to ensure that the actual project costs for hours, expenses, and items are posted to a WIP financial account on the balance sheet. 

Which form should you use to specify that each type of cost will be posted to balance accounts? 

A. Ledger updates 

B. Ledger posting setup 

C. Post costs 

D. Project groups 

Answer: D 

Q40. Which statement about fee forecasts is true? 

A. Fee forecasts are included as part of the regular billing process. 

B. Fee forecasts apply only to fixed-price projects. 

C. Fee forecasts apply only to time and material projects. 

D. Fee forecasts can be used for unexpected costs. 

Answer: C 

Q41. You enter and post a vendor invoice. You do not know to which project to allocate the expenses. You need to ensure that the vendor invoice will be posted with basic information and transferred to an invoice pool for approval. Which method of managing incoming invoices should you use? 

A. invoice journal 

B. invoice register 

C. invoice approval journal 

D. invoice pool excluding posting 

Answer: B 

Q42. What is the purpose of the estimate process for a fixed-price project? 

A. to periodically clear ledger postings after the project transactions are adjusted 

B. to create a new estimate for a fixed-price project 

C. to adjust the forecast according to the actual project progress 

D. to provide a snapshot of a project's finances at a single point in time 

Answer: D 

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Q43. You need to ensure that a project is invoiced according to a billing schedule based on the project contract. Which project type should you apply? 

A. fixed-price 

B. internal 

C. time and material 

D. investment 

Answer: A 

Q44. Which three statements about on-account invoices are true? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.) 

A. On-account invoices must specify a project date. 

B. On-account invoices can be created by using an invoice proposal. 

C. On-account invoices can only be used for external project types. 

D. On-account invoices can be used for both fixed-price and time and material projects. 

E. On-account invoices can specify offset transactions when used for fixed-price projects. 

Answer: ABD 

Q45. You create a new work breakdown structure (WBS) template. You then create a new activity in the WBS template and assign a resource to the activity. What happens if you add a child activity under the new activity? 

A. The child activity is added at the folder level. 

B. An error message is displayed stating that you must remove a worker resource from the selected activity. 

C. The child activity is added at the summary activity level. 

D. An error message is displayed stating that you cannot add the child activity. 

Answer: D 

Q46. You attach an invoice format to the project contract. Which item is controlled by the invoice format setting? 

A. invoice output destination 

B. invoice currency 

C. invoice summarization 

D. invoice orientation 

Answer: C 

Q47. You set up a new internal project. You need to manually create a hierarchical representation of the activities for the project. Which form should you use? 

A. Activities 

B. Assign resources 

C. Work breakdown structure template 

D. Work breakdown structure 

Answer: D 

Q48. Which three items are valid project types? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three.) 

A. Investment 

B. Profit and loss 

C. Time 

D. Time and material 

E. Quotation 

Answer: ABE 

8. Which journalizing option is used only for time tracking? 

A. No ledger 

B. Profit and loss 

C. Never ledger 

D. Balance 

Answer: A