N10-004 dump(46 to 60) for candidates: Mar 2021 Edition

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2021 Mar N10-004 Study Guide Questions:

Q46. In an enterprise setting, access switches providing network connectivity placed throughout a building are typically connected to a backbone called the:


B. proxy.

C. demarcation point.

D. smart jack.

Answer: A

Q47. How many bits are in an IPv6 address?

A. 32

B. 64

C. 128

D. 256

Answer: C

Q48. In the 2.4GHz range, which of the following channel combinations are non-overlapping?

A. 1, 6, 11

B. 2, 7, 10

C. 2, 8, 13

D. 3, 6, 9

Answer: A

Q49. A company finished deploying an 802.11g wireless mesh. The administrator receives a call from a user who is unable to connect to the company wireless, though all network configurations are centrally managed. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the connection problem?

A. The access point has omni-directional antennas.

B. The end user is using an 802.11a wireless card.

C. The access point is not broadcasting the SSID.

D. The end user is using an 802.11b/g wireless card.

Answer: B

Q50. Which of the following ports is associated with FTP?

A. 20

B. 23

C. 53

D. 3389

Answer: A

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Down to date N10-004 training:

Q51. Which of the following protocols uses port 20, by default?





Answer: D

Q52. Which of the following routing protocols involves all routers knowing the connections status of other routers within the network?

A. RIPv2




Answer: B

Q53. Which of the following connectivity issues is likely to occur within a token ring network?

A. Crosstalk

B. Broadcast storm

C. Duplex mismatch

D. Collision

Answer: D

Q54. Which of the following would be used to optimize network performance and increase bandwidth availability?

A. Packet analysis

B. QoS

C. Traffic shaping

D. Fault tolerance

Answer: C

Q55. A company plans to implement a wired network between several computers. The company wants this network to be able to have a transmission rate of 1Gbps. Which of the following cable types should be purchased?

A. Coaxial



D. CAT5e

Answer: D

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Practical N10-004 practice test:

Q56. Which of the following should be used to test an internal NIC without having to connect it to the network?

A. Loopback cable

B. Crossover cable

C. Rollover cable

D. Straight cable

Answer: A

Q57. Which of the following would be used to test out the security of a specific network by allowing it to receive security attacks?

A. Honeynet

B. Honeypot

C. Vulnerability scanner

D. Network based IDS

Answer: A

Q58. Which of the following devices should an administrator connect to a protocol analyzer in order to collect all of the traffic on a LAN segment?

A. Hub


C. Router

D. Server

Answer: A

Q59. At which of the following layers does the UDP protocol operate?

A. Layer 1

B. Layer 4

C. Layer 6

D. Layer 7

Answer: B

Q60. If an IPSec session is not working correctly, which of the following would a technician do FIRST?

A. Check that IGMP is enabled on the network switch

B. Verify that IPSec service is running on the DNS server

C. Verify that the correct SNMP strings are setup on each system

D. Check whether their system is set to the correct IPSec setting

Answer: D