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You are running a fabric-attached MetroCluster configuration with ONTAP 9.5software. There is a maintenance window for the upcoming weekend. Plexes in your mirrored aggregates between your two data centers have not been synchronizing for two days.
When the resynchronizations begin, they are not as quick as expected, and the process takes more than a day. You have been modifying the number of concurrent I/O streams using the storage raid-options modify raid.
resync.num_concurrent_ios_per_rg command, but the resynchronization speed stays slow.
You have four separate ISLs between your data centers using Brocade 6510 switches. Hardware problems are not an issue.
Which two actions should you take to prevent this problem in the future? (Choose two.)

  • A. Update to at least ONTAP 9.4 software.
  • B. Restart the resynchronizations after modifying storage raid-options modify raid.resync.num_concurrent_ios_per_rg command.
  • C. Avoid changes on your aggregates during the maintenance window.
  • D. Take the corresponding plexes offline before maintenance to avoid a base-level synchronization.

Answer: AB

For restore purposes, a storage administrator on an ONTAP system created a FlexClone of a volume that contains a LUN from a specific snapshot. This LUN cannot be seen by a Windows client after a disk rescan is performed by using Disk Management.
In this scenario, which statement is correct?

  • A. The cloned LUN must be brought online.
  • B. The cloned LUN needs to be mapped to an initiator group.
  • C. The cloned volume must be split from the source volume before the LAN can be used.
  • D. The cloned LUN must be renamed to a different name than the name of the source LUN.

Answer: C

Click the exhibit button.
NS0-592 dumps exhibit
NS0-592 dumps exhibit
Referring to the exhibit, which change is required to enable the CIFS Autolocation function for the Users share?

  • A. Edit the CIFS share’s properties to remove the changenotify property.
  • B. Re-create the LIFs to allow both CIFS and NFS protocols.
  • C. Change the CIFS share’s Symlink Properties parameter to symlinks.
  • D. Modify the CIFS server’s option to enable SMB multichannel.

Answer: C

You are investigating a CIFS issue at a customer site, but it is unclear which SMB version is being used between the client and the server. The customer has provided you with a packet trace output.
In this scenario, which packet exchange contains information to indicate which SMB version was agreed upon by the client and the server?

  • B. Session Setup Request Session Setup Response
  • C. Negotiate Protocol RequestNegotiate Protocol Response
  • D. Tree Connect Request TreeTree Connect Request Response

Answer: D

In a 4-node cluster, nodes 1 and 2 are an HA pair, and nodes 3 and 4 are an HA pair. The following error appears in the log.
12/15/2018 15:48:47 node-2CRITICALclam.node.ooq: Node (name=node- 2, ID= 1001) is out of “CLAM quorum” (reason =quorum update).
In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

  • A. All LUNs are offline in the cluster.
  • B. All LUNs are online in the cluster.
  • C. Node 1 takes over node 2.
  • D. Node 2 takes over node 1.

Answer: AC

Click the exhibit button.
NS0-592 dumps exhibit
A customer notifies you that Active IQ is showing a warning that a broadcast domain in their environment has been configured with ports from multiple VLANs.
Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

  • A. You should move the e0M ports to a Broadcast Domain that is dedicated to only management traffic.
  • B. A VLAN tag cannot be assigned to the e0M port, so the configuration is acceptable.
  • C. You should configure e0M so that is tagged on VLAN 40.
  • D. You should change the LIF service policy to net-intercluster to prevent the LIFs from failing over to the e0M ports.

Answer: CD

Click the exhibit button.
NS0-592 dumps exhibit
Your customer is calling about their MetroCluster environment. They have provided you with the output of the metrocluster interconnect adapter show command.
Referring to the exhibit, which statement is correct?

  • A. For all MetroCluster configurations, this is expected output.
  • B. The InfiniBand cables should be connected in this configuration.
  • C. The InfiniBand interconnect is not used in MetroCluster.
  • D. This is a 2-node MetroCluster.

Answer: A

A customer is attempting to move from NFSv3 to NFSv4.x and reports that all attempts to mount using NFSv3 continue to be successful, however, all of their NFSv4.x mount attempts fail with an “access denied” error.
Which two statements would cause this error? (Choose two.)

  • A. The NFS server does not have NFSv4 enabled.
  • B. The SVM’s root volume allows execute access for all users.
  • C. The export policy applied to the data volume does not allow clients to access it using NFSv4.
  • D. The export policy applied to the SVM’s root volume does not allow the NFSv4 clients to access it.

Answer: BC

An administrator wants to keep an automatic daily up-to-date copy of a volume at a disaster recovery location. What should the administrator do to achieve this goal?

  • A. Perform a volume relocation to the remote location.
  • B. Configure a SnapMirror relationship to the remote location.
  • C. Configure a SyncMirror relationship to the remote location.
  • D. Perform an NDMP dump to the remote location.

Answer: B

You migrated from a FAS3250 system to a new A200 system. After the migration, you notice that data compaction fails to be enabled on the migrated volumes.
In this scenario, which statement is correct?

  • A. You need to schedule background deduplication on all volumes.
  • B. You need a license to have full efficiency on AFF systems.
  • C. Data compaction is not supported on the A200 system.
  • D. The volumes are thick-provisioned.

Answer: D

Your customer has initiated several volume move commands to redistribute the workload in their 8-node cluster. To verify that this process is not affecting their client access, they were monitoring the network switches that provide client access, but they do not see the network load of the volume move command.
In this scenario, what is the reason for the behavior?

  • A. The volume move command uses the HA iWarp interconnect, not the client access switches.
  • B. The volume move command uses copy offload protocol, so it does not show up when monitored.
  • C. The volume move command uses the intercluster LIFs, not the data LIFs.
  • D. The volume move command uses the cluster interconnect switches, not the client access switches.

Answer: B

At a customer site, the storage failover giveback command fails when giving back the root aggregate. What would be two reasons for this failure? (Choose two.)

  • A. There are active NFS connections.
  • B. There are failed disks.
  • C. The HA interconnect is not operational.
  • D. There are active SIS operations running.

Answer: BC

A customer reports that a LUN is offline because the volume is out of space even though the space-reserve parameter is configured to enabled on the LUN.
Which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.)

  • A. The containing aggregate is thin-provisioned.
  • B. The fractional reserve is set to 0%.
  • C. Deduplication is inflating the LUN when it is brought online.
  • D. The volume has snapshots.

Answer: AD

A customer mentions that their intercluster SnapMirror replication operations consistently take much longer than normal. While troubleshooting, you want to initiate a test SnapMirror session to collect performance data.
How would you accomplish this task?

  • A. Run the network test-path command to simulate a SnapMirror connection and record the latency/throughput data.
  • B. View the active network connections to the node to see if there a large number of active connections.
  • C. Use the ifstat command to collect network performance data for the physical interface.
  • D. Run the network statistics lif show command for the intercluster LIF to simulate a network connection.

Answer: A

Your customer states that the storage efficiency on their FAS 8200 is far below what they had expected for a VMware NFS datastore. They enabled deduplication three days ago. The job ran every night for only 10-20 minutes, and the space savings now is less than 5%.
What is causing the space savings to be so low?

  • A. They have enabled aggregate-level inline data compaction, so the savings are at the aggregate level.
  • B. They have enabled aggregate-level inline deduplication, so the savings are at the aggregate level.
  • C. They have not enabled volume-level compression.
  • D. They have not run a baseline deduplication to scan old data.

Answer: C

A customer has created an interface group (igroup) named a0a, a VLAN named a0a-2500, and a data LIF associated with the VLAN interface that has been assigned an IP of The customer is able to ping from a Windows client without any issues, but data traffic is not working.
In this scenario, what is the solution to the problem?

  • A. Disable flow control on the a0a interface.
  • B. Configure an appropriate service policy for the data LIF.
  • C. Correct the MTU mismatch between the broadcast domain configuration and the upstream network switches.
  • D. Allow data traffic by using LIF firewall policies.

Answer: D

A customer reports that a takeover has been disabled on an HA pair. What would be a cause for this to happen?

  • A. The HA interconnect is not functioning properly.
  • B. There is a disk running too hot.
  • C. The interface for the hardware assist has become unavailable.
  • D. The cluster network is not functioning properly.

Answer: A

When you issue a volume clone create command, which entity in WAFL is copied?

  • A. the vol_info block
  • B. the buftree
  • C. the data block
  • D. the inode file

Answer: D

A customer calls you about a performance issue that they experienced over the past few days. They want to know if data collection and root cause analysis (RCA) is possible for this issue. This issue appears to be a one time event.
Which tool would be used to satisfy the customer’s request?

  • A. perfstat
  • B. perfmon
  • C. OneCollect
  • D. Performance Archive

Answer: C


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