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2021 Nov ccsa exam:

Q81. - (Topic 3) 

How many packets does the IKE exchange use for Phase 1 Aggressive Mode? 

A. 1 

B. 12 

C. 6 

D. 3 


Q82. - (Topic 3) 

As a Security Administrator, you must refresh the Client Authentication authorization time-out every time a new user connection is authorized. How do you do this? Enable the Refreshable Timeout setting: 

A. in the user object's Authentication screen. 

B. in the Gateway object's Authentication screen. 

C. in the Global Properties Authentication screen. 

D. in the Limit tab of the Client Authentication Action Properties screen. 


Q83. - (Topic 2) 

Which SmartView Tracker selection would most effectively show who installed a Security Policy blocking all traffic from the corporate network? 

A. Network and Endpoint tab 

B. Custom filter 

C. Management tab 

D. Active tab 


Q84. - (Topic 2) 

Which statement below describes the most correct strategy for implementing a Rule Base? 

A. Place a network-traffic rule above the administrator access rule. 

B. Limit grouping to rules regarding specific access. 

C. Place the most frequently used rules at the top of the Policy and the ones that are not frequently used further down. 

D. Add the Stealth Rule before the last rule. 


Q85. - (Topic 3) 

All R77 Security Servers can perform authentication with the exception of one. Which of the Security Servers can NOT perform authentication? 






Up to date checkpoint ccsa exam dumps:

Q86. - (Topic 3) 

You review this Security Policy because Rule 4 is inhibited. Which Rule is responsible? Exhibit: 

A. No rule inhibits Rule 4. 

B. Rule 1 

C. Rule 2 

D. Rule 3 


Q87. - (Topic 2) 

You enable Hide NAT on the network object, behind the Security Gateway's external interface. You browse to from host, successfully. You enable a log on the rule that allows to exit the network. How many log entries do you see for that connection in SmartView Tracker? 

A. Two, one for outbound, one for inbound 

B. Only one, inbound 

C. Only one, outbound 

D. Two, both outbound, one for the real IP connection and one for the NAT IP connection 


Q88. - (Topic 2) 

How do you view a Security Administrator's activities with SmartConsole? 

A. SmartView Tracker in the Network and Endpoint tabs 

B. Eventia Suite 

C. SmartView Tracker in the Management tab 

D. SmartView Monitor using the Administrator Activity filter 


Q89. - (Topic 3) 

Identity Awareness is implemented to manage access to protected resources based on a user’s _____________. 

A. Application requirement 

B. Computer MAC address 

C. Identity 

D. Time of connection 


Q90. - (Topic 3) 

What happens if the identity of a user is known? 

A. If the user credentials do not match an Access Role, the system displays the Captive Portal. 

B. If the user credentials do not match an Access Role, the system displays a sandbox. 

C. If the user credentials do not match an Access Role, the traffic is automatically dropped. 

D. If the user credentials match an Access Role, the rule is applied and traffic is accepted or dropped based on the defined action. 


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