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2021 Nov 312-50v8 vce:

Q291. While conducting a penetration test, the tester determines that there is a firewall between the tester's machine and the target machine. The firewall is only monitoring TCP handshaking of packets at the session layer of the OSI model..Which type of firewall is the tester trying to traverse? 

A. Packet filtering firewall 

B. Application-level firewall 

C. Circuit-level gateway firewall 

D. Stateful multilayer inspection firewall 


Q292. One of the better features of NetWare is the use of packet signature that includes 

cryptographic signatures. The packet signature mechanism has four levels from 0 to 3. 

In the list below which of the choices represent the level that forces NetWare to sign all packets? 

A. 0 (zero) 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 


Q293. Blane is a security analyst for a law firm. One of the lawyers needs to send out an email to a client but he wants to know if the email is forwarded on to any other recipients. The client is explicitly asked not to re-send the email since that would be a violation of the lawyer's and client's agreement for this particular case. What can Blane use to accomplish this? 

A. He can use a split-DNS service to ensure the email is not forwarded on. 

B. A service such as HTTrack would accomplish this. 

C. Blane could use MetaGoofil tracking tool. 

D. Blane can use a service such as ReadNotify tracking tool. 


Q294. Which is the Novell Netware Packet signature level used to sign all packets ? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 


Q295. The network administrator at Spears Technology, Inc has configured the default gateway Cisco router's access-list as below: 

You are hired to conduct security testing on their network. You successfully brute-force the SNMP community string using a SNMP crack tool. The access-list configured at the router prevents you from establishing a successful connection. You want to retrieve the Cisco configuration from the router. How would you proceed? 

A. Use the Cisco's TFTP default password to connect and download the configuration file B. Run a network sniffer and capture the returned traffic with the configuration file from the router 

C. Run Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunneling protocol from your computer to the router masking your IP address 

D. Send a customized SNMP set request with a spoofed source IP address in the range - 

Answer: B,D 

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Q296. Peter extracts the SIDs list from Windows 2000 Server machine using the hacking tool “SIDExtractor”. Here is the output of the SIDs: 

From the above list identify the user account with System Administrator privileges. 

A. John 

B. Rebecca 

C. Sheela 

D. Shawn 

E. Somia 

F. Chang 

G. Micah 


Q297. You want to hide a secret.txt document inside c:windowssystem32tcpip.dll kernel library using ADS streams. How will you accomplish this? 

A. copy secret.txt c:windowssystem32tcpip.dll kernel>secret.txt 

B. copy secret.txt c:windowssystem32tcpip.dll:secret.txt 

C. copy secret.txt c:windowssystem32tcpip.dll |secret.txt 

D. copy secret.txt >< c:windowssystem32tcpip.dll kernel secret.txt 


Q298. Which of the following are advantages of adopting a Single Sign On (SSO) system? (Choose two.) 

A. A reduction in password fatigue for users.because they do not need to know multiple passwords when accessing multiple applications 

B. A reduction in network and application monitoring since all recording will be completed at the SSO system 

C. A reduction in system administration overhead since any user login problems can be resolved at the SSO system.

D. A reduction in overall risk to the system since network and application attacks can only happen at the SSO point 

Answer: AC 

Q299. Annie has just succeeded in stealing a secure cookie via a XSS attack. She is able to replay the cookie even while the session is invalid on the server. Why do you think this is possible? 

A. It works because encryption is performed at the application layer (single encryption key) 

B. The scenario is invalid as a secure cookie cannot be replayed 

C. It works because encryption is performed at the network layer (layer 1 encryption) 

D. Any cookie can be replayed irrespective of the session status 


Q300. Identify SQL injection attack from the HTTP requests shown below: 

A.http://www.myserver.c0m/search.asp? lname=smith%27%3bupdate%20usertable%20set%20passwd%3d%27hAx0r%27%3b--%00 

B. http://www.myserver.c0m/script.php?mydata=%3cscript%20src=%22 

C. http%3a%2f%2fwww.yourserver.c0m%2fbadscript.js%22%3e%3c%2fscript%3e 

D. http://www.victim.com/example accountnumber=67891&creditamount=999999999 


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