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Exam Code: 156-215.77 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Check Point Certified Security Administrator – GAiA
Certification Provider: Check Point
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2021 Dec checkpoint ccsa exam dumps:

Q221. - (Topic 3) 

Security Gateway R77 supports User Authentication for which of the following services? Select the response below that contains the MOST correct list of supported services. 






Q222. - (Topic 3) 

Before upgrading SecurePlatform to GAiA, you should create a backup. To save time, many administrators use the command backup. This creates a backup of the Check Point configuration as well as the system configuration. 

An administrator has installed the latest HFA on the system for fixing traffic problem after creating a backup file. There is a mistake in the very complex static routing configuration. The Check Point configuration has not been changed. Can the administrator use a restore to fix the errors in static routing? 

A. The restore is not possible because the backup file does not have the same build number (version). 

B. The restore is done by selecting Snapshot Management from the boot menu of GAiA. 

C. The restore can be done easily by the command restore and copying netconf.C from the production environment. 

D. A backup cannot be restored, because the binary files are missing. 


Q223. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following is a viable consideration when determining Rule Base order? 

A. Grouping authentication rules with address-translation rules 

B. Grouping rules by date of creation 

C. Grouping reject and drop rules after the Cleanup Rule 

D. Grouping functionally related rules together 


Q224. - (Topic 3) 

The R77 fw monitor utility is used to troubleshoot which of the following problems? 

A. User data base corruption 

B. Traffic issues 

C. Phase two key negotiation 

D. Log Consolidation Engine 


Q225. - (Topic 1) 

Certificates for Security Gateways are created during a simple initialization from _____________. 

A. The ICA management tool 

B. SmartUpdate 

C. sysconfig 

D. SmartDashboard 


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Q226. - (Topic 2) 

Which answers are TRUE? Automatic Static NAT CANNOT be used when: 

1) NAT decision is based on the destination port. 

2) Both Source and Destination IP's have to be translated. 

3) The NAT rule should only be installed on a dedicated Gateway. 

4) NAT should be performed on the server side. 

A. 2 and 3 

B. 1, 3, and 4 

C. 1 and 2 

D. 2 and 4 


Q227. - (Topic 1) 

Match the following commands to their correct function. 

Each command has one function only listed. 

A. C1>F2; C2>F1; C3>F6; C4>F4 

B. C1>F4; C2>F6; C3>F3; C4>F2 

C. C1>F2; C2>F4; C3>F1; C4>F5 

D. C1>F6; C2>F4; C3>F2; C4>F5 


Q228. - (Topic 3) 

When attempting to connect with SecureClient Mobile you get the following error message: 

The certificate provided is invalid. Please provide the username and password. 

What is the probable cause of the error? 

A. Your user configuration does not have an office mode IP address so the connection failed. 

B. There is no connection to the server, and the client disconnected. 

C. Your certificate is invalid. 

D. Your user credentials are invalid. 


Q229. - (Topic 3) 

Where is the fingerprint generated, based on the output display? 

A. SmartUpdate 

B. Security Management Server 

C. SmartConsole 

D. SmartDashboard 


Q230. - (Topic 3) 

Select the TRUE statements about the Rule Base shown? 

1) HTTP traffic from webrome to websingapore will be encrypted. 2) HTTP traffic from websingapore to webrome will be encrypted. 3) HTTP traffic from webrome to websingapore will be authenticated. 4) HTTP traffic from websingapore to webrome will be blocked. 

A. 1, 2, and 3 

B. 2 and 3 

C. 3 and 4 

D. 3 only 


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