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2021 Jan checkpoint ccsa exam dumps:

Q201. - (Topic 3) 

You are running the license_upgrade tool on your SecurePlatform Gateway. Which of the following can you NOT do with the upgrade tool? 

A. Perform the actual license-upgrade process 

B. View the status of currently installed licenses 

C. Simulate the license-upgrade process 

D. View the licenses in the SmartUpdate License Repository 


Q202. - (Topic 3) 

Which Security Gateway R77 configuration setting forces the Client Authentication authorization time-out to refresh, each time a new user is authenticated? The: 

A. Time properties, adjusted on the user objects for each user, in the Client Authentication rule Source. 

B. Refreshable Timeout setting, in Client Authentication Action Properties > Limits. 

C. IPS > Application Intelligence > Client Authentication > Refresh User Timeout option enabled. 

D. Global Properties > Authentication parameters, adjusted to allow for Regular Client Refreshment. 


Q203. - (Topic 3) 

You are the Security Administrator for MegaCorp. A Check Point firewall is installed and in use on a platform using GAiA. You have trouble configuring the speed and duplex settings of your Ethernet interfaces. Which of the following commands can be used in CLISH to configure the speed and duplex settings of an Ethernet interface and will survive a reboot? Give the BEST answer. 

A. ethtool 

B. set interface <options> 

C. mii_tool 

D. ifconfig -a 


Q204. - (Topic 3) 

What port is used for communication to the User Center with SmartUpdate? 

A. TCP 8080 

B. HTTPS 443 

C. HTTP 80 

D. CPMI 200 


Q205. - (Topic 2) 

Because of pre-existing design constraints, you set up manual NAT rules for your HTTP server. However, your FTP server and SMTP server are both using automatic NAT rules. All traffic from your FTP and SMTP servers are passing through the Security Gateway without a problem, but traffic from the Web server is dropped on rule 0 because of anti-spoofing settings. What is causing this? 

A. Allow bi-directional NAT is not checked in Global Properties. 

B. Translate destination on client side is not checked in Global Properties under Manual NAT Rules. 

C. Manual NAT rules are not configured correctly. 

D. Routing is not configured correctly. 


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Q206. - (Topic 3) 

The customer has a small Check Point installation which includes one Windows 2008 server as the SmartConsole and a second server running GAiA as both Security Management Server and the Security Gateway. This is an example of a(n): 

A. Distributed Installation 

B. Unsupported configuration 

C. Hybrid Installation 

D. Stand-Alone Installation 


Q207. - (Topic 2) 

A client has created a new Gateway object that will be managed at a remote location. When the client attempts to install the Security Policy to the new Gateway object, the object does not appear in the Install On check box. What should you look for? 

A. Secure Internal Communications (SIC) not configured for the object. 

B. A Gateway object created using the Check Point > Security Gateway option in the network objects, dialog box, but still needs to configure the interfaces for the Security Gateway object. 

C. A Gateway object created using the Check Point > Externally Managed VPN Gateway option from the Network Objects dialog box. 

D. Anti-spoofing not configured on the interfaces on the Gateway object. 


Q208. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following R77 SmartView Tracker views will display a popup warning about performance implications on the Security Gateway? 

A. Audit Tab 

B. All Records Query 

C. Active Tab 

D. Account Query 


Q209. - (Topic 3) 

Identity Awareness is implemented to manage access to protected resources based on a user's _____________. 

A. Time of connection 

B. Application requirement 

C. Identity 

D. Computer MAC address 


Q210. - (Topic 2) 

You are working with three other Security Administrators. Which SmartConsole component can be used to monitor changes to rules or object properties made by the other administrators? 

A. Eventia Tracker 

B. SmartView Monitor 

C. Eventia Monitor 

D. SmartView Tracker 


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