A Review Of Verified NS0-155 Q&A

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2017 Jan NS0-155 free practice exam

Q31. Which exportfs command will temporarily export the resource while ignoring the options specified in the /etc/exports file? 

A. exportfs -a 

B. exportfs -i 

C. exportfs -u 

D. exportfs -v 


Q32. Which three attributes would you specify when creating a LUN? (Choose three) 

A. The host operating system of the system attached to LUN. 

B. The version of Data ONTAP 

C. The size of the LUN. 

D. The path to the LUN. 

Answer: ACD 

Q33. These are three methods of creating a LUN: 

* lun create 

* lun map 

* lun setup 

A. True 

B. False 


Q34. Which two commands on the storage system allow you to gather detailed statistics about network interfaces, including basic information about network connections? (Choose two.) 

A. ifstat -a 

B. netdiag -n 

C. netstat -i 

D. sysstat 1 

Answer: AC 

Q35. Which changes the NDMP password on the Open System SnapVault agent? 

A. password 

B. password <new_password> 

C. svpasswd <new_password> 

D. svpassword <new_password> 


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Q36. What does it signify if the disks are “not owned” in a FAS2020 system? 

A. The disks are mailbox disks. 

B. The disks are spare disks. 

C. The disks are data disks. 

D. The disks are not used. 


Q37. UNIX allows file access based on___________. 

A. NT ACLs and UNIX permissions. 

B. NT ACLs and SID. 

C. GID or UID and UNIX permissions. 

D. GID or UID and ACLs. 


Q38. A volume is SnapMirrored hourly. You revert the volume using a snapshot that was created two days ago. Which command continues the relationship? 

A. SnapMirror initialize 

B. SnapMirror quiesce 

C. SnapMirror resume 

D. SnapMirror resync 

E. SnapMirror update 


Q39. What happens after you use SnapRestore to revert a volume to a specific snapshot? 

A. You must bring the volume back online. 

B. The storage system automatically performs a snapshot for that volume. 

C. The Snapshot copies that are older than the snapshot you used are deleted. 

D. The Snapshot copies that are more recent than the snapshot you used are deleted. 


Q40. Data ONTAP uses inodes in an active file system to reference ___________. 

A. qtrees 

B. disk blocks 

C. file segments 

D. Snapshot copies 


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