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Q221. - (Topic 6) 

SSL termination takes place: 

A. In a LAN deployment on a Security Gateway 

B. In a DMZ and LAN deployment scenario on a Security Gateway 

C. In a DMZ and LAN deployment scenario on aConnecterGateway 

D. In a DMZ deployment on aConnecterGateway 


Q222. - (Topic 8) 

While authorization for users managed by SmartDirectory is performed by the gateway, the authentication mostly occurs in __________. 

A. ldapauth 

B. cpauth 

C. ldapd 

D. cpShared 


Q223. - (Topic 1) 

InSmart Directory, what is each LDAP server called? 

A. Account Server 

B. Account Unit 

C. LDAP Server 

D. LDAP Unit 


Q224. - (Topic 7) 

Refer to the network topology below. 

You have IPS Software Blades active on the Security Gateways sglondon, sgla, and sgny, but still experience attacks on the Web server in the New York DMZ. How is this possible? 

A. All of these options are possible. 

B. The attacker may have used a bunch of evasion techniques like using escape sequences instead of cleartext commands. It is also possible that there are entry points not shown in the network layout, like rogue access points. 

C. Since other Gateways do not have IPS activated, attacks may originate from their networks without anyone noticing. 

D. An IPS may combine different detection technologies, but is dependent on regular signature updates and well-tuned anomaly algorithms. Even if this is accomplished, no technology can offer 100% protection. 


Q225. - (Topic 6) 

You are a SSL VPN administrator. Your users complain that their Outlook Web Access is running extremely slowly, and their overall browsing experience continues to worsen. You suspect it could be a logging problem. Which of the following logs does Check Point recommend you turn off? 

A. Alert 

B. Event 

C. Trace 

D. Traffic 


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Q226. - (Topic 4) 

Robert has configured a Common Internet File System (CIFS) resource to allow access to the public partition of his company's file server, on \eriscogoldenapplefilespublic. Robert receives reports that users are unable to access the shared partition, unless they use the file server's IP address. 

Which of the following is a possible cause? 

A. Mapped shares do not allow administrative locks. 

B. The CIFS resource is not configured to use Windows name resolution 

C. Access violations are not logged. 

D. Remote registry access is blocked. 

E. Null CIFS sessions are blocked. 


Q227. - (Topic 7) 

What is the benefit to running SmartEvent in Learning Mode? 

A. To run SmartEvent, with a step-by-step online configuration guide for training/setup purposes 

B. There is no SmartEvent Learning Mode 

C. To run SmartEvent with preloaded sample data in a test environment 

D. To generate a report with system Event Policy modification suggestions 


Q228. - (Topic 6) 

Which application is used to create a File-Share Application? 

A. Smart Dashboard(SSL VPN Tab) B. Smart PortalWebUI (File-Share Tab) 

C. SSL VPN Portal WebUI (File-Share Tab) 

D. Provider-1 MDG (Global VPNs Tab) 


Q229. - (Topic 6) 

When using IPS, what does Geo protection do? 

A. To block traffic from and to a specific country 

B. To block traffic from and to a specific person 

C. To block traffic from and to a specific company 

D. To block traffic from and to a specific city 


Q230. - (Topic 5) 

What physical machine must have access to the UserCenter public IP when checking for new packages with SmartUpdate? 

A. VPN-1 Security Gateway getting the new upgrade package 

B. SmartUpdate installed SmartCenter Server PC 

C. SmartUpdate Repository SQL database Server 

D. SmartUpdate GUI PC 


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