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Q41. - (Topic 2) 

Which of the following commands can provide the most complete restoration of a R77 configuration? 

A. upgrade_import 

B. cpinfo -recover 

C. cpconfig 

D. fwm dbimport -p <export file> 


Q42. - (Topic 4) 

After filtering a fw monitor trace by port and IP, a packet is displayed three times; in the i, I, and o inspection points, but not in the O inspection point. Which is the likely source of the issue? 

A. The packet has been sent out through a VPN tunnel unencrypted. 

B. An IPSO ACL has blocked the packet’s outbound passage. 

C. A SmartDefense module has blocked the packet. 

D. It is due to NAT. 


Q43. - (Topic 4) 

A Web server behind the Security Gateway is set to Automatic Static NAT. Client side NAT is not checked in the Global Properties. A client on the Internet initiates a session to the Web Server. Assuming there is a rule allowing this traffic, what other configuration must be done to allow the traffic to reach the Web server? 

A. Automatic ARP must be unchecked in the Global Properties. 

B. Nothing else must be configured. 

C. A static route must be added on the Security Gateway to the internal host. 

D. A static route for the NAT IP must be added to the Gateway’s upstream router. 


Q44. - (Topic 14) 

You find that Gateway fw2 can NOT be added to the cluster object. What are possible reasons for that? 


1) fw2 is a member in a VPN community. 2) ClusterXL software blade is not enabled on fw2. 3) fw2 is a DAIP Gateway. 

A. 2 or 3 

B. 1 or 2 

C. 1 or 3 

D. All 


Topic 15, IPSEC VPN and Remote Access 

Q45. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 15) 

Fill in the blanks. To view the number of concurrent connections going through core 0 on the firewall, you would use the command and syntax __ __ _ ___ __ ___________ __ . 

Answer: fw –i 0 tab –t connections –s 

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Q46. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 13) 

Fill in the blank with a numeric value. The default port number for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections with the LDAP Server is 

Answer: 636 

Q47. - (Topic 5) 

Charles requests a Website while using a computer not in the net_singapore network. 

What is TRUE about his location restriction? 

A. Source setting in Source column always takes precedence. 

B. Source setting in User Properties always takes precedence. 

C. As location restrictions add up, he would be allowed from net_singapore and net_sydney. 

D. It depends on how the User Auth object is configured; whether User Properties or Source Restriction takes precedence. 


Q48. - (Topic 1) 

You need to back up the routing, interface, and DNS configuration information from your R77 GAiA Security Gateway. Which backup-and-restore solution do you use? 

A. Manual copies of the directory $FWDIR/conf 

B. GAiA back up utilities 

C. upgrade_export and upgrade_import commands 

D. Database Revision Control 


Q49. - (Topic 11) 

To run GAiA in 64bit mode, which of the following is true? 

1) Run set edition default 64-bit. 

2) Install more than 4 GB RAM. 

3) Install more than 4 TB of Hard Disk. 

A. 1 and 3 

B. 1 and 2 

C. 2 and 3 

D. 1, 2, and 3 


Q50. - (Topic 14) 

John is configuring a new R77 Gateway cluster but he can not configure the cluster as Third Party IP Clustering because this option is not available in Gateway Cluster Properties. 

What’s happening? 

A. ClusterXL needs to be unselected to permit third party clustering configuration. 

B. Third Party Clustering is not available for R77 Security Gateways. 

C. John has an invalid ClusterXL license. 

D. John is not using third party hardware as IP Clustering is part of Check Point’s IP Appliance. 


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