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Exam Code: 1Z0-052 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-052 Study Guide Questions:

Q121. Which two statements are true about Shared SQL Area and Private SQL Area? (Choose two.)

A. Shared SQL Area will be allocated in the shared pool

B. Shared SQL Area will be allocated when a session starts

C. Shared SQL Area will be allocated in the large pool always

D. The whole of Private SQL Area will be allocated in the Program Global Area (PGA) always

E. Shared SQL Area and Private SQL Area will be allocated in the PGA or large pool

F. The number of Private SQL Area allocations is dependent on the OPEN_CURSORS parameter

Answer: AF

Q122. You have statistics collected for some selected tables. Your requirement is that the statistics for the tables and all dependent indexes must not be overwritten by further statistics collection until a certain point of time. How would you achieve this?

A. Lock statistics for the tables.

B. Change STALE_PERCENT to zero for the tables.

C. Set the TIMED_STATISTICS parameter to TRUE.

D. Set the STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter to BASIC.

E. Set the OPTIMIZER_USE_PENDING parameter statistics to TRUE.

Answer: A

Q123. Identify three situations in which you would NOT be able to drop a tablespace. (Choose three.)

A. when the tablespace is online

B. when the tablespace has segments with data in it

C. when the tablespace is a default permanent tablespace for the database

D. when the tablespace contains a table that is currently being used by transactions

E. when the tablespace contains undo data that is needed to rollback an uncommitted transaction

Answer: CDE

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Q124. User SCOTT executes the following command on the EMP table but has not issued COMMIT, ROLLBACK, or any data definition language (DDL) command:

SQL> SELECT ename FROM emp


SCOTT has opened another session to work with the database instance.

Which three operations would wait when issued in SCOTT's second session? (Choose three.)



C. UPDATE emp SET sal=sal*1.2 WHERE job='MANAGER'

D. INSERT INTO emp(empno,ename) VALUES (1289,'Harry');


Answer: ABE

Q125. Note the functionalities of various background processes:

1: Perform recovery at instance startup.

2: Free the resources used by a user process when it fails.

3: Cleanup the database buffer cache when a process fails.

4: Dynamically register database services with listeners.

5: Monitor sessions for idle session timeout.

6: Cleanup unused temporary segments.

7: Record the checkpoint information in control file.

Which option has the correct functionalities listed for a background process?

A. Checkpoint (CKPT): 1, 2, 5

B. System Monitor (SMON): 1, 6

C. Process Monitor (PMON): 4, 6, 7

D. Database Writer (DBWR): 1, 3, 4

Answer: B

Q126. You executed the following command to create a password file in the database server:

$ orapwd file = orapworcl entries = 5 ignorecase=N

Which statement describes the purpose of the above password file?

A. It records usernames and passwords of users when granted the DBA role

B. It contains usernames and passwords of users for whom auditing is enabled

C. It is used by Oracle to authenticate users for remote database administrator

D. It records usernames and passwords of all users when they are added to OSDBA or OSOPER operating groups

Answer: C

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Q127. In a system, large online transaction processing (OLTP) jobs run during the daytime that require a large database buffer cache. In the night, the system supports batch jobs that require a higher value to be set for the large pool. You must simultaneously configure the memory components to accommodate the peak requirement.

What would you do to automate this configuration for the memory components with change in mode of working?

A. Set the SGA_TARGET initialization parameter to zero.

B. Set the PRE_PAGE_SGA initialization parameter to TRUE.

C. Set the MEMORY_MAX_TARGET initialization parameter to zero.

D. Set the SGA_TARGET initialization parameter to a nonzero value.

Answer: D

Q128. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database. You want to ensure the recovery of the database to the point of failure. Which configuration will you do to accomplish the task?

A. Multiplex all database files.

B. Configure the Flash Recovery Area.

C. Configure the database instance for ARCHIVELOG mode.

D. Configure the FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET initialization parameter.

Answer: C

Q129. Which statement is true about a whole consistent database backup on a database running in ARCHIVELOG mode?


A. The backup will consist of used data blocks only.

B. The database must be shut down to accomplish the backup.

C. The backup can be accomplished without shutting down the database.

D. The backup will contain all database files that have never been backed up.

Answer: B

Q130. The HR user creates a stand-alone procedure as follows and grants the EXECUTE privilege on the procedure to many database users:

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE create_dept ( v_deptno NUMBER, v_dname VARCHAR2,

v_mgr NUMBER, v_loc NUMBER)


INSERT INTO hr.departments VALUES (v_deptno, v_dname, v_mgr, v_loc);


The users having permission to execute the procedure are able to insert records into the

DEPARTMENTS table even though they do not have the INSERT privilege on the table. You want only those users who have privileges on the DEPARTMENTS table to be able to execute the procedure successfully.

What would you suggest to the PL/SQL developers to achieve this?

A. Create the procedure with definer's right.

B. Create the procedure with invoker's right.

C. Grant the EXECUTE privilege with GRANT OPTION on the procedure to selected users.

D. Create the procedure as part of a PL/SQL package and grant the EXECUTE privilege on the package to selected users.

Answer: B

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