Most recent Oracle 1Z0-417 - An Overview 31 to 40

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Q31. When planning Oracle Database Architecture, which option can be used to reduce the number of Oracle processes waiting in the Operating System run queue and to ensure that database CPU load is healthy? 

A. Exadata 

B. Oracle Job Scheduler 


D. Oracle Database Resource Manager 


F. Oracle Grid Control 

Answer: D 


Q32. You have been asked to provide a “technology update” to a long time Oracle Database customer. During the meeting, you are asked about Oracle Enterprise ManagerDatabase Express in Oracle Database 12c. 

Identify three of its capabilities you would share with the customer. 

A. Once Oracle Database 12c is installed, a DBA runs the separate Oracle Enterprise Manager DatabaseExpress installer to add it into the database console. 

B. The Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express Performance HUB organizes and provides aconsolidated viewof real-time and historical performance data. 

C. The Database Express Performance HUB displays Oracle RAC specific metrics. 

D. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express can be extended by the user to also display Oracle 7-10gdatabases. 

E. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express does not require any separate middle-tier componentsbecause it uses XDB and SQL*NET. 

F. The Oracle enterprise Manager Database Express Performance Hub displays Oracle RAC specific metricswhen the optional RAC Pack is licensed. 

Answer: A,E,F 

Q33. Which issue can be avoided by configuring the PCTFREE parameter? 

A. row chaining and setting it has been superseded by Automatic Segment Space Management 

B. table fragmentation, and has been superseded by Automatic Storage Management 

C. column fragmentation 

D. sort operations on disk 

E. keeping a reserve area for backup 

Answer: A 

Q34. For which use case would you utilize SQL Performance Analyzer and optimizer pending statistics functionality? 

A. to test performance after an upgrade to an Oracle Real Application Cluster 

B. to test performance of an Operating System patch 

C. to test effect of new Optimizer statistics 

D. to test performance after a database upgrade 

E. to test performance just after a database reboot 

Answer: A 

Q35. Which is a feature of an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning implemented solution? 

A. a Documented Set of X$ and V$ Query Scripts 

B. a Maximum Availability Architecture 

C. a Documented Performance Methodology 

D. capability to Cloud Burst 

E. a Documented Performance Response Method 

Answer: B 

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Q36. Which is a prerequisite for using an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution? 

A. Linux Operating system 

B. 8 GB of memory 

C. Oracle Database Enterprise Edition 

D. Oracle Enterprise Manager 

E. deep knowledge of Oracle Storage subsystems 

Answer: C 

Q37. Which three are controllable by a resource plan, when you are using the Oracle Database 12c Multitenant option? 


B. concurrent sessions 


D. network I/O 

E. ability to use parallel server processes 

F. use of SGA memory and ability to allocate PGA 

Answer: A,B,E 

Explanation: Section: (none) Explanation 

Q38. Which two statements are true about Automatic Statistics collection by the Optimizer? 

A. Statistics are collected during automatic maintenance tasks. 

B. Any fixed objects are disregarded. 

C. Any external tables are incorporated. 

D. All tables in the data dictionary are included by defaults. 

E. Statistics are gathered after table statistics are marked stale. 

Answer: A,E 


Q39. Which one is a type of user session and client request supported by Database Replay? 

A. XA transactions 

B. Oracle Call Interface (OCI) based object navigations 

C. SQL-based object access 

D. Flashback queries 

E. Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP) 

Answer: C 


Q40. Which three are SQL Performance Analyzer capabilities that enable forecasting impact of system changes on a SQL workload? 

A. measuring performance before and after the change 

B. generating a list of SQL Hints that the Optimizer will use to improve overall performance 

C. identifying the SQL statements that regressed or improved 

D. providing tuning recommendations for each SQL statement that is regressed 

E. measuring performance and comparing to industry benchmarks (TPC-C, TPC-D) 

F. measuring a change in user session logins 

Answer: A,C,E 

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