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2021 Oct networking fundamentals exam 98-366 pdf:


For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No. Each correct selection is worth one point. 


Q2. This question requires that you evaluate the underlined text to determine if it is correct. 

The process of replicating a zone file to multiple DNS servers is called zone replication, 

Select the correct answer if the underlined text does not make the statement correct. Select 'No change is needed" if the underlined text makes the statement correct. 

A. Zone transfer 

B. Zone synchronization 

C. Start of authority 

D. No change is needed 

Answer: A 

Q3. One purpose of a perimeter network is to: 

A. Make resources available to the intranet. 

B. Link campus area networks (CANs). 

C. Link local area networks (LANs). 

D. Make resources available to the Internet. 

Answer: D 

Q4. If a router is installed so that it separates a DHCP server from its clients, the clients will: 

A. Immediately lose connectivity to all segments. 

B. Be unable to obtain their leases from the server. 

C. Immediately lose connectivity to the local segment. 

D. Receive an immediate renewal of their lease. 

Answer: B 

Q5. A node within a local area network (LAN) must have which two of the following? (Choose two.) 

A. Username and password 

B. Share name 


D. IP address 

E. Table of all network nodes 

Answer: B,E 

98-366 question

Renew networking fundamentals 98-366:

Q6. Which of the following represents a Media Access Control (MAC) address? 



C. 05:35:AB:6E:Al:25 


Answer: C 

Q7. You run the ipconfig command. The output is shown in the following image: 

From these settings, you can tell that the computer: 

A. Will have limited Internet access 

B. Will have full Internet access 

C. Will not be able to access the Internet 

D. Will not be able to access the local network 

Answer: A 

Q8. Two companies want to share data by using the Internet. 

Which type of network provides the solution? 

A. Ethernet 

B. Intranet 

C. Extranet 

D. Perimeter 

Answer: C 

Q9. Which subnet mask is valid? 





Answer: A 

Q10. A Layer 2 device that connects multiple computers within a network is a: 

A. Repeater 

B. Switch 

C. Router 

D. Packet 

Answer: B 

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