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Q61. What are the two types of Repository Variables? 

A. System 

B. Non System 

C. Static 

D. Dynamic 

Answer: CD 

Q62. An organization has re-implemented one of its systems but has not moved history. One database has data for all years up to 2010 and the other has data for years from 2011 to the present. The organization needs data from the years 2010 and 2011 on a single report. How can you model this in the RPD? 

A. By creating two Logical Fact Tables for each database 

B. By creating joins in the physical model so it looks like a single table 

C. By creating two logical table sources, that specify in Content tab using the Fragmentation content areas to specify the years for each source 

D. By creatingtwo logical table sourcesand checkingthe“This Source should be combined with other sources at this level”box leaving the Fragmentation content area blank. 

E. By creatingonelogical table sources and checkingthe“This Source should be combined with other sources at this level” box 

Answer: E

Q63. Which two options are included in Oracle BI Server cache management techniques? 

A. Using NQSConfig.ini to manually edit the parameters 

B. Scheduling Server password 

C. Maximum Number of Rows to Download to Excel 

D. Inspecting the cache reports 

E. Manage access to Subject Areas 

Answer: AD

Q64. Which two steps are needed to set up Failover support for an OBIEE deployment? 

A. Use Installer to affect Horizontal scale out of an existing instance 

B. Employ WebLogic Enterprise Edition, licensed separately 

C. Use Installer to set up separate single instances, then apply Horizontal scale out clustering 

D. Apply OBIEE Clustering option 

E. Leverage spare hardware capacity of single machine by using Verticalscale out option 

Answer: AD

Q65. What are the two types of Session Variables? 

A. System 

B. Non System 

C. Static 

D. Dynamic 

Answer: AB 

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Q66. Which three techniques are applied to support Failover? 

A. WebLogic Clustering 

B. Universal Installer > Scale Out BI System option 

C. OBIEE Clustering 

D. Vertical Scaleout 

Answer: ABC

Q67. What is an example of a Session Variable? 

A. ETL Load Date 

B. User Organization 


D. Top Customers by Revenue 


Q68. Identify the two Object level security functions that are done on the repository by using the BI Admin tool. 

A. Assign users to a webcatalog group 

B. Create a new repository group 

C. Createanew user in the repository 

D. Createaweb catalog group 

E. Define permissions for Dashboard 

Answer: BC 

Q69. Which three options apply to FMW Application Roles? 

A. Provide an indirection between LDAP groups and BI roles 

B. Can be exported / moved between FMW11g environments 

C. Are created and managed by using the WLS Admin Console and FMW Control 

D. Can be created by using BI Administrator Client and "pushed" to WLS Admin Console 

E. Secures RPD permissions but NOT Web Catalog (webcat) permissions 

Answer: ACE

Q70. A customer wants to analyze the efficiency of his/her order fulfillment process. If the customer has a dimensional model, which option is the fact table? 

A. Stores 

B. Orders 

C. Products 

D. Time 

Answer: B

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