Tips to Pass 1Z0-591 Exam (31 to 40)

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2021 Aug 1Z0-591 practice

Q31. Which OBIEE capability enables developers to build Aggregate tables? 

A. Aggregate Persistence Wizard 

B. Expression Builder 

C. Table Builder 

D. Query Analyzer 

Answer: A

Q32. Which installation option is used to install into an existing Fusion Middleware Home? 

A. Software Only Install 

B. Simple Install 

C. EnterpriseInstall 

D. Cannot installinto an existing Fusion Middleware Home 

Answer: A

Q33. Which option is not an example of a level-based measure? 

A. Regional Revenue 

B. Sales 

C. Brand Cost 

D. Employee Salary 

Answer: C

Q34. Which two Oracle BI Components contain security information regarding permissions and privileges? 

A. The Web Catalog 

B. The Repository 

C. NQSConfig.ini File 

D. NQServer.ini File 

E. InstanceConfig.xml File 

Answer: BD

Q35. Which three components are part of a cluster server? 

A. Master Server 

B. Repository Publishing Directory 

C. Primary Cluster Controller 

D. Web Server 

E. Server request Controller 

Answer: ACD

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Q36. The Consistency Checker checks______. 

A. The validity of objects outside the metadata using the connection 

B. Mappings to the physical objects 

C. For objects deleted from the database 

D. Syntax errors in derived logical columns 

Answer: B

Q37. Pre Deployment sign-off is a milestone for a OBIEE implementation and is based on successful completion of certain tasks. Which option is not one of them? 

A. Test Environment 

B. System Testing 

C. Performance Tuning 

D. Projectinitiation and resourcing 

E. Data Validation / Verification 

Answer: D

Q38. What must be purchased when integrating Oracle map with Oracle BI? 

A. Oracle Mapviewer 

B. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 

C. Spatial Option with Database 

D. OLAP option 

Answer: A

Q39. An integrated BI tools business case can be built around which three options? 

A. Scalability 

B. Fault tolerance 

C. Cost Savings 

D. Development efficiency 

Answer: ACD

Q40. Object Security controls access to Subject Areas, Tables, and Columns in OBIEE and can be implemented by using which method? 

A. Single Sign-On (SSO) 

B. Database Authentication 

C. Business Logic Object Security 

D. External Table Authentication 

E. LDAP Authentication 

Answer: C

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