May 2021 updated: 350-018 cisco

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2021 May 1Z0-822 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. You have assigned rights profiles directly to the uses frank and now you want to add another profile. Which command enables you to list profiles directly assigned to frank? 

A. userattr profiles frank 

B. profiles –p frank 

C. useratter –p frank 

D. profiles frank 

Answer: B 

Reference: (see the example 9-1) 

Q42. Your company's security policy prohibits access to the Internet. You already installed an instance of Oracle Solaris 11 on an M-series server for base testing. You used the text install media to install the system. You also installed a package repository on the same system. 

There are 10 M-series servers that have just been installed on the local network. 

Can you immediately install an AI server on your testing machine order to install Oracle Solaris 11 on these 10 servers? 

A. Yes, by using the existing Solaris 10 Jumpstart server. 

B. Yes, by using the text install media for the AI software. 

C. Yes, by using the Installed package repository. 

D. No, you must download the AI .iso image from Oracle first. 

E. No, the Solaris large-server group must be installed because it contains the AI setup tools. 

F. No, the Solaris 11 full n repository must be installed on the AI server. 

G. No, you must have a prebuilt image that was created by the distribution constructor. 

Answer: B 

Q43. Laura is a user and netadm is a role on a Solaris 11 system. You want to allow Laura to generate SSH keys. Which two steps should be taken? 

A. Verify that netadm includes the Network Management profile. 

B. Verify that laura has permission to access the Network Management profile. 

C. Verify that the Network Management profile includes the netadm role. 

D. Add a line for the ssh-keygen command to the file auth_attr.d/local-entries. 

E. Add a line for the ssh-keygen command to the file exec_attr.d/local-entries. 

Answer: A,D 

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Q44. You created a virtual network of three zones. 

One network hosts a web server. 

Another hosts an application server used by the web server. 

The third zone host a video streaming application. 

You already configured a flow to prioritize the video traffic over the web server traffic. You now need to continuously monitor the flow. 

Which tool must you use to gather the flow data? 

A. the system activity reporter (SAR) 

B. extended accounting 

C. the flowstat command 

D. the kstat utility 

Answer: A 

Q45. Consider the following command and output: 

user$ newtask –v –p canada 

Identify the output. 

A. the task ID for the project canada 

B. the project ID for the project canada 

C. the task ID for the shell 

D. the task ID for all jobs already running in the shell 

Answer: C 

Reference: (See examples) 

Q46. Which four configuration elements are managed by the dumpadm utility? 

A. the location of the dump device 

B. the location of the savecore directory 

C. the index number for the next core dump 

D. the reserved file system space that a core dump may not use 

E. the compression of the crash dump file 

F. the size of the dump device 

Answer: A,B,C,D 

Reference: (dumpadm command, see the table) 

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Actual 350-018 questions:

Q47. You are asked to configure your system to save crash dump information. While choosing a directory to save the dump data, you consider protecting a minimum amount of free space.  What is the default minimum free space in a crash dump directory? 

A. By default, the minimum free space is 10% of the size of the dump volume. 

B. By default, no minimum free space is set. 

C. By default, the minimum free space is 1 MB. 

D. By default, the space is determined by the amount of swap space. 

E. By default, the spat e is determined by the amount of memory installed in the system. 

Answer: C 

Q48. Which two commands restart the pkg server daemon? 

A. pkill -HUP pkg.depotd 

B. svcadm restart svc:/application/pkg/server 

C. pkill -USR1 pkg.depot 

D. svcadm refresh svc:/application/pkg/server 

E. pkg fix 

Answer: D 

Q49. There is a valid SMF manifest located underneath the /var/svc/manifest directory. 

Which four methods can be used to add it to the services repository? 

A. Reboot the system. 

B. Restart the early-manifest-import service. 

C. Use the svccfg apply command. 

D. Restart the manifest-import service. 

E. Use the svccfg import command. 

Answer: B,C,D,E 

Q50. Which ipmpstat mode reports each link's status in an IPMP group? 

A. address 

B. group 

C. interface 

D. probe 

E. target 

Answer: C 

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