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Q31. Select the two requirements of all interfaces in an IP network multipathing group (IPMP). 

A. be statically configured 

B. have test IP addresses configured 

C. have data IP addresses configured 

D. be connected to the same IP subnet 

E. have the same set of STREAMS modules 

Answer: B,D 

Q32. A contractor has been hired by you company to do some application-specific tuning. You are the administrator of the server that the contractor will be working on. You decide to enable Oracle Solaris Auditing. How will auditing help prevent misuse of the server? 

A. prevents attempts to bypass the protection mechanisms 

B. stops unauthorized activity 

C. acts as a deterrent 

D. prevents misuse 

Answer: A 

Q33. You are using AI to install a now operating system. You add the following information to the AI manifest: 

<configuration type=“zone” name=“dbzone source=“http://sysA.example.com/zone_cfg/zone.cfg”/> 

Which statement is true regarding the zone.cfg file? 

A. It is a text file in a zonecfg configuration format. 

B. It is an AI manifest that specifies how the zone is to be installed. 

C. It is an XML file in a form suitable for use as a command script file for the zonecfq command. 

D. It is an profile with keywords that are specific for configuring a zone as part of the installation 

E. It is an XML file that specifies the zonename, zonepath, and other zonecfg parameters. 

Answer: C 

Q34. Which two conditions must exist in order to add a new link to an aggregation? 

A. The new link appears in the output of dladm show-phys. 

B. The new link may already support an active interface. 

C. The LACP policy must be set to L4. 

D. The link may currently be in any state. 

E. The new link has the same MAC address as the existing links. 

Answer: A,D 

Q35. What is the effect of configuring privileges via the zonecfg utility? 

A. It forces every /one process to run with the same privileges. 

B. It restricts zone processes to the inherited set of zsched's privileges. 

C. It restricts zone processes to the inherited set of zoneadmd's privileges. 

D. It removes some privileges that are normally available in the zone. 

E. It can add some new privileges to or exclude some default privileges from the zone. 

Answer: C,D 

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Q36. By default, which directory does the audit_binfile plug-in write log files in, and what is the maximum size of each log file? 

A. /var/adm/audit, 100 MB 

B. /var/audit, 100 MB 

C. /var/adm, no limit 

D. /var/audit, no limit 

E. /var/adm/audit, 16 EB 

Answer: A 

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19253-01/816-4557/audittask-44/index.html 

Q37. Partial output of the command zonecfg into displayed as follows: 


name: zone.cpu-shares 

value: (priv=privileged,limit=20,action=none) 

Upon booting the zone, you receive this warning: 

WARNING: The zone.cpu-shares rctl is set but FSS is not the default scheduling class for this zone. FSS will be used for processes in the zone but to get the full benefit of FSS, it should be the default scheduling class. Which action resolves the issue? 

A. In the global zone, run the command dispadmin –d FSS. 

B. In the nonglobal zone, run the command dispadmin –d FSS. 

C. Change the zone resource control value to (priv=privileged,limit=20,action=none,default) 

D. Modify the general/scheduler property in the svc:/system/zones:default service. 

Answer: A 

Q38. Consider the following commands on a newly installed system: 

zfs set compression=on rpool 

zfs get –H –0 source compression rpool 

What is the output of the second command? 

A. default 

B. – 

C. local 

D. on 

Answer: D 

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19082-01/817-2271/gazuk/ (querying ZFS properties for scripting) 

Q39. You detected a failure of net0 in the IPMP group named ips1. The server hosting the failed NIC supports dynamic reconfiguration. Which statement is true regarding the replacement of the hardware interface? 

A. The NIC must be replaced with an identical physical interface card type. 

B. The NIC will be configured after replacement with the dladm command. 

C. The devfsadm command will be used to discover the replacement NIC. 

D. The replacement NIC must occupy the same bus slot as the original NIC . 

Answer: B 

Q40. Consider the following: 

root@scolll-server:~# pkg publisher 


solaris origin online https://pkg.oracle.com/soraris/support/ 

What does "origin" in the TYPE column say about the package repository? 

A. It originates from oracle.com. 

B. It contains all of the package metadata. 

C. It supports packages for a single publisher. 

D. It has been configured as the default publisher. 

E. It contains only package content. 

Answer: A 

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