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2021 Aug 1Z0-883 exam engine

Q41. You are attempting to secure a MySQL server by using SSL encryption. 

On starting MySQL, you get this error: 

130123 10:38:02 [ERROR] mysqld: unknown option ‘—ssl’ 

What is the cause of the error? 

A. The --- ssl level was not specified. 

B. The server was not started with the – enable--ssl-plugin option. 

C. -- ssl is not a valid server option. 

D. The mysqld binary was not compiled with SSL support. 

E. The server’s SSL certificate was invalid. 

Answer: B 

Q42. When designing an InnoDB table, identify an advantage of using the BIT datatype Instead of one of the integer datatypes. 

A. BIT columns are written by InnoDB at the head of the row, meaning they are always the first to be retrieved. 

B. Multiple BIT columns pack tightly into a row, using less space. 

C. BIT (8) takes less space than eight TINYINT fields. 

D. The BIT columns can be manipulated with the bitwise operators &, |, ~, ^, <<, and >>. The other integer types cannot. 

Answer: B 

Q43. A database exists as a read-intensive server that is operating with query_cachek_type = DEMAND. 

The database is refreshed periodically, but the resultset size of the queries does not fluctuate. 

Note the following details about this environment: 

A web application uses a limited set of queries. 

The Query Cache hit rate is high. 

All resultsets fit into the Query Cache. 

All queries are configured to use the Query Cache successfully. 

The response times for queries have recently started to increase. The cause for this has correctly been identified as the increase in the number of concurrent users accessing the web service. 

Based solely on the information provided, what is the most likely cause for this slowdown at the database level? 

A. The Query Cache is pruning queries due to an increased number of requests. 

B. Query_cache_min_res_unit has been exceeded, leading to an increased performance overhead due to additional memory block lookups. 

C. Mutex contention on the Query Cache is forcing the queries to take longer due to its single-threaded nature. 

D. The average resultset of a query is increasing due to an increase in the number of users requiring SQL statement execution. 

Answer: C 

Q44. Which statement is true about using Microsoft Windows Cluster as a platform for Mysql? 

A. It is provided by means of IP- level disk replication. 

B. It is shared-nothing architecture. 

C. It implements High Availability by using the .NET Connector’s load balancing capabilities. 

D. It relies on the shared disk architecture being visible to both servers. 

Answer: D 

Q45. You want to shutdown a running Mysql Server cleanly. 

Which three commands that are valid on either Windows or Linux will achieve this? 

A. Shell> pkill –u mysql mysqld_safe 

B. Shell> service mysql safe_exit 

C. Shell> /etc/init.d/mysql stop 

D. Shell> mysqladmin –u root –p shutdown 

E. Mysql> STOP PROCESS mysqld; 

F. Shell> net stop mysql 

G. Shell> nmc mysql shutdown 

Answer: C,D,E 

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Q46. Which two options describe how MySQL Server allocates memory? 

A. Each thread allocates memory from a global pool. 

B. Global memory resources are allocated at server startup. 

C. Thread memory is pre-allocated up to thread_cache_size for performance. 

D. Each connection may have its own per-thread memory allocations. 

Answer: B,D 

Q47. Which two are true regarding MySQL binary and text backups? 

A. Binary backups are usually faster than text backups. 

B. Binary backups are usually slower than text backups. 

C. Text backups are human-readable while binary backups are not. 

D. Binary backups are not portable across different operating systems. 

Answer: C,D 

Q48. You are having problems with connections from a specific host ( not closing down correctly. You want to find the state of the threads from that host check for long-running queries. 

Which statement will accomplish this? 





Answer: C 

Q49. Consider the three binary log files bin.00010, bin.00011, and bin.00012 from which you want to restore data. 

Which method would use mysqlbinlog for greater consistency? 

A. shell> mysqlbinlog bin.00010 | mysql shell> mysqlbinlog bin.00011 | mysql shell> mysqlbinlog bin.00012 | mysql 

B. shell> mysqlbinlog bin.00010 bin.00011 bin.00012 | mysql 

C. shell> mysqlbinlog – restore bin.00010 bin.00011 bin.00012 

D. shell> mysqlbinlog – include-gtide=ALL bin.00010 bin.00011 bin.00012 | mysql 

Answer: A 

Q50. You inherit a legacy database system when the previous DBA, Bob, leaves the company. You are notified that users are getting the following error: 

mysql> CALL film_in_stock (40, 2, @count); 

ERROR 1449 (HY000): The user specified as a definer (‘bon’@’localhost’) does not exist 

How would you identify all stored procedures that pose the same problem? 

A. Execute SELECT * FROM mysql.routines WHERE DEFINER=’bob@localhost’;. 

B. Execute SHOW ROUTINES WHERE DEFINER=’bob@localhost’. 



E. Examine the Mysql error log for other ERROR 1449 messages. 

Answer: D 

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